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March 22, 2013


Tonya Ricucci

hmm. maybe a red or cheddar border on these blocks would help them pop more? definitely some lovely fabrics there. aiyee. I admit I do a lousy job of clipping threads on the backside.... gorgeous quilt and well worth all the effort, esp since you're going to be quilting it for the next few days. (months years?)

Linda in NC

Molly's quilt looks wonderful all crispy laid out. The back is beautifully clean and crisp, too!

Looking forward to the results of your little quilt a month scheme!


Hurrah! It's basted!! It is so very beautiful and such gorgeous fabrics you can revisit as you quilt.
I like your little blue and white quilt. You may be more excited about it once it's quilted. I have lots of blues in my stash but may have to add some of the new ones anyway.
Can't wait to see/hear about the new projects and the old :0)

Pat Taylor

Well remember the early blues too - and you are right - faded to gray. And I also recently added some of the new indigoes. - those pieced blocks are alternated with cheddar squares.

Thanks so much for dropping by earlier - happy stitching!


So glad you are back, Jan! Oh that wedding quilt....gorgeous! I know what you mean about refolding tops with lots of piecing....not a good idea. This is going to be so worth it though. I love it....and that red dresser!!!!


I love that your going to make a little quilt a month. Its a great way to play with color combo's and patterns and get them out of your system!!! This blue one looks great maybe bind it with an unexpected color? It was worth all the effort trimming and basting Molly's quilt, I bet your enjoying quilting away on it. It is so beautiful.
I have never tried those rulers , sounds like I need a few!
maybe another blue and white quilt should be on my list *wink*


After Kathie's post I realised blue was a colour I had very little of too. I like the wee quilt, a coloured binding could make it more appealing to you.
The threads on the back are a pain to trim, I have trouble knowing when to stop.
I also have trouble blogging after a break so I just keep reminding myself that I own the blog, it doesn't own me. In any case it's lovely to see you posting again.


It is almost unseemly the way I love Molly's quilt. The colors just sing (which is, perhaps , the issue with the blue quilt for you .... once assembled many of the blues seem to be of very similar values, so not enough contrast? Beautiful, nonetheless).

I ABSOLUTELY have trouble jumping back into the blog after a week or so off. I don't blog for a while because I think I don't have much to say, then all of a sudden there's so much ground to cover I don't know where to start. I liked Kay and Anne's decision to just write for 15 minutes and publish what comes out.


I looooove that quilt so much! It is such a happy quilt!


Love seeing the wedding quilt again - it always makes me smile and feel happy. I really need to start working on Jamie and Brian's wedding quilt - their first anniversary is coming up! I had the blue fabric fading experience on one of my favorite basket quilts, but the reds have held up, so I still love it anyway. Your little blue quilt is awesome! So glad to see you back, and have a fun visit with your daughter!


I LOVE those quilts!!! The blues are beautiful and the colorful one is gorgeous! The small squares would make me nuts but it's just SO nice!

And yes I do find if I've not posted for a bit, it is harder to get back in the swing.


Molly's quilt looks super.

I like the little blue and white one too.
What do you mean 1" units are too small? What is this term "fiddly" of which you speak??

I'm sure hoping today's blues are no longer prone to fading. I have half the blocks done for an EXTREMELY labor-intensive blue and white quilt. If any of that fades, there will be hell to pay!!

"Yes, it is hard to get back to a blog after a hiatus", she said, red-faced and staring at her shoes....

Sew Create It - Jane

I love those blues...so pretty!!!

And that quilt you've got basted is stunning...the red chain through it makes it really pop.


Molly's quilt basted - what a cause for celebration - Prepping/basting is so tedious. it's just beautiful! And I do really like the little blue and white quilt - because it reminds me of indigo - and my first thought in reading that your "meh" was, maybe add a pop of red as the binding. I see in the comments I'm not the only one with that thought. But whatever you do (plus, maybe it's already bound), it's still a nice little quilt. I like your idea of making one small quilt each month.


Ahhhh blue. What a cute little quilt! I wish you'd been sitting on my shoulder back in the day when I made twin bed quilts for my boys -- you could have warned me about the navy blue that I selected. It's very badly faded now in one of the quilts -- the one closest to the window -- in spite of always drawn windowshade and sheets on top of the quilt, it continues to fade. Very sad!

Perhaps on all of your forays into Amish country, you could find a good deal on a basting frame? We have one that's rather rickety, but we love it if we're thread basting. (If pin-basting for machine quilting though, I still use the floor.)

It's great to see you back!

Jenny G.

Making a little quilt for myself each month sounds like a great plan- I may just have to steal you idea! In the last week I have gotten back to a lap quilt for myself that has been stopped and started for more than a year- I too have spent way too much time trimming back threads. Congrats on getting that wedding quilt basted- it is so lovely.


Amen to that comment on weather. I live in Ohio and this has been avery dark winter. Even after a snow storm which is usually bright and sunny, it has remained cloudly and I so wanted to take snow photos.


I will be headed to Miller's Dry Goods May 3rd and 4th to help out with the anniversary sale so I will have to look for those blues. They are great!

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