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June 30, 2014



Oooh, it's looking fabulous Jan! I love your way of looking at it, blurred through the lens -- perfect! Your quieter rounds have really changed it's personality from what it was -- isn't it fun to watch how they change? My colors seem more electric in the pictures too -- and I'm going to try and tone mine down a bit after my row 14 repeat of the red dots. We'll see. At any rate, you're hiking right along -- I'm going to be pushing to make the round 18 deadline!

Sujata Shah

I LOVE this quilt so far. I thought Molly's quilt was gorgeous too. I like the addition of quieter fabrics. I have not read any of the previous posts.. how terrible of me! I missed out on a great challenge! Are you sewing these up as you go? Looks like so much fun!

Sujata Shah

Just took a closer look at the picture. Wow! You are sewing them up as you go! That's lot of inset seams.. so incredible!


I am loving watching this grow! I bet it does help to take your glasses off and view it through 'new eyes'.:) Are you finding it harder to get things square the larger the quilt gets?


Tough decisions! It looks great though. Love how the white/red polka dots works with the other rounds.


Love your version! I think choosing the colours is the hardest part for me, I have decided on an alternate cool/warm scheme and as long as the fabric looks good with the row before and the row after then its the one!


I really like yours Jan! Thanks for posting the info to this challenge! I am having so much fun playing! Those file of squares are so pretty to look at!




I have to admit I am just having fun watching this grow, your choices of fabrics are fun , I can't imagine though choosing which one to use next!
I thought about joining in the challenge but I know me obsession to find the right fabric every time would result in cutting many many many squares too, too hard of a decision. LOL!
its looking great thanks for sharing your progress

Tonya Ricucci

fun. time for ice cream sandwiches!!!


It's looking wonderful!! I love the red/white polka dot border, and like how youre moving into some calmer borders to balance it all. Do you sometimes think you spend more time picking the fabrics than sewing? I love that first photo.


Great progress! Do you have any tips for speeding up the process (apart from soccer!) or is the slowness the point? :-)
Also, I've been meaning to thank you for an earlier post of yours when you had a sore hand due to a needle mishap. You said then how you were sorry about letting them use your right hand as you're right handed. A few weeks after that I had to go into the hospital for surgery, and the nurse was going to put the IV shunt into my right hand when I remembered your post! I would have spent the next 5 days trying to eat, etc. with my left hand. So grateful not to have added that to the situation.

Pam Cope

Fabulous, as usual. Love the color combination. Toning it down is tricky.... I did a big Boston Commons (not by hand!) It has a couple of rows of neutral and golden fabric that ended up looking pretty brown when it was done. I still love it, but am always inspired by your bright colors. Also love love love all the tiny prints, especially the Japanese fabrics. I am trying not to buy more now, but it's always tempting when they are on sale!

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