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July 14, 2012



Great job! I just love this kind of quilt.


It's absolutely gorgeous. They will love it forever!


That is a Masterpiece!!Wow,do I love it,the colors,the patterns ...just stunning!Jan,your sewing is impeccable,the close-ups let me really get a good look, every one of those little squares are just that..square,perfection!! You have always had a great eye for color and design and this shows it! What a lovely wedding present and a trip to deliver it will be really special! So glad everything went well,I was sure it would. Congratulations to you all!!

Barb Robson

Wonderful quilt, wonderful bouquet! So good to see you back and hear all the news.


Gorgeous quilt! That red dot really sets it all off nicely! Very pretty bouquet too--must have been a lovely wedding! I personally think mothers of the bride are the people that need a trip to Hawaii afterward! :)

Ann Champion

The quilt is absolutely stunning! Very "timeless". The prints are fun and cheerful. The logistics can be a nightmare, but you handled it wonderfully.

So happy to know the "big day" went well. I'll wait for pics. :)


I surely know what you mean about color placement dithering. Argh. But what a great outcome: a joyous quilt to commemorate a joyous occasion!


All your investment of time in color placement really shows - a really stunning quilt & one they will always treasure!


Gorgeous quilt! Glad you had such a good time at the wedding that you didn't have time to take photos!


Oh this is just so awesome!! What a wonderful and extra special wedding quilt. I can see that so much went in to it...and your heart as well. Beautiful!


Congratulations! The flowers are *still* beautiful, and the quilt is gorgeous!


it's beautiful Jan and I love the colourful wedding bouquet!


The wedding quilt is so beautiful, and it looks like your daughter and son-in-law really love it! Congratulations on the wedding and looking forward to photos!


It is right beautiful, I sure love your red separating and pulling together. You chose such pretty prints, too! I would have been fussy on the color pieces being too similar, also. You did a great job!
I am struggling on that on one I'm working on now. My friends laugh and tease about my control on scrappy, but I simply call it "controlled chaos" lol!


That quilt is absolutely beautiful. I think you did good.


I absolutely love everything about this quilt, Jan, including that it reaches to the "edges". It is just perfect!! The wedding bouquet is gorgeous and makes me really look forward to seeing some of those infamous wedding pics, Congratulations to the Mother of the Bride!!
What a beautiful gift.


Love it!
Is the "in person" delivery to Australia?


It's just so fabulous! I think doing it borderless was a good call. Wow, lucky couple!


OMG that is the most AMAZING quilt! I admire not only your skill in putting it all together but the patience you must have! Wow! What an inspiration!! Thanks for sharing with us!
(And loved seeing another quilt room with fabric everywhere! Made me truly feel at home!)


WOW that is beautiful and a ton of work!!! I am sure they will treasure it forever! I love the many different fabrics. I was over whelmed just seeing them all on the wall much less sewing them together!

Karen Beigh

The red was the perfect choice. It pulled all those many fabric pieces together into a cohesive design.


An absolutely stunning finish!! And worth every bit of fuss!


Beautiful!!! What a lucky couple...


I can't even take in how amazing it is!You are just magical when it comes to color and design. I continue to be in awe.


It's absolutely stunning! The colours are brilliant and I liked the way you made it so timeless. This is such a special quilt, perfect for such a special occasion.


Sigh. It's perfection in fabric. Such color! I love her bouquet - and it seems to reflect the quilt colors, so I think you were on track.

Sujata Shah

I want one!
Let's see.. How can I have one?
Get married again? No.. I love my husband of 27 years.. Ask my mom? No. She doesn't quilt.
I guess I am going to have to make it myself.
Love it.
Congratulations on the fine finish. The wedding, the quilt and the party! I bet now you are ready to do some sewing.


WOW!!! OhMyGosh Jan -- it's just stunning! It's even better than I imagined and the kids look SO happy with it (what a cute picture with the two of them!) I sure wish I had your eye for color. I'm a little confused about your pictures -- are you saying the second picture of all the little blocks were the rejects? 'Cause they all look like they would work to me -- I just don't have the eye! Love Love LOVE this quilt Jan and I can't wait to hear more about the wedding. Oh, and the best part? Now we can have you back....can't we??? ;-D


What a beautiful quilt! I came over from pinterest so I could have a better look...LOVE it!


Beautiful! And love the reference to Fiesta Ware. Thanks for revealing your construction technique. I've always wondered how to deconstuct this design into blocks. What size are the individual squares?


it's beautiful! i love the scrappiness and the anchor of the red.


Gorgeous!Fantastic. Congrats to Molly and Chito. Now that the wedding is done, hopefully things will return to a nice calm pace. Unless of course, you move house again. :-)

Linda in NC

Chito was right: the colors you chose are wonderful. Very striking and so cheery. The newlyweds will love using it, and you will love quilting all that cheeriness and love. (The delivery in person part sounds like so much fun!)

Kristin L

I love it!! The red polkadot "sashing is fantastic and well worth the effort of laying out each trip individually. With all the travel I've done in my life, I'm inspired to consider making something with that pattern too. :-)


That is a work of art. Worth every bit of color dithering. (Your new SIL sounds like a very smart man.)

Tonya Ricucci

woohoo, gorgeous quilt! I love that inspiration quilt too. love that you did it piece by piece rather than just stripping it all together. now have fun with those leftover bits!


a beautiful couple and a beautiful quilt. your art amazes me each time I visit here Jan and this is a crowning achievement! the red polka dot border just makes the whole thing sing! so glad there are no borders as you couldn't improve upon that perfection!

hope you are all recovered and enjoying the summer!


The weddding quilt is sensational and the happy couple look thrilled with it. What a huge amount of cutting and piecing but so worth it.


Congratulations on your daughter's wedding, and on the completion of an absolutely GORGEOUS quilt top. I was originally drawn to your blog by your joyous use of color. Your work lifts my spirits, and gives me all glory of a perfect summer day. Thanks for sharing your life and artistry with us.


Congratulations on your daughter's wedding, and on the completion of an absolutely GORGEOUS quilt top. I was originally drawn to your blog by your joyous use of color. Your work lifts my spirits, and gives me all glory of a perfect summer day. Thanks for sharing your life and artistry with us.

Michelle Hartshorn

Wow !!
Absolutely gorgeous....
Well done.


What a stunning top - congratulations!


It is beautiful!!!!! Something that will be treasured by them for a lifetime!

tina pomeroy

OMG, what a beautiful quilt. I can't imagine the work that went in to placing all the blocks in just the right places. Your patience and determination is fantastic.


Love the 'outline' w/red - I have 3 grandsons - perhaps if I get started I can make each of them one for their wedding :) - may I ask how large your squares are?


Quilt is gorgeous!


Absolutely gorgeous, of course!

Inga Helene

I just LOVE it! How large are the squares?

doni boyd

That is one fabulous quilt!! Congratulations! Both our kids are married now - and I have started making them a new quilt on their 5 yr anniversaries. It took the pressure off. And they tend to be large couch quilts. It's fun and I have 5 years inbetween to design and plan. Not that I don't wait until the last minute!!

doni @ Oregon coast

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