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July 29, 2014


Lemon Tree Tami

It is amazing how different all the shades of white there are now. Glad to see that you found the perfect one for the applique project. I'm loving the cute little valentine quilt.


French vanilla is my go to for reproduction quilts. Perfect colour and as an added bonus I love the name.


A very useful comparison - much appreciated! I've never used the French Vanilla but will definitely look out for it now.


Thank you very much for this blogpost, very informative and helpful. I have not seen the RJR solids in my country (the Netherlands) only Moda, but when I am in the US the next time I will definitely have a look in the quiltshops and if I like it as much as you seem to bring a few yards back home with me!


What a great comparison, I would so love to check out the French Vanilla too and to hear you say it has a lovely hand is good news. I'm looking forward to more blocks.


Yet again, I am reminded why I go for scrappy.

Case in point Project A used Kona Bone for the background. I did not get around to sashing for quite some time - used Kona Snow. Totally not the look I was after & if I had mixed snow, bone, ivory, vanilla, white, etc. from the beginning then my "Why didn't she use the same fabric for the sashing?" error wouldn't be so apparent.

(At the end of the day it is just a blanket & it is 100% done.)


Wow -- great post Jan. I totally agree, I have sample cards and while they're great for matching colors with other fabrics, it's hard to make those subtle distinctions with just a little square of fabric. I love how you laid them all out. I'm not familiar with 200 at all and that French Vanilla is just beautiful! Now, I can't wait to see what this new idea of yours is ....


Very interesting. It's very useful to see them side by side like that. I look forward to watching your progress with these beautiful bocks. I hope you won't keep us in suspense too long with your new idea! :0)


Ditto what everyone said! I remember taking appliqué class in the 90's we used parchment (color) for the background. Can't wait for you new idea Jan!

Helene Juul

Hi Jan and greatings from Denmark. French Vanilla from RJR's Cotton Supreme line is my favorite background fabric for a project with 1800s reproduction fabrics. I have used it for several projects, fx. "Mrs Billings" and I always recommend my customers (I own a quilt shop in Denmark) to purchase this fabric if they want to make a Dear Jane.


Thanks for the fantastic post Jan, very interesting! Thanks also to Helene as I plan on making a version of Dear Jane and have been wondering what background fabric to use.


I'm drooling. That "yellow" creeps in at the most inopportune moments. Kona "Snow" is never the same color twice. I am a fan of the RJR Linen White but sometimes that one comes out yellow, too. I loved your post and will continue to agonize over which off-white is best.

Sujata Shah

After the conversation about my applique project I was thinking of the background fabrics...You wrote this informative post at a perfect time. So far, I have only used Kona snow but I am going to go and buy several samples to test them myself.
Love your pieced lily block. The valentine quilt is one of my favorites of yours too.
So here is a question regarding the solid red and green.. Do you have any favorite? I have tons of reproduction red and green that I can use but would love to make a solid red and green quilt some day. Would love your opinion. Thanks!


great post, I love seeing the picture of the different solids and can definitely see the difference in colors. Let me know where your getting the french vanilla from I haven't tried that yet but may have to buy a piece just to have and compare to what I do have already.
sometimes one shade is too yellow with what I want to use with it and sometimes it is just way to white/stark .
thanks great post…
btw LOVE that valentine quilt what size are the hearts?

Candace Allan

Thank you! I googled for white fabric comparisons and found your page- just what I needed. There's a Daily Deal on this color jelly roll at MSQC and I can go for it now that I know this is the right shade for my taste in "off-white" whites.


I find so much of the yellowish background pieces in the quilt shops and like you, it is not what I am looking for. Thanks for the fabric suggestion.

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