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June 03, 2014



This is looking very vintage! So far the bossiness is working beautifully.:)


I agree it has a very vintage vibe going on. Ouija boards were a must have at every sleepover!


I still have my board - I love the design. My is a little different.
We used to sit in my closet and do it, lol.
love your project!


You're KILLING me here!!!! I need another project like I need a hole in the head, but OH so tempting!!!! I LOVE LOVE your quirky out of the normal color combination -- AS ALWAYS. I would NEVER have put those fabrics together -- HOW do you DO it???? Gosh. I LOVE it! All hand pieced -- is it taking a long time? I've never really hand pieced before, although I do a lot of hand sewing. SHOOT! I'm going to have to go check it out. And I need to stop reading your blog -- it's lethal!!!


I love your Ouija board analogy! It's funny when a quilt has a mind of its own. Yours may be opinionated but it is beautiful:)


Quilts do have a way of telling you what they need :0) I think your first few rounds look wonderful!


I love yours so far! You're really tempting me to play along!


It's funny how some quilts have a mind of their own, the trick is being able to listen. I'm loving the fabrics you've used so far, the look is wonderfully kinetic.


Loving this eclectic mix Jan, and the way THEY are dictating where they want to live!!

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