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September 21, 2011



Such a wonderful post! I enjoyed reading your words and looking at those amazing quilts! It must be a thrill to meet women with so much quilting experience and knowledge adn to become friends. Thanks for sharing!

Elizabeth E.

I left a quilt group almost five years ago and just haven't joined another--life's too busy? But your fine post reminds me that life is never too busy to enjoy friends and quilt and talk quilting. I loved seeing all the quilts and look forward to more posts. The work on those is breathtaking--so amazing! I hope you can pass on my appreciation for their skill and persistence and patience; these ladies are all gems, and I'm sure you miss them.

Elizabeth E.

barb vedder

Hooray for the tribe - I love that nick name.
It was good to see those quilts again. I remember when K.S was working on the stars and trees years ago, it has always been a favorite of time.
It's sad to leave them, but fun to visit.


Wonderful quilts. But the friendship, OMG do I ever miss that. I belonged to a mini "tribe" of six. Two have died. One has moved away. The remaining three can't bring ourselves to get together with the other half missing.

We did a Round Robin in one of our last years together. Bev's was on her coffin at the service and is now at my house. A cherished possession because she loved it so much. Thank you for sharing. The potlucks are amazing aren't they?

Tonya Ricucci

omg, what a fabulous group. I am sooo jealous that you've found an amazing group of quilters to spend time with and heartbroken for you to have to leave them. incredible eye candy!


Those quilts are amazing! How fortunate that you had such a great group, I'm sure you will miss them terribly.


I enjoyed reading about your tribe and seeing the lovelies. What happy memories. When God shuts a door, He opens another, you know! Be on the lookout for your next "tribe"...we quilters are inspired by one another.


Wow. Oh Wow are those quilts ever gorgeous! I especially LOVE that first quilt. Wow. I can't even type anymore. ;-)

Jan S.

Such talent; oh, how I loved looking at these!


How lucky you are to be part of such a group. I, too, have been getting together regularly with a group of stitchers for 28 years, more regularly when our children were young. And Kathy Smith is in the Chicago group! I had the pleasure of meeting Kathy and seeing some of her wonderful quilts two or three years ago at Gwen Marston's Beaver Island Quilt Retreat. I'm leaving Sunday to attend this year's retreat, with two friends from the above mentioned group, and I think Kathy will be there, too. I hope she brings lots of quilts to share!


What a delightful group of quilters and they really know their stuff. The quilts are incredible, thank you for sharing them.
I would love to belong to a group like that, you were so fortunate to have such a great bunch of like minded friends.


Fabulous, fabulous quilts. Glad you have the photos and the rich memories of friends.


Thank you so much for this wonderful post. If you could share the name and location of this wonderful group I would forever appreciate it. I'm in the Chicago area and so craving a group of quilters with " like " taste to enjoy my quilting time with!


What a lovely post and what lovely friends. I so enjoyed seeing these photos - what precious memories.


Oh what amazing quilts, I am so impressed, makes me want to move to Chicago

yes you will be back to visit I am sure to see your friends as well as what they are working on now!
how lucky you were to find a quilt group like this


That's wonderful -- I can't wait for the next installment.

I felt the same way about knitting group -- was invited and went once, same as you, to be polite, but the people and personalities grabbed me and didn't let go! It doesn't always happen that way, and things do change... don't they?
; )

diane burdin

I knew you'd be a perfect match with Piecemakers. Hope you find an equally talented "tribe" in your new hometown.


Talk about hiding their light under a bushel. I am so pleased that your tribe showed you some of their work and that you shared it with us.

Sew Create It - Jane

Sounds like a wonderful group. Hope you make the same connection in your new town.


Fabulous quilts - thank you so much for sharing. What amazing talent! Hope you can find a similar group in your new town.

Stitch This

what lovely quilts - and a brilliant blog! So glad I stumbled across you!


Welcome back to Cleveland, as a native who never left, let me congratulate you on your wise choice to move back. I love this city with all it's warts and hope you will as well.

How incredibly hard it must have been for you to leave those wonderful quilty friends and all that talent. Hopefully you will find another group here in town, not the same, cause Chicago's can't be replaced, but another just as much fun and with just as much talent!

Welcome home!

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