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July 11, 2014



I love those stars but that red and green block is just amazing! It is very unique with so many points…great job, I sure hope there is a quilt in your future with this block! nothing better then red and green quilts.
Sorry about the tree, Hope the tree survives its a beauty.


The peonies are in bloom right now in my neighborhood. I love them :0) Your block with the extra points looks just right to me. A great block and the red and green repros - my favorite! I'm sorry about your tree - I hope it pulls through. I bet that was LOUD!

Jan S.

Wonderful blocks; the red and green is making me swoon. Loveleee!


I noticed that block floating around in Pinterest. LOVE your version! Too bad about your tree. It takes a long time for them to get that large.:)


I really like the scrappiness of your LeMoyne stars. My very first quilt is all by hand. Our instructor/teacher recommend John James Sharps #12 for hand piecing, that was 1990. That is what I use on TATW challenge. Love the new red and green block, look so clean and sharp!

I use and like Bella Solids Bleached White PFD Yardage
SKU# 9900-97 . . . is not white white and not cream.


I was reading and scrolling...loving your LeMoyne stars...reading and scrolling....reading and scrolling....and scrolled to your Carolina Lily. I did an out loud OMG!!! That block is stunning!!!
I will like to make it...once you have it all figured out of course ;-)


I spread some wildflower seeds in my garden beds, and we are waiting with bated breath to see if they bloom, or are just carefully watered weeds.


I like the idea of a "way back drawer"!!! Mine would be full to overflowing! Great new block - clever you for nutting it out! Hope all goes well with your tree.


Oh good grief that block is stunning! As are your Lemoyne star blocks!! Beautiful work! I've also used the Bleached White that Lina notes above. It's great!


Major swoon over your new block! Its just breathtaking. Hope your tree survives. We live in a neighborhood which has a bicycle/nature trail running through it. Sadly, fires are breaking out along the trail this summer, and some really large old oak trees and fig trees are looking pretty dire. Hope they make it.


Wow Jan -- that new block is gorgeous. I've been staring at the picture. Are the little points appliqued on -- I assumed you were referring to extra bulk with the applique stem, but now I'm thinking with those little seams?

The back of that star is just gorgeous! I NEVER thought I would like hand piecing but I've loved the TAW, so maybe there will be a LeMoyne Star in my future LOL.

SO sad about your tree. I hope it survives. I feel like we're losing all of our trees. A big storm took out 6 big beauties many years ago, then the ash borer took out another 10 just two years ago. And now, the tree cutter will return next week to take the final ash that we tried unsuccessfully to save, two sugar maples that have succumbed to some sort of wilt disease (I'm SO sad 'cause they were the best for our fall color) and a hickory that just decided to die. I'm feeling like we're the science lab for tree diseases!

Have you received your TAW exchange fabric? I don't have mine yet and with only one row until I can use it, I'm hoping it will arrive soon. I'm afraid to proceed without it!

Happy Stitching!


French Vanilla - Cotton Supreme by RJR I have used this for several appliques in red/green/cheddar. Love it


I love your LeMoyne stars, gorgeous choice of fabrics. I love your red flower block!! I could just see a whole quilt of those!


I like Kona Snow for backgrounds. It is less yellowish than the Bella Snow.

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