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July 14, 2014



What row are you on? I think you're still ahead of me, so don't fret. It was totally worth it to get rid of that brown. :)


I can see what you mean about the neutrals working fine if you were about to finish up but maybe not for continuing. Too bad about the unpicking, but it sounds like you'll be happier in the long run! Good luck catching up! I am loving seeing all the different versions of this TATW.:)


I can see why you got rid of the brown, although thats one of my favorite fabrics :), your not behind don't worry! you need to make this quilt so your happy at the end!!!!
so admit its a bit challenging but fun!


I too am glad you took out the brown, it truly didn't seem to belong. As to catching up, well...I'm sure it won't take you long, you seem to sew very quickly! Look forward to your progress.


Haha -- you're not really behind -- yet! Only two more rounds and you have until tomorrow night to do it -- I know you can! I'm cramming my last row in tonight and tomorrow and I'm a little worried about it -- if my exchange fabric arrives in the same color that I'm doing row 18 I'm not sure what I'll do -- I definitely won't want it repeated in the next 7 rounds. And Molly won't either LOL{hint}{hint}.

Anything exciting in your mailbox this afternoon? I can't wait to see your new blue round!


Oh no! I would be crying....

Tonya Ricucci

man, I'm no fan of brown but I have to admit I'd have taken the lazy option and left them in. And ignored the challenge instructions if I'd needed to. Bet none of that is surprising. Glad you're happier with it now.


Oh my goodness, I so admire all of the work, and re-work. Hang in there, it's lovely!

Barb Vedder

Oh sorry to hear - but I agree that brown wasn't playing nicely with your other fabrics.
Better to take the time now then to regret it forever -

hey - are you doing an eagle quilt?


I know the feeling... I too admire all your work and projects! My row 18 is orange and my exchange fabric is yellow! I just have to make it work! Good Luck on your fabric exchange!


I guess most quilts have a bit of unpicking somewhere in the journey. I liked the brown but when you showed the blurred photo I could see what you mean about it beeing a dead zone rather than calm. This is such an interesting project, not just for you, but for us onlookers as well.

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