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September 30, 2011



WOWZER is right! That is fabulous!!! pics are definitely going into the idea file. WONDERFUL color...love it so much! Thanks for sharing!


Think I just fell in love! Am definitely drooling on my keyboard...

Karen Beigh

Oh my! I WANT it! I have no spare change. Maybe we could all pool our money together, buy it, and each keep it for a few days before passing it on. Oh, I guess that won't work.


I'm working... don't send me to eBay! Please don't send me to eBay!!!


Wow- that's for sure! This is gorgeous and I love that the flowers are not identical. Thanks for the link!


wowzer is right!
this took my breadth away today!
I've printed a copy for my 4-block file.
I love how full and fun it is.
I wonder what happened with that one flower, it totally adds to the charm

Penny G

Sorry your trip got cancelled. Love the quilt.


That quilt is fantastic! Enjoy your "free" weekend.


I love seeing such exuberance from the 19th century. It makes me think of the Flickr group called The Smiling Victorian. They could be a bit maudlin and grim but they had their own ways of partying down, didn't they?


What an amazing quilt!! Big fat blooms all cheddary and red - so beautifully quilted - sigh... Someoe with imagination and skill made that one!


It's glorious! Not in my budget at the moment, but I can still enjoy.

Have a great weekend!


There is a great quilt show through this weekend at the akron art museum. I went last saturday, just a short drive down I-77. ; )


Me OH MY !!!!http://izzyrquilts.blogspot.com/


I'm drooling. Thank goodness I haven't got any spare change.


Wow, the colours on that quilt are so beautifully vibrant!!

Enjoy the quilt show.

Tonya Ricucci

fabulous. love the folk artiness of it all.

pat sloan

TOTALLY agree fat and sassy is amazing! I'd make this quilt.. it makes me happy to see it!!!


What a BEAUT! And worth every penny. I think I a going start a coin jar for the next one like this that comes up....


Whew! that red and green quilt brought me to my knees!!! There needs to be a special bank just for quilters with low interest rate loans.

Thank you for bringing this to your blog!

Jenny McH

Love it! Thanks for the link to the other photos.

Maureen from Ventura

Thank you for sharing the beautiful photos of the fantastic quilt!!


What an absolute stunner! I'm in love!! Thanks for sharing.


amazing. so modern too!


Wow -- what a gorgeous quilt! Too bad I've already spent my spare change this year. (Plus, that's a LOT of years of spare change LOL!)


Isn't this one divine? Such an eye popper quilt. Thanks for sharing it. xo

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