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October 12, 2011



OMG is all I can say i want to grow up and be like these quilters!!!!!
ok in NY you should go see the star exhibit at the AFAM at Lincoln Center, the quilt exhibit at the City Quilter and let me check out a few other things, will get back to you.
do you want to leave the city? will she be working days?


I'm still ooooohing and aaaaahing over those quilts--amazing! Lucky you to have the pattern (and skill) to make one too! Enjoyed your drives too!


You must walk the HighLine!
And you must call me to meet you when you do!!!


Gorgeous, amazing quilts!! It's fun to study how each one is a little different. The basket quilt is wonderful - what a fun project to do with friends. Like Kathie - I want to grow up and be like these quilters too :0)

Karen Beigh

The pineapple quilts are beauties! So interesting. I am quite attracted to pineapple designs of all kinds so have great interest in this. I hope to see one of your making some day in the future. I dream of making something similar myself.

Karen Beigh

I got so caught up in the beauty of the pineapple quilts that I forgot to mention that I was born in the Akron area and lived there until I was in my later 20's. In all that time, I never visited Hale Farm. I have been by it several times.

And a question. Was the pineapple quilt block a pattern drawn by the group members or a purchased pattern?


GASP! The Pineapple Quilt is just magnificent! I am SO jealous that you are going to make it...WOW! Soooo looking forward to seeing your progress on it!

Ann Champion

I'm sure you'll be glad when all of the repairs/fix it list are done? It does feel like you're spinning your wheels, but omce done, you can sit back and enjoy things later.
It takes some time to get used to a new area. You're learning all of the "scenic routes"? It's a beautiful area and I'm glad you took the time to stop and snap some pics...and share them.
The Pineapple quilts are absolutely stunning! Lucky you..to have your hands on a copy of the pattern.
I don't have any recommendations for you and Molly..just wanted to say enjoy your precious time together. :)


I LOVE that basket quilt! Didn't you have a small basket quilt here on your blog not too long ago? I'd love to just have a pile of those little baskets to work on here and there -- you know, a several year project. I can't wait to see more from your tribe -- what a group of ladies.

I hope you have a wonderful time in NYC. I SO miss my monthly trips there. I'm drawing a blank for places not to miss -- Liesl at Distressed used to have a good guide for shopping in NYC on her blog.


Wow those pineapples are to DIE for!
I would love to get my hands on a pattern. Look forward to seeing your progress (eventually)!


Thanks so much for sharing the amazing quilts. They really are stunners. I love the tiny hst in the pineapples.


Stunning quilts!!!

Those pineapple quilts are wonderful. I love how each quilter made little changes to make the quilt her own.

Tonya Ricucci

wow! amazing quilts. woohoo re trip to NY and Molly!


I've always loved that one of Sheila's. Mine is quite smaller and different and I'll definitely post it soon - in fact I've used that pattern twice and I'll show both.

The countryside looks gorgeous there!!

I have the complete pattern for that pineapple quilt and have always planned to make it.....one day.
great post!

Jan S.

Wow! What talent and determination to make these fabulous quilts. They are such a labor of love. It is just amazing to me that more than one person decided to make the pineapple. I would think about it, but it would only get made in my mind!
It looks beautiful where you live. I am a life-long Midwesterner, and love all seasons.


These quilts are amazing. I kinda get the urge to make a tiny basket quilt now. The pineapple is amazing.


I grew up in Akron (I've been in Texas 26yrs now) but I loved Hale Farm and took my kids there on a trip home one sumer. Thanks for the pic!!


Wow, wow, wow to those pineapples.......


The countryside is beautiful. And those quilts are amazing! I love to see how quilts are personalized. The different borders and fabrics really change the look.

We've been considering just moving down the street and it feels overwhelming! I don't know how you do it. Maybe it gets easier with every move? Hope you settle into a routine soon. And I'm glad to see you popping up in my feed reader again. :)

Jenny McH

I have fallen in love with the Pineapple & Roses quilts, both ladies that made their own version are to be congratulated. Absolutely splendid!
Also very fond of the basket quilt, a great way to get some variety by swapping basket blocks.
Your photos of your area that you live in are so beautiful, I wouldn't mind getting 'lost' in your area.


I moved to Akron a few years ago and have not been to Hale Farm yet. I have ridden by there on my bike on Riverview Road.
Who did your foundation crack repair? I have a leak in my foundation that needs fix so I would love to know if you were happy with the repair and who did it. Thanks.

Kristin L

I've never seen pineapples like those -- they are wonderful!


Really enjoyed the different versions of the pineapple quilts - just amazing! Glad you are getting settled in your new home, despite all the work that had to be done. Hope you have a fine time with your daughter!

Barb Robson

Hi Jan,
Love the applique quilt. Glad to see you back and writing and sharing a glimpse of your new heighbourhood. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I am still so new with it but having fun!

Karen Dirmish

Hello Jan,
Still trying to understand how this works. Miss you at the Abby,we are all still quilting. Your new home is beautiful,and now you will bloom where you are planted. Enjoy your new digs, and let us know How the wedding went. Hugs,Karen Dirmish


Hi Jan,
May I please borrow your photos of Sheila's basket quilt to post on my blog?
Thanks, Diane

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