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September 13, 2011



Unpacking and settling in is a process that takes LOTS of patience. Your sewing room looks so lovely - lots of great light and such a beautiful color. I hope you can get it unpacked soon and get back to your creative pursuits.


font looks the same to me.
good luck finding what you need when you need it. This month marked 3 years in our house and I unpacked a box of odd kitchen tools last week. It never ends.
the sewing room wall color-- love it, but I'm assuming that with tape around the windows you've changed it already. Can't wait to see your new space all put together and ready to go.


Good luck! ;o)
I think your fabrics looks organized even if they arent arranged yet.
Order in chaos...


Oh, Jan, you have no idea what disorganization is... come to my house. I don't have the excuse of moving or any natural disasters... just me!

I love that blue wall color!!


The font looks okay to me. I hope you can feel settled and less frustrated very soon.


Moving is such a pain, but it is always great when you get your space all set up. Looking forward to seeing it all set up! And I hope you found the scissors.

Font looks ok to me!

Teresa Rawson

Your font looks the same to me. Good luck with the moving in. It will take a while, then it will feel like home. I love the color blue of that room...wow! Especially with the white trim. Perhaps if you start looking for something else, the missing sewing items will turn up (Murphy's Law...).

In stitches,
Teresa :o)


I was exactly where you are only a month or so ago. I feel your pain! Love the blue walls.

Maureen from Ventura

Your sewing room looks beautiful! Just think how wonderful it will all be when you are done!

Cathy Danderfer

So nice to hear from you again!


ok, just think this is the last time your doing this.
take your time, give yourself a break you will get it done, one room at a time! oh wish I was closer I would be there helping you put away all that beautiful fabric!!!!
had to laugh I saw one of those puzzles awhile ago and played with it for a long time trying to get it work! such a childhood memory!
pretty color paint....ok is the sewing room the next room???


The font looks the same to me. Perhaps its your monitor.

That's the trouble with moving. You find something you don't need and spend days or weeks looking for that something that you do.


Yipee -- painting and a mess -- a sure sign that you're settling in! You'll be ready to roll just in time for the holidays. Can't wait to see what you've got cooking!


My thoughts are with you as you sort through the endless boxes of stuff. You will get there and it will be wonderful.


Your creative room is going to be serene with those beautifully painted walls.! I think you are very organized too. 14 years ago when we moved into our new home I had labeled all my own boxes "sewing room" - took forevr to find rotary cutters, scissors, etc. I could have been more specific:o)


Yes it's very important to set up the sewing room first. Its the room that will bring solace as you unpack the rest of the house. I get scared at the thought of ever moving. We've been here over 14 yrs and while I've gotten rid of alot of things, there's still a LOT left......


I think when the sewing room is finished, you'll be spending a lot of time in there. Good luck with unpacking and reorganising.


So glad you are back, I don't envy the unpacking, no matter how much fun it is to play in all that beautiful fabric! Hope it goes quickly!


haha nearly fell off my chair when i read the title i thought you where swearing! by the way it might be a bit of a puzzle at the moment but your stash looks amazing wish it was spilling through my home!

Loretta a/k/a Mrs. Pom

Jan, having had a stretch of years similar to yours with the moves, and having packed and recapped a studio full of fabric more times than I can stand, I am awed, awed I tell you, at your ability to spring upright in the midst of chaos and do it all again.

You are my hero!


Woah your fabric stash is amazing :)
I wonder if you got your room all set up now? Can't wait to see the finished results.
<3 Dotty

Ann Champion

I don't envy your unpacking and putting things away one bit! You not only have to find a place for everythjing..but you have to remember where that place is. :)
I hope you can get your sewing room sorted out soon. Then you can reward yourself for unpacking boxes by doing a bit of sewing. :)


If I lived closer I would love to come and help up unpack and organise your sewing space.

I hope you are all settled in now.

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