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December 10, 2014



Luggage scale!!!!!!


It was a fun visit, but hard to leave! Thanks for the mention in your gift list. :)

Just a note that the garlic zoom works great for mincing ginger as well!


Love the quilts! Did you start with the same/similar colors in the center on purpose?


Haha -- that baby picture is adorable. How things have changed, haven't they? I LOVE seeing the twin TAWs together -- they're both so beautiful. I'll bet you two have a fantastic time together!

Thanks for the gift suggestions. The game looks like lots of fun. And I'm definitely going to have to get a garlic mincer -- I have an onion chopper that I thought would be more trouble than it's worth, but I love it for chopping onions. (Oooh, and I just noticed Molly's comment about ginger -- what a great idea.)

And I can attest to the beauty of Molly's cards -- very high quality and they're sooo pretty!


Your Trippin quilts look great together :0) I love the stockings - yours turned out just gorgeous! Did someone knit that first one? Wow! I'm glad you had such a lovely visit with your daughter.


I know it is just how the fabirc looks when cut into small squares, but one of those rounds on the left version looks to alternate a blue with the fabric in the next round - really made me stop & examine the top more closely. (Which is my goal when making fwiw)

Love the green round in the other one.


So much good stuff here!


Sujata Shah

Had you not mentioned that you and Molly made your quilts from different fabrics, I would have never guessed! Talk about being inspired by the same place at the same time! Looks like you both had a great time together.
The scale sounds like something we could use in our family.

frayed at the edge

The luggage scale is a great idea (havinng had to take stuff out of one case and put it in another at check-in on our way from Australia to Singapore). Thank you for the stash photo - now my husband believes that I don't have the biggest stash in the world!! You can get a gadget to transfer slides to your computer - I din't know how it works, but one of my friends had one. I haven't heard of the game - I will need to investigate it.
ps - how are you getting on with the Aunt's Quolt - I am still lagging behind!


This whole post is just charming! I love Molly's cards!


What a fabulous post, I love how you and Molly are doing the TAW. I love, love your stocking a lot and the cards are lovely. I must look out for that game I think.

Lynn Dykstra

Ordered the game for my 26 year old--thank you for the suggestion!

Linda in NC

Thanks for all the great gift ideas! I had wondered about the garlic gizmo as we are forever on the hunt for the perfect garlic mincer which usually ends up being me with a knife.

I love seeing your TAtWs together. I look forward to the possibility that one day my college girl will get the sewing bug....


I suggested Ticket to Ride as a gift for Trixie from my sister. We love it! And Trixie kicks our butts. Went with the North American version because she's studying the states in 4th grade this year. I see the Asian or European versions as good options in the future.

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