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October 20, 2014


Barb Robson

Great to have you back! Love the pindot, great choice. I look forward to seeing you on Instagram.


I think your peony blocks look wonderful and I love the pin dot background. It's going to be amazing!! All the quilts I want to make involve handwork too... :0)


My mother had Pee-ny roses in her garden. They are such beautiful flowers no matter how you call them. I do like the newest background.


We Washingtonians always pronounced it pee-O-nee as did my grandmother who lived in California. And they are a gorgeous flower too, although your fabric ones are looking pretty special too. The print background fabric is definitely my favorite as well. Love the subtle bit of texture it adds to your block.:) BTW, I often end up with a pile of handwork myself--it always panics me a bit until I get it under control!


love the pin dot background! oh my they are called pee o nee's you are correct! LOL don't be fooled by those Ohioan's!
Applique takes a while , enjoy the process this is one quilt I look forward to being finished! say 2016?


I know what you mean about the blogging, but I am glad you are back!
Those blocks are beautiful and so worth all the trouble. It's going to be a pretty red quilt!

Sujata Shah

I had pee-O-nee plants when I lived in Washington. Love them! I have missed you and your first paragraph sums it up for every long break i take from blogging. I like solids and prints both for the backgrounds. In the past I have switched many backgrounds for a pattern until I was completely satisfied. Love your new choice of print.


The pindot is perfect! Is that the Riley Blake pindot? That's what I'm using for my Aunts' Quilt and it looks somewhat similar.

Oh, and Pee-O-nee here. I always assumed it was my western upbringing -- it looks like maybe both sides of the country are in unison but the middle has gone rogue. It was a big surprise to me when I moved here and everyone made fun of me LOL.

Good to see you back -- how's that TAW coming along? Mine has hit a bump in the road -- I knew it would when it was trip-interrupted!

Vicki W

Those are pretty blocks and they are pe-O-nees where I come from in Virginia.

Sew Create It - Jane

Great first paragraph! I'm so there! I just joined instagram and it really ticks the box in terms of getting a little idea out there, getting some feedback and moving on with out having to sit and write a big post. I'm still going to blog, but I can see it being less frequent....sign of the times...

Linda in NC

A peony by any other pronunciation is still a peony - or something like that.... However you want to pronounce it (I grew up in Oregon with PEE-uh-nees galore), your flower quilt will be stunning, worth all the futzy piecing and appliqueing and searching for the "just right" background.


I've seen that peony debate elsewhere... My answer, I don't know. (I don't even really see a big difference.)

I don't think that they were around in the areas where I grew up - so I wasn't exposed to one pronunciation.


Love your peony blocks - the reds are rich and the piecing is point-perfect!! Also love the toMAto/toMAHto discussion.

This Massachusetts girl didn't become a gardener until I hit New Hampshire so never heard it pronounced when young. I've only heard one senior neighbor refer to them as peeOnies (maybe you have an old gardening neighbor in your past). And how about CLEMatis and cleMAHtis? That one seems to trip people up around here.

Happy quilting!


I say Pee A Nees, but I know some call them Pee O Nees too. I wonder if my Aussie accent would make them sound different again? Your blocks are blossoming beautifully! I love the threaded needle trick, it's amazing how much you can get done in those spare moments here and there.


What a great flower!
What a great quilt block!


Love that background and the PEE-onies are beautiful. Well worth the effort.


And down in the South, I've heard many people say, "Pay-OH-nee", but I don't! Love yours.


However you say it, your blocks are amazing and also love the pindot background. I was not reading your blog back in 2006 and so when I went to the Dover White link I was laughing at the article about your former home. Oh my, too funny.


Love your fabric choices - you will have a gorgeous quilt! My Mom has a gorgeous pee-O-nee garden here in California, and we have always used that pronunciation. Our ancestors emigrated from Maine/Massachussets to California, so maybe we carried on with the East coast tradition? The first time I heard PEE-a-nee was while I was watching a Martha Stewart episode, and it really took me by surprise. Love Instagram for its quick fun snapshots and hashtags. Always enjoy your posts.


Glad to see a post from you - I always enjoy them. I grew up in CT and now live in MA and I've always heard them called PEE-a-nees. But my folks were from the south and out west. Your peonies however you pronounce the word, are great. I just joined Instagram and will look you up!


Just have to add - sorry, Doh! What was I thinking - I already see you on Instagram!

Karen Hurst

Hi, it's Karen. Thanks for helping out, like I said, your wedding quilt is awesome! My soon to be daughter in law is an old soul who loves vintage...I think she will love this quilt.


Hahaha, try having a blog then not having one , then having one , then not and on and on and on !!! I have many reasons why it has not worked out, Im running out of names for my quilt blog, so now I have none again.. Just my email addy [email protected]

Thank you for sending me the instructions to the little trip around the world by the way.
As always your quilt blocks are just clean and beautiful . I like the "pea a knee" as Martha Stewart says it , she is an avid Gardner so I think she would know how it is pronounced..Sometimes i have heard a slight twist in the A to an O..Anywho, gorgeous reds and greens , I have that fabric from Old Fashioned Calicoes .


Interestingly, I never heard of a Pee -O-ny until I had someone working in my yard in Memphis. In NY, it is Pee-a-knee.

But love the pindot. Or should I say pin- DOTE?


If it helps, the Chinese woman who taught my flower arranging class in Shanghai pronounced it PEE-ah-nee. Though I grew up hearing Mom talking about her pee-OH-nees. Of course, in the south we also had PEE-CAN pie and waRshed our hands :-)


Oh you aren't the only one. Thank goodness I have cats for filler!!! Great to see you post again. Projects are beautiful as usual!!

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