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January 14, 2012



Have a safe trip Jan!!
I was mysteriously craving Om-rice today, so my stomach is definitely jealous of your trip. (I still haven't worked through all the fabric I bought last time I was in Japan, so it's better if your stash grows than mine..hehe)
take care~


Wow, that's a lot of blue. I always wash my fabric first, whether it's for quilts or clothing. I mostly do it for the shrinkage factor - I'd rather have the shrinking happen before I've finished sewing!


I forgot to say - have a wonderful and safe trip!


time to be jealous again... it happens every January.

Karen Beigh

That was a lot of color coming out of that quilt. The quilt came out well. The color seems pure and the quilt looks yummy. We got a front load washer last time round and I have to admit the clothes come out cleaner.


I used to pre-wash all my fabrics for quilts until I had a quilt get ruined despite my having laundered it first. Now, I don't bother with the extra work (since I hate doing laundry anyway) and just throw in some Color Catchers afterwards. Plus I like the vintage feel of a crinkly quilt so it works for me.

Glad you adventure turned out well, though!


YIKES!!! That's a lot of blue color catchers!!! BUt I'm glad the quilt was saved. And I agree with you on the new machines. I prefer the "granny style" ones too.


I always prewash too - amazing how there can still be surprises! I'm glad it turned out well in the end. Have fun with your fabric accumulation in Tokyo!! :0)

Mazie C

I met you at the Tokyo quilt show once a couple of years ago. Hope to see you there this time. Have a safe trip.


I agree, I pre wash everything. In two all hand appliqued and quilted quilts I had bleeding. Even after a prewash. My colors were red. One was berries and one was strawberries. Same with you I am not sure why. I am glad you were able to save the quilt. Its a beauty. Belated Happy New year. Glad you are getting settled in the house.


Well, I have a granny washing machine. :P I can't bring myself to get rid of it until it really dies even though there are more efficient ones available now. And... I can't wait to see what you find at the Tokyo Quilt Festival!! I will be living vicariously through you and will appreciate every minute of it!


What an amazing amount of blue that came out of the quilt, thank goodness for dye catchers. My machine has the same tiny amount of water use but I also have the option of setting the water level.


Can't wait to get my fresh, clean quilt back this week! Thanks for doing the hard work for me.


Great save Jan! I always prewash, for shrinkage, bleeding and for health reasons. I hate the smell and feel of unwashed fabric so I can't believe it's good for us to be breathing in whatever comes off it. I have had one quilt effected by bleeding after the fabrics were already prewashed. It was a scrap quilt, so perhaps some sneaky unwashed scraps got in, but it's a Christmas quilt and the neutral corner triangles are pink. It still looks nice and most people wouldn't know my original intention. Have a wonderful time in Japan!

Sew Create It - Jane

Wow what a story! I always pre-wash and your story is precisely why I do. The quilt is fabulous...looks wonderful all washed up and ready to go.


I would have died!! I used to pre wash all my fabrics and now I don't....but thinking I should again, yikes!!

You are so lucky to be going to the quilt festival, I would be so excited to have access to all the wonderful japanese fabrics! Have a great trip!

Elizabeth E.

What a heart-stopping moment! Glad you made a save with the color catchers, though.
Like others, I'll be living vicariously through you while you are in Japan and the show--can hardly wait to see the quilts on your blog when you return. Travel safely--



Colour catchers to the rescue. How lucky were you? What temperature water were you using? I don't prewash due to laziness and I like to work with the sizing that most fabrics come with. It seems easier to cut and sew. However, I've had some bad experiences (now you're nodding wisely) that have been saved by colour catcher.


You cracked me up with the whole box of color catchers! I'm so happy that the quilt emerged safely and that you did too - that must have been a heart stopping moment. Have a wonderful, safe trip! (and thanks for the tips about those new washers - the do-gooders are going to drive me over the edge!)

Jenny G.

Three cheers for color catchers! I pre-wash all of my fabric with them all of the time. Have a wonderful, safe trip. I can't wait to see the pictures!

Heidi Hanssen

Have a wonderful trip and snap those pictures. I will be waiting green with envy to see them. Oh boy I am getting some of those color catchers because sometimes aI wash and sometimes I don't.


Have fun (as if I even need to say that)! We have a front-load washer, and I hate that you can't do small loads. Or really big loads.


Oh my, that is such a beautiful quilt! Is that one of your patterns? Is it available for purchase? I love it!


Scary! I love Color Catchers. ; )
Have a great trip!!

Mary Kay

It could be the water in your new location that caused the color to release from the fabric. Water has different pH's and different minerals/chemicals and that can make all the difference with the dyes. Just stick to Color Catchers. Love all of your pictures from Tokyo.

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