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June 22, 2015



Your quilt is wonderful! What a fabulous graduation gift! I LOVE the story of the graduation gift for your brother :0)


What a great quilt, right down to the striped binding. Such movement and energy in the prints and the setting. Perfect for college. I have the book and am working on a project too - I love that free piecing.


Love this quilt so much, and it looks like your niece was really pleased with it. Really enjoyed the story of your brother's quilt - they are made to be used and loved. I was so pleased that my daughters and their friends wore out so many of my early quilts - one was nicknamed "Mr. Red," and was literally a pile of rags at the end. Those were the days of the "Quilts in a Day" so it didn't take long to make them.


I just love everything you make! Very nice graduation present/gift! So beautiful? Love all the fabrics in it!


Oh my … disregard my "?" . . .


This quilt is like a fabric celebration, such happy fun fabrics. I love the photo of it being used and the story of the 32 year old quilt is golden!


What love!
It's gorgeous, of course - but how nice to see how much your hard work is appreciated.


That is gorgeous! I love how colorful it is and the quilting is perfect for the style and fabrics. I agree that we make quilts to be used and loved.

 Sujata Shah

Jan, I love them on the couch wrapped up in your quilts! The quilt is as fresh as a summer garden. Thank you for sharing the process. The nine patch block worked out great for the size you needed.


Wow Jan. What a great story and a GREAT quilt! You're a dream of an Aunt -- I'll bet Rachael was thrilled! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the quilt. It's much more complicated than I thought -- as proven by how long it's been since your last post -- holy cow -- I thought it had only been about a month. The wonders of Instagram I guess LOL.

Now. Your Loyal Readers MUST demand a baby post!!!

Linda K

Fun story, and a perfect hang-out/be-cozy-at-college quilt. I must get Sujata's book!


Totally why we make quilts. I gave my god daughter a quilt when she was 4. She is now 22 and that well worn quilt goes everywhere with her

barbara vedder

What a fabulous graduation quilt and wonderful story! Isn't it lovely when family really appreciates what we do?
what a heartwarming photo.
The binding is perfect on this fun quilt!


Wonderful!! I loved both posts. I still sleep with my 45 yr old blankie every night. Sadly, it's definitely showing it's age and well-loved-ness, but I will keep it until it's a scrap. Thank you for sharing your family!


Absolutely love when they are well used.:) What a fabulous gift!

Tonya Ricucci



Great quilt, Jan. Another winner!! You really have the gift. Just one question. Machine quilted? You must have had time constraints.

Diane Harris

Such a great story! It must make you so happy to know your quilt was used and loved for so many years!


That is a beautiful, beautiful quilt!

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