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December 05, 2015



So fun! I could look at those photos all day long. Looking forward to the next post!


Wow just gorgeous! About how much does a pair cost?


they are all soooo beautiful! I'd love to learn how to knit patterns like that!

Christine Horlbeck

Is our sport weight yarn a good choice for these mittens? And needle size? Thanks.


Wow -- no wonder you almost keeled over! Your photos are beautiful and those patterns are amazing. I can't wait for your next installment -- thanks for taking a break too -- my ornament boxes are yelling at me too!


They really are breathtaking! I hope you're going to show us which ones you bought and maybe talk about prices, too.


Gorgeous! Thanks fort sharing this with us!

Linda in NC

Wow. Simply, wow. I had plenty of food for inspiration with just the first photo but of course enjoyed every single mitten and am eager to see still more! With how spectacular these mittens are in photos, I can't imagine how overwhelming and stimulating they were to see in person. I'm looking forward to the next group of photos!

Did you buy "just" mittens, or did you also buy yarn to knit some?


Unbelievable! Such gorgeous patterns and colors. I can't wait for the next post :0)


How could you choose? They are spectacular!! I have always loved seeing them. This must be just a gorgeous place. The skill those people have.... What a wonderful post!! Can't wait till Monday! Hope you are having a nice time decorating.


Just fantastic, thank you so much - and your excitement is palpable! I just love traditional costumes and these are up there with the best.


Beautiful - I think I would even buy some and I am from SO. CA!!!
Not too much call for mittens here.

Some of the designs look like they could be translated in to quilt patterns. Just a thought.


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