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November 10, 2015



Very fun! You are quite the world traveler and obviously not just to the popular places on earth.:) My great grandparents were from Estonia so we grew up hearing stories about that country. I've always wanted to go!

Anita Zobens

Oh I am so glad you enjoyed Latvia. Now you know why I spend every summer there! Was the quilt show still on while you were in Riga?

Gale Zucker (she shoots sheep shots)

Great travelogue. I never knew I wanted to go to Finland but now I do!

Linda in NC

I've been missing you while you were off having a wonderful time. Thanks for the taste of some beautiful countries. And the mittens!!! So looking forward to them! I knit a pair once upon a time; the pictures in today's post are inspiration to knit another.


At last -- you've been missed! Your pictures are beautiful -- you lucky, lucky girl! Latvia looks wonderful -- and perfect in the summer. I'll bet you had an amazing time. Thanks for sharing your photos and making us drool. I can't wait to hear about your second trip. And I'm thinking it would be fun to do a mitten-along during our freezing cold January. And, of course, you're the queen, so I nominate you to lead it LOL!!!


Do I ever love those mittens!! Wow they are all gorgeous! Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures :0) It sounds like you had a wonderful trip.


Wonderful to see the world Totally love the mittens.

Tonya Ricucci

gorgeous and what beautiful weather

Jenny M

Great photos ~ what an exciting time for you. Our daughter meet an Estonian girl working here in Australia for a year, and she invited our daughter to visit her in Estonia. Our daughter visited her and had a wonderful time there and she loved Tallinn's Old Town.


This is a lovely post! All those wonderful photos...and, damnit, I want some of those mittens.
I had sort of figured that you went to Latvia and then some other places and then home???AND THEN LATVIA AGAIN???
So I'm looking forward to further explanations. And photos of mittens.



How wonderful! Such colourful pics - it all looks so beautiful. Liquorice Icecream? Hmmm, sounds delicious.


Great post--catching up here too. Shopping, "a bit," huh? If I could like Blackbird's comment, I would. Ha!


Amazing photos! and those mittens.


There's got to be a story there! I wanted to book a return flight to Iceland as soon as we got back--but I didn't!

Can't wait. Might need to borrow some mitten pictures. Yours are outstanding.



Now that is the perfect story for what I did on my summer ( and longer) vacation! Loved the many pictures. I enjoyed following you all around/ Always great photos and adventures! Can't wait to read the mittens post. It's that time of year!

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