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January 01, 2014



Happy new year Jan. I love your collection of zodiac animals, I hope you get the monkey next year to complete the collection.


Happy new year Jan! Enjoy your reading by the tree.


We were going to take the tree down yesterday but never got around to it. It's okay, I'm enjoying the prettiness of it all - especially with this 2 day snowstorm we're about to get.

Susannah  Heath

Happy New Year! I hope a monkey finds its way into your collection soon. Enjoy your beautiful tree!


Happy New Year! I'm glad to hear that The Goldfinch is good. I've been on the waiting list at the library for it for a few weeks now, which is okay since I have to finish The Luminaries, which is very good so far, but I still have over 600 pages to go!


Happy New Year, Jan!! And thanks for the book recommendation.


Happy New Year Jan. Love your little horse.
I enjoyed the "goldfinch" and just started another book by her.
I like to have my tree up into January to enjoy the lights.


What I'd like to know is where the last 6 days went -- I can't believe it took me 6 days to get around to reading posts!

Anyway, like you, we were gone for a few days. Happily, you're home safely now and I'm looking forward to a 2014 of fabulous Be*mused posts!


Good luck finding that monkey!


Happy new year, Jan! I love the horse.
I put our tree outside (between the ice storm and the blizzard !!!)
I'm glad you are feeling settled in to your town, it does take a bit of time.


What a great idea to collect hariko - Happy New Year!


A lot of moving around in the last ten years. How wonderful to hear you're going to be able to skip the next move for awhile. I appreciated your comment that it seems to take 2 years for house and town to feel like home. We moved in mid-December. I love our new house and redwood forest surroundings, but I was wondering when I would start feeling 'at home.'

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