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August 06, 2014



I love those old quilts,and your trip is awesome . I think I like the black in there . With no black it just would not be the same .I just bought the Russian fabric collection which ha those rich reds, blues and blacks for a hexie quilt Im working on.
They look like those Ukranian eggs they decorate. As far as tools , I agree with you there are so many out there you just have to find what works for you. I dont like trends and for me the thread is what I switchedin my sewing which made a big difference.Im back with good ole Coates and Clarks.I do remember the John James needles or perfect Piecers were pretty good. Jinny Beyer.com has the John James.


I love it!! The blues were a good choice over the browns I think. Your attention to detail is going to result in a gorgeous and flat quilt.


before I have even read a word. Love to see more blue! (now to go back & read.)

Barb Vedder

what a labor of love this has become. Your solution looks good and so do your colors. Love the black rounds, really add sparkle.


Oh. My. Gosh. I LOVE it even more than the first month. Your quilt has changed it's personality with the new rows since row 9. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the blue. It's just beautiful Jan!!! How big are you going to go? I mark my blocks the same way you do -- only I do all four sides on every other row. I'm so impressed that you made it as far as you did by eyeballing -- I wouldn't have made it past row 3 LOL! Red polka dots coming up soon!

Vicki W

Your quilt is beautiful!


Your TATWC is coming along beautifully! I do mark my seam allowances and still get some rippling... I was reading Jinny Beyer book on hand piecing, she also uses between needles for hand piecing.


This is just beautiful! You're making me want to hand piece! I'm going to check out her page for the next challenge, but I may need more hours in my day!

Tonya Ricucci

I think ya'all are nuts, but it's fun to see the progress. looks great - definitely like the additional blue.


I am glad you found a quilt challenge you enjoy. Needles are a funny thing. I think its great you said what you use. The key to me is what are the needles made out of? That to me makes the biggest difference.

I like your color choices of your quilt top. I understand about getting quilt fabrics color correct in photos.


Fabulous! I wish I had an ounce of your patience.


Looks great, Jan. Your attention to detail makes your work so amazing.


It's looking so good Jan! I've stalled on mine as I can't decide on which fabric to use next!! Must get a grip and get back to it.

Anne Rust

this makes my head spin. its pretty amazing .. can't wait to see it finished.


OMG!!! Jan, Im amazed at how life works at times. A few yrs ago I had one needle that I used to quilt with and when my quilt was finished I lost the needle. It was so nice and strong and just the right size for my project. I looked in my 400 needle stash and nothing. This was a one of a kind ..For a whole yr I looked for it and when I read your post about needles and thread I went out to get the Dritz needles with hesitation LOL. I was so surprised to find that they were the fav I had lost a yr ago. Exactly the same . Then I remembered I had bought a little sewing kit that contained a Dritz quilting needle which is what I was using .. Thank you for sharing ..


I love following this, here and on Instagram. As always your piecing and fabric choices are perfection!

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