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February 26, 2015



Super super SUPER CUTE!! Thanks for all the tips.


Here's a huge hug from Boston to Ohio! Wow,what a fabulous post!I fell in love with it when you put it up on Instagram the other day. I really appreciate all the time & work you put into this post.I'm going to print all this and give it a try tonight!Thank you so much!!


A friend is going to show me how to make one of these in a couple of weeks. Your post is very timely! Thanks so much.


Those are adorable.


These are SOOOO cute -- and they look BIG too! Given my current obsession with Liberty, I'd love to make one out of those fabrics, but I'm guessing they're a bit too delicate for all the pushing and tugging that is required. And I read through TF post when you linked to it -- the whole while wondering how you stuff that from just one opening -- and when I came back to you, you'd read my mind! Adorable Jan -- and as always, your fabric selections are to die for!!!


Those caddies are wonderful. And they look so functional! How many times have I had to fish my thread spool out from under the couch?! I need to make one of these! Thanks for sharing :0)


very, very cute, Jan! I just requested the book from my library... thanks for all the tips.


Great fun! I went to your IG to see the caddy pics there too but was distracted by your nice fabric on nice shelves. Great yellows.


These are soooo cute! I've been pinning pincushions on Pinterest for awhile now but haven't taken the plunge to make one. I haven't bumped into one of these adorable caddies til now. What a delightful and practical piece! I just found the book on eBay and armed with your directions and links - we'll see! What a great post!

Geri Barr

Jan, thanks for a great post and spending the time to do it. Would make lovely gifts and your post will help a lot of crafters make this cutie. Thanks! Geri


Cute! Thanks for taking the time to puzzle all this out and for sharing your hard-won knowledge. These would make such cute gifts!

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