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June 20, 2014



Yay! It looks fabulous. I'll enjoy watching this grow.


I think it looks fantastic so far! It looks like you have loads of choices - I hope you're having fun playing in your stash :0)


I am enjoying watching your choices…oh yes that is a challenge adding the red again so soon but I know you can do it!
love the flower baskets always nice to have color in the garden for me just on the patio!


I love your use of color. It looks like a garden full of beautiful color... love the baskets of flowers, too. Wish it wasn't so darn hot down here. It melts my flowers.

Anita Zobens

Hope you will visit Riga - it is beautiful (as is the rest of Latvia)! I spend each summer there. The Latvian Quilt Art Assoc. annual show will be held 16 - 31 Aug. Their website: http://www.latviaquilting.lv/lv/in-english-95733


This is just so awesome. Love it. A lot!

Tonya Ricucci

fun project. I love looking at your fabrics - I can't believe you have so many that I don't remember ever paying attention to; but once you use them I see they're fabulous. tiny ice cream sandwiches! ooh, Riga - that will be wonderful.


Glad they are out of China. Seems like too many potential issues there - health and otherwise. I am glad I had a chance to spend quite a bit of time there over the past 10 years but I don't want to continue.
Latvia is going to be so much fun for you. Easy to visit other parts of Europe. And the knitting!


It's looking so good Jan! Yes, it's getting harder to choose fabrics as we go along........!!


It looks like more of a challenge than I could handle! you're doing great. I especially love that Amy butler ring where some patches are pink and others are the yellow/brown leaf/stem pattern. I have that fabric in my stash but never would have put it in this pattern.. looks great and really eye catching. can't wait to see more as it grows.


Your choices are always perfect! It's so fun to see what you do next as you add different colors. I'm thinking about limiting mine to the colors that I already have -- mostly out of fear.

And how exciting that you have a comment about a quilt shoe in Riga! You're going to have a fantastic time on your visits -- I'm so excited for you!!!


Oh! And I was wondering what the comment was about the ice cream sandwiches -- I was looking in the wrong picture. I just spotted them -- they're adorable!!!


Looking good! Wish I'd gotten your advice on the red placement before I was on row 7, but oh well. I'm slowing down so I can take your advice better going forward. :)

Barb Vedder

great looking project -
I cut the plastic arms off and hang or pop into other pots. These are really lush and full pots nice!!
hey, just saw your old elmhurst buddies -


Looks great! I am already falling behind, I'm only on row 5. Better get moving!

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