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August 28, 2011


Maureen from Ventura

I'm so happy that everything (except for the computer) is going well! I remember how frustrating it was to find the perfect spot for everything when I last unpacked! Enjoy your new home. Thanks for updating us. Cheers!


Great to hear you are settling in to your new home.
I hope you are back with your new computer soon....and that you can get your sewing room set up quickly!


You can post from an iPad using blog press ( a free app), there are others, but this one works for most. Have fun moving into your new home!


I hope this is your last move, it must be exhausting! And I hope you feel settled really soon.


Enjoy the process and we'll see you as soon as you are ready.


Boy, what a job. I'll bet you're glad most of it is over. Good luck with the painting -- we're about to get started on that ourselves. Can't wait until you're back up and running -- you've been very missed this summer!


Good to hear you are settling in! I don't know how you do it. Moves have always been overly stressful for me and can't imagine moving as often as you have! Take care and get that sewing room together :)


As a born and raised Cleveland girl who left home at 21 and never returned-- i am interested in knowing where your house is located. Not intending to "Stalk" or anything. Just curious.

My dad lived in Tallmadge and we have friends up in Stow. The neighborhood where I grew up is just terrible now. I remember it being very sweet and nice in the 50's and 60's.


Welcome to the other side!!!


I had to laugh at the Goodwill comment. I'm doing the same. If it doesn't fit in this house, we don't need it! I hope to not have to move for a very long time. Welcome home Jan!

Vicki in Michigan

Better to box stuff for Goodwill now, rather than have to get rid of the stuff later!

When I moved out of my first house, I ditched a TON of stuff that I'd moved into it and never touched in the time I lived there.

I wasn't nearly ruthless enough, though. Still have WAY too much. I've gotten good at resisting further acquisition, but am terrible at purging.

Must work on that..............


OMG I couldn't believe it ... you've moved again! Wow. I've spent the summer out of the US w/hubby and still have about 3 weeks before we return but can hardly wait. I am thrilled I finally have some place to call home and I imagine one day you will too ROFL. Seriously -- all the best, and take lots of ibuprofen. Moving all those boxes around takes a toll on your back. But I imagine you must have the "neatest/most gone through stuff" ever LOL I get quite twitchy now when I get/see something I don't/won't use, so all those charity pick ups at my front door are very useful. Cheers, and I'm thinking of you. (I should talk -- you wouldn't blieve what we have to pack up after 4+ months here LOL) Maryjo


I purged before I moved, and then again when I arrived, and then again before we moved and again when I arrived and agian when I moved and I'm still purging. All this is 6 yrs. How do we accumulate so much STUFF? Glad you like your area and neighborhood, that's so important. I was just thinking about you and your sunflower quilt the other day!


Glad you are in your new home, and hope the unpacking and settling in goes smoothly for you. Looking forward to seeing the projects you are up to! Dixie


Hope things go more smoothly now. Like your painting priority order! Won't be long before you're settled and can relax and enjoy.
Cheers, Meredithe


Bad luck with the computer, but at least you're getting a new one.

When we moved here we went from a 2 up 2 down terraced cottage to 5 beds and 7 acres! We still bought too much stuff with us!


quick note our town and area is in very bad shape
still without power, so much flooding in surrounding towns, highways damaged, etc, etc, etc
the yard is in bad shape but no real damage to our home
our neighbors were not so lucky trees down on cars, on homes, down wires , like a war zone the first few days...
they said we should have power by monday
I just feel so disconnected..today I am at the starbucks the first time its open since the storm hit...
we stayed in a hotel two nights and will again probably
will be in touch I can get emails can't send them hope this works.
we feel so lucky to be safe, our home is safe, just living like the 1800's!

Schnoobie(susan atwell)

Last Stop Indeed!!!!!!I can't even IMAGINE!! You are a trooper..and good luck with everything... I will miss your frequent honking as you went back and forth on the Toll Road! ( haha!)


It's been eight years, but I remember the garage full of boxes and the extra stuff. I still have some of it, lol.
Glad to hear you are happy with the new locale.


Glad you are OK. Have fun settling in. Luckily the Targets and Home Depots are all laid out the same!

Teresa Rawson

Congrats on starting to get settled...love the blue room with white trim...just beautiful. Hang in there...it will all sort out soon enough.

In stitches,
Teresa :o)

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