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January 17, 2015


Tonya Ricucci

you didn't bring back a single tile? aggghhhh. you know you can mail boxes home, right? gorgeous photos.


Those tiles are wonderful. Are they very expensive in the stores? I am coveting some of those plates.


Wowsers! How incredible to see all that!


Oh! All of that texture and pattern and color! It must have been overwhelming but it's simply spectacular. I think I would have brought home at least one tile. We regularly bring home pottery from Mexico because I just love it and they pack it really well for us.


That entryway with the blue and orange is amazing! Endless ideas for applique in these pictures :0) Can't wait for the textiles!!


What a rich heritage and incredible sights to see. There's a quilt book coming out by an Australian based on Isnik tiles soon.

barbara vedder

wow - incredible. Lots of applique inspiration there! jus beautiful


Absolutely amazing!!!!


WOW!!! As blue is my favorite color, I would have been in heaven!!! And you escaped without even one tile? That's self control. (If you made it home without any fabric, we're going to have to talk LOL -- but I'm betting that's for another post!) I love the connection with your former professor -- how fun!


I thoroughly enjoyed this post and the last. Visually intoxicating indeed! Looks like a wonderful place with artistic inspiration literally everywhere.


This is all just so, so fabulous. I love my blue and white--and it all goes together, doesn't it? Thanks so much for all these gorgeous photos.

Linda in NC

Intoxicating indeed!


I was there last year. The jewelry was also superb. Beautiful place. Bought some beautiful textiles.


I just unpacked my bowls today and rearranged the china case to give them center stage. The coasters have been in use for a few days now and I'm more in love with the patterns and colors than ever!

Btw, I'm very impressed you've managed to write TWO posts since we've been back. I just started working on my first!

lori fiandaca

I am speechless.


So amazing! And funnily, we watched Taken 2 over the weekend (how embarrassing), and it is set in Istanbul, so naturally I thought of you, and naturally, now whenever I think of Taken 2 and Liam Neeson killing bad guys all over Istanbul, I will think of you!

Lois Jean Law

Your pcs are beautiful, and so is the merchandise. I like to look at all your handiwork. Awesome!

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