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July 24, 2012


Mary M.

Great job! I think that after you added the last few rows and the border, your so-called "mistake" with the black half-squares looks planned. You are inspiring me to start my own little quilt. Thanks!


I love little quilts and like you I have avoided diamonds!
I love the quilt on the book cover - have you tackled that one yet??


Looks like a great book - love those diamonds!


Fabulous little quilt! And thanks for the chance to win!

Vicki W

I LOVE your little quilt and I always love little pieces!


Oh nice!!! I love your little quilt! I am one of those that seems to always make queen-size. I'd love to win the book and see some made with small pieces! Thanks for the chance!


Wonderful diamonds and I love the black triangles. Looks like an inspiring book!

K Fein

What a great looking book. Also the piece you made.

Barb Robson

Looks like a great book! My kind of piecing with lots of pieces and lots of different fabrics. The quilt I have made with the most pieces has about 4,200...by hand! And I would do it again.


Your diamonds are lovely and inspiring. thanks for showing us, and for the chance at a great book.


What a great block! How fun to see your border adding process. It looks like a great book - thanks for the chance :0)


Thank you for the chance to win a copy of this book. I like to play with itsy bitsy pieces of fabric. If win, this book can organize my play so am making spectacular quilts from those small fabric pieces.


Beautiful! I have not made a quilt yet but I love the small pieced ones. I love how your block turned out.


I enjoyed your process photos - those are always my favorites. Thanks for reviewing the book. You've made me want it. Of course, I love your great variety of fabrics in your little quilt. I'll be interested to see what you change the border to. The black looks great but safe. Are you tempted to go further outside the box?

Ann Champion

I love your little quilt! I really like that you let it "speak" to you and tell you it wanted more.
I've seen a pic of this book and wondered what it would be like. I'm so glad you all are doing this blog hop. It's a great chance to see what can be done with those little pieces. I love intricate. :)


What a great book! And I love your diamond quilt. Especially the wonderful array of shirtings. Looking forward to checking out more pages from the book.

Jenny G.

Glad to see a new quilt here again! Very nice work as always!


You know my love for "small small" quilts and small pieces of fabrics! I would love to win this new book because I have the first that I love! Thank you for the tutorial of your small quilt that inspires me ... Friendship

Stella Snyder

I liked the way everything looks so neat when its cut out. Makes me want to get the book & try it. Thanks, Stella


Love the little quilt! I seem to make only big ones...they start small and grow on their own somehow - just one more color - just one more row - ooh I can't leave that fabric out! Thanks for the chance to win!

Linda in NC

I must say, I like your way of doing a book review: get a quilt made! I love your little diamond quilt though that much black overpowers the center; hmm - more color?


Seeing your small pieces makes me think I want to throw my name in the hat for the give away book. In I go.


I got inspired by Molly's Stars, this is what I ended up with.
You are right, just like potato chips...my hand kept going back in the box of 1/2 sq tri's. I have the book so please don't consider me for the drawing.

Paula Benjaminson

Love those diamonds! Your colors are wonderful, especially with the cheddar in the small border. I think I need this book!:)


I absolutely love the diamonds. This is definitely on my bucket list.


It's just FAB.U.LUS

Amy (badskirt)

I love how your little quilt block grew and though I don't buy a lot of craft books, this one seems to be up my alley. I'm really excited about recreating vintage quilts at the moment, but am a little lost for a starting point.

Thank you for an interesting, meaningful and helpful review.


I love the red, black, and cheddar that you've added to your quilt. It makes it striking. Thanks for showing the back of your work with your pressed open seams. Very inspiring.

Chelsea @ pinsandbobbins

those aren't just small, they're teeny tiny! but absolutely breathtaking.

Gwen Windham

Amazingly beautiful!! Thanks for the chance to win this book!!! :-)


Those are tiny diamonds!! Amazing!!
Love your completed little quilt!

Thank you for the opportunity to win.

Ann L

I love your diamond block! And I admire your courage in attempting something outside of your comfort zone. Count me in on the drawing! I am one of those people you mentioned who has recently completed a doll quilt (which you can see on my nascent blog: thegardenofneedles.blogspot.com), but must also admit to being a bit afraid of diamonds too. Maybe it's time to get over that.


Great looking quilt. I really like the way it looks even if you aren't totally sure on that color.

Vicky F

Thanks for the eye candy! Love what you did with the borders, and to me, the black looks just right. But that's me. I would like to add my name to the pot.


Beautiful quilt. Looks like an amazing book!


Looks like a great book and I LOVE your little quilt!

Sujata Shah

Your piece is gorgeous! I am now wondering what other color you may choose for your borders.
Usually I don't participate for the giveaways but this one, I could not resist :)

Ginny Worden

Jan, your piece is lovely and might be the push I need to order the book. Thanks for sharing.


Thise diamonds are wonderful - Black is often the perfect touch - you will know if it feels right.

Have been coveting that book - what a treat it would be to own it.
But I will also keep my eye out for it as we travel.

Pat on the road to Alaska in Beautiful British Columbia.


I love your "test" sample. Thanks for sharing. I'd love to add this block to my library.

Carol Sc

Wow! What a cool little quilt. I've also stayed away from diamonds, but reading your blog and description has given me a new outlook.

Patty Happel

Looks like a great book. I love scrap quilts. Thanks for the chance to win!


I'd love to win this book

cityquilter grace

i would be a tad nervous about piecing those diamonds that way but you make it look easy and it came out great!

Kim S

I recently found your blog and have really enjoyed looking at your work. Great sample piece for the book review! Thanks for sharing.


What an interesting book - love small piece quilts, so hope I win!


What a beautiful book!! Fingers crossed to win it.

Karen E

I love small pieces and small quilts. Would love to win this book.


That looks like a book I need. I have years and years worth of small pieces to use up!

Kerry brack

Beautiful book and quilt. It would bring a lot of joy. Cheers kerry

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