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December 07, 2015



More loveliness!! Thanks Jan!


Oh they are all so beautiful! Sad that so many traditional crafts are in decline. Looks like a fun trip!


Another great post! It's like waiting for that next show on TV that's your favorite! But,most all of us are also doing the same with the holidays around us.So it's certainly understood that there's other pots to stir right now. Loved seeing Teddy, he's grown so, so adorable.We are seeing Christmas from a 3 year olds view this year and it's the best!! It's good to be back there again.


You're killing me with all of these gorgeous mittens. And those stockings!!!!!


How wonderful. Thank you for that insight into Latvia.

Linda in NC

Thanks for another eye-popping post. And there's more...?!!!! It's good to space out your posts, or we'd all be on over-load LOL!


Thanks for the post, Bemused! I thoroughly enjoyed it and your pictures are fabulous!


Hi Jan!
I cannot believe it ! In all my years (and years) of reading your blog I have n.e.v.e.r. seen a picture of adult K. Remarkable. A Christmas miracle come early. heh.
So wonderful to see your family thriving and well.
Xoxo KT


Just wonderful. I wish I could 'knit like a Latvian'! So I have inspiration , thankyou.


So *much* inspiration! Darn auto correct (and not looking at what I'm doing).


I don't even know what to say except now I want to go to Latvia! Thank you for sharing, and I love seeing Teddy. What a happy little guy!


Yay! There's still more! It's so fun to have your experience in installments -- it's amazing how much there is to say about those little mittens, but it's all so fascinating. And the socks! Wow! The pattern choices seem to be endless.

It looks like you had two fantastic trips. I think my favorite part for this installment was that Teddy had heard so much about Sena Klets that he just had to see for himself LOL!!!

Thanks for another wonderful post!!!

Oh WAIT!!! WHERE did you guys get that adorable travel t-shirt on Teddy??? It's a MUST have!!!


That little Teddy is completely delicious.
(And the mittens seem irresistible too!)

Mary Huey

Those mittens are amazing -- looking forward to more about them!!


I can't tell you how MUCH I am enjoying these posts and expect I'll return and reread many times. I don't expect I'll ever make it there and your wonderful, picture-filled posts are the next best thing - a fellow textile enthusiast going, doing, and photographing exactly as I would want to do. Thanks for taking the time to share.

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