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September 09, 2014



wow this has really grown! I love the addition of those bee's very fun!
sunflowers just always make me smile.
glad the painting is done and the workers are gone!


Seeing your progress on your TATW gives me hope with mine, I'm on round 10 (in the second group) and like you I think I know what fabric I'll use next but sometimes it changes when the round has been completed. That is a lovely photo of your progress, it will be stuning once completed.


September always feels like a routine to normal and routine and that can be very very good. I do miss the easy schedule of summer, though, when Dale wasn't getting up at 5am to drive one of those school buses!


Tired of your TATW? Not a chance. It is getting more and more interesting as it grows.


No way are we tired of your TATW, love it and love to see all the fabric choices.

Barb Vedder

your quilt looks great - happy fall
I'm looking forward to cool weather and fall colors.
How fun to visit your school, what a beautiful campus.


Haha -- your streaking comment sure made me laugh -- those were the days, weren't they? Maybe that's why alcohol is such a big deal on campuses these days -- all the fun has been taken out of having FUN and those poor kids don't have anything to do anymore LOL!

Love Love Love the TAW. The blue (my favorite) is so beautiful with it -- I can't imagine if you hadn't unpicked those rows and changed to the blue. You're so much better than I am at planning out the next rows -- I just slap samples up on that wall and pick them -- maybe because I don't have as many choices to dither over. It's sure been fun though, hasn't it? I can't believe I'm not tired of it yet!


Always love to see your quilt progress - its such a happy quilt! Your college campus is beautiful, and its fun to go back. I went to a university located in the redwoods, and enjoy conjuring up memories of running through the gorgeous paths behind it. Will be taking a trip back up there next spring!


Your TAW looks fab! And NEVER will I tire of looking at it!


Fun post and fun quilt. I love that idea of "making do". By the way... have you been to the Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art in Amherst? TONS of inspiration there.


I think this quilt is adorable, it is the kind that says use me , hug me !! Is it possible to get the 2nd and 3rd instruction on it ?? I cant find it on my own and you kindly sent me the first pdf so if i can trouble you once more perhaps I can make my own as well..:) Thank you in advance . Izzy

Sujata Shah

I am never getting tired of this quilt or for that matter anything you do! It looks gorgeous.. I was wondering if the making do part was going to be part of the challenge.
I did not know you studied art. Tell me more!
I am looking forward to Fall.. Always calms me down and keeps me focused on things that are neglected over the summer months.
We will be making more trips to Boston since Kavita decided to continue at Emerson. I love visiting the city.

Pam Cope

My mom had a quilt like this, a wedding gift in the mid-50's. That quilt is what inspired me to start quilting! I loved laying on her bed, trying to find the row with my favorite fabric - a light brown with funny little geometric designs that reminded me of safety pins. I know this is nit-picky, but I though when the squares were on point it was a boston commons, rather than trip around the world? Not that it matters, I love your color choices and can't wait to see what's next. I made one on my machine, and it for sure came out wavy. I was able to pinch together some of the diagonal seams and make darts from the center out to help flatten it. Maybe make your seams a little bigger on the side that points out to the edge, if that makes sense. :)
I would love to see a picture of the chicken coop where you studied art.


I could never get tired seeing this beauty! Your quilts always inspire me to push myself to try more difficult (to me) techniques!


I look forward to seeing your progress on this beautiful quilt. You explain your dilemmas and decisions in a way that is interesting and informative. Also very enjoyable!


Your TATW is wonderful! It's really valuable hearing your thoughts on the process. If you didn't tell us about how you choose and have to trial fabrics each row , we wouldn't guess. It looks so perfectly natural and as though it's just come together.


Picking fabrics was always my favorite part of quilting, so getting this peek into your process is intriguing me. I really like the result you're getting.

Shirley Sherratt

I could never be tired of seeing your fabulous quilt coming to life.


Your picture of the hill up to the dorm didn't really do it justice. I remember walking up it with bronchitis. Thought I'd die 1/2 way up. No way we were wimps!!
Love the quilt, a much better view than on your Ipad

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