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July 13, 2015



congratulations, Nana, and OMG those blocks are wonderful! I'll check them out on instagram but no, no, no I'm not going to get sucked in!


What a beautiful, beautiful baby! Congrats on becoming a grandma! Your 6 inch blocks are wonderful - I love the Honeybee block!!


Lovely blocks, I have that book too, but I'm not getting caught up in making any blocks (at least not this year) Congratulations on becoming a Nana.


Now you AND Loretta have the cutest grandsons around!
He's adorable...and you know I don't come here for quilts, so I love seeing him!


I'm so happy for you and your family that you have a new little one to love! Those blocks are fantastic, especially the honeybee one!

barbara vedder

what a sweet sweet baby ~ love that big smile.
What fun and challenging blocks. I'll have to check it out IG
It will be fun to watch your progress.


Congratulations! Hi Teddy, you so darn cute! OMG the last photo of him just adorable! Love your CH blocks and the color combo. Beautiful blocks Jan!


Wonderful little blocks. And congrats on your little grandson! I have two, and just adore them so much it hurts! Have fun while he/they visit!

Tonya Ricucci

those are cute blocks and yes, love them together. awesome fabrics. enjoy your family time.


Blocks are cute and Teddy even cuter!


Sweet little guy- love his wispy hair. Grandbabies are thrilling. I have three wonderful grandsons. Look forward to all those adventures and the neat toys!


Great fabrics for these blocks. Love seeing how you put things together! Really lovely to have your special family time too.:)

Kelly P Meanix

He is adorable! How exciting for you!
I love and covet that bee block....

Patricia Belyea

Two great shares—love the delightful blocks and congrats on your new grandbaby.


Oh my, I LOVE the latest picture of Teddy! And Nana's getting a visit soon!Just adorable,I know how much fun it is, I so love being 'Mimi". Thank you for all the #chucknohara info, very excited for my book to arrive and start. Not that I need to start anything else, but, we all do and it's fun.Love the bee block!! I enjoyed the blog very much,as always.


You. Are. Toooo. Funny. Writing along about quilt blocks and then, Hey Look! briefly, then, back to business. That should have been HEY LOOK!!!! I'm so excited that you'll be having that sweet little visitor soon -- how fun!

And I'm so honored to add expert nudger to my resume LOL. I do try to nag whenever possible and I'm so pleased it worked. Our little blocks will be SO much better because of your inspiration! I've already learned so much -- when I was a teen, my mom made a pillow from the honeybee block and I've always loved it. But I never understood why the name -- where was the bee? But now your block -- where you've clearly laid out the body and the wings of the bees in your fabric choices. You're Brilliant!!! Thank You for jumping in!!!


The darlingest little cherry both on your blocks and in real life! What a joy. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your fabric and choices and blocks. May make me go back to quilting...


Really enjoying your CN blocks that are so perfectly made, and always love your fabric choices! Fun to see you with the new little guy in your life too.


Lovely blocks and lovely baby! I'm trying to not join the QAL, simply because I have other quilts in progress, but the pull is strong. Lol.

I also use PSE for re-sizing blocks. You're the first other quilter I've heard who uses it. So handy for lots of quilt-related tasks! One thing I find it particularly useful for is when scanned patterns are a bit too light, I duplicate the layer and make the duplicated one in Multiply mode. It darkens the lines beautifully.

Did you know that Patchwork Tsushin has gone bankrupt? So sad...

I'm glad my friend Jan told me about your blog. Now I'll go find you on Instagram.


Hi Jan, just wanted to say hello! I have just finished reading your blog from the beginning and have enjoyed it very much. Don't stop! Congratulations on your gorgeous grandson! I am from Sydney too.
You should visit!

Aleta (UMASS)

Congrats Jan on becoming a " Nana" .... I am " Nonna" - my daughter & her husband had a baby boy 9/12/14... I am so excited that I retired from teaching in June 2015 to have more time with him - and possibly work with clay!!! Enjoy Teddy - he's adorable!

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