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May 02, 2014



Oh! I love these. I can so see myself stitching these all summer. Don't we all have a ton of scraps? Thanks for this!


sorry to hear about your hand!
this stitching is amazing


I just picked #100 up today. I can't wait to settle in for a good look at it. That is so cool to find out about Akiko Ike. The mat is beautiful. I'm so sorry to hear about your hand - I hope resting it leads to complete restoration. In the meantime you can dream... :0)


Lovely work! I'm so sorry about your hand. I've gone through periods where I couldn't knit for several months, so I know how hard it can be. It's a good time to relax with your favorite books and magazines!


I love Quiltmania and I have saved all most every copy I have purchased.Their website has wonderful synopses for all their old issues a feast for the eyes--the photography is stunning
Gardening makes my hands ache too-- I use to sculpt now I paint less pain for me. I hope
your hands recover soon. I love your postings

Mary Jo

QuiltMania is my favorite magazine. My SIL and I just returned from their quilt show in Nantes, France and it was fabulous. Akiko Ike's work was so interesting and the other featured quilters were interesting too. The vendors were from Europe and one from Japan and they had lots of things that we don't see here in the US. I would highly recommend the show to every quilter who has a chance to go to it.


Beautiful work! I must get my hands on that magazine!
Sorry to hear about your hands, what a pain, literally!


Issue 100 is great isn't it?! I do hope your hand improves more quickly - soooo irritating for you. Hugs x


Ooooh, I must get that issue -- I saw it somewhere else with another article recommendation (which I can't remember -- I just remember that I wanted that issue) and now, you've provided yet another reason!

I hope your hand feels better soon. I strained my lower back last week but found just to opposite of you -- it seemed to be worse with inactivity. I was nervous about helping our kids move this weekend, but I *carefully* jumped right in and moved more than I probably should have, but today my back feels back to normal!

I've been missing your updates!!!


What a wonderful quilt! Will have to hunt down the current magazine.:)

Lizette Carlse

Hi, I'm sitting with the magazine on my lap and I'm hooked! Is there anywhere that I can get more information on this technique or a book with instruction?

Lizette Carlse

Chiku-chiku technique that is!


My favourite magazine :)

deb oldenburg

i bought the 100th issue too and just love it. question for you since you own a peice of this womens work--is it yarn?? or cotton thread that it is quilted with. i noticed in the photo's in quiltmania that the basket the maker is sitting by looks like its filled with a yarn??
appreciate any return comment as i have started several pieces like this and love to do the stitiching.


Ahhh, the Blue & White store in Tokyo...my parents lived relatively close to it while my Dad worked at Kodak Japan back in the 1980's. My Mom has a gorgeous book they published way back then & I loved leafing through it :) Next time I visit them I'm going to see if she'll part with it yet :)
Smiles, DianeM

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