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March 12, 2011



So, so relieved. Thank you for telling us. I thought of you, and fretted for you all day.


Yes. I only lurk, but have been sending prayers and energy!


I thought about your daughter and I'm sooo glad she is safe and sound!

But what a terrible things to have happened.


Thank you for replying to my email during all of that!

Schnoobie(susan atwell)

Thank you for the update on this blogpost. VERY relieved for you.. but so saddened and sympathetic for all of those affected.


So glad to hear Molly is ok. And must be a relief to have her out of the country for a bit.

Sujata Shah


I am glad to hear that Molly is okay. It is definitely a good thing that she is out of Japan right now.
People of Japan our in our thoughts and prayers.


I was hoping to hear good news about your daughter. phew.


Wonderful news. This is a heartbreaking tragedy and I am so thankful that your Molly is safe.


So glad to hear she is well. Take care.

Kathy Smith

Thanks, Jan, for the update. I'm still worried for Keiko. Hoping for the best.


So glad to hear that your daughter is okay! I have been thinking of you!


Jan,it was so good to home yesterday and find your email about Molly! I am so glad to hear the trip did work out.My hearts goes out to all those people who's life changed in an instant yesterday. Hope Molly has a great, very well deserved break.... and you get a nice bite on that house!


It's great to hear Molly is fine. I have worried and prayed for you after seeing the destruction. I'll keep prayers flowing for those affected in Japan!

Tonya Ricucci

yah, the buildings not falling down has been really impressive. Glad Molly is okay and got out of town for awhile. Now you need to turn off the news for the next week. Good luck getting more moving stuff done.


I read your blog and thought of you immediately after I heard of the quake. I am glad that your friend and your daughter are fine. My son and his wife are on Okinawa, Mike is stationed at Kadena. We held our breath until we could Skype him and fortunately, they were safe. My heart goes out to Japan and I am keeping them in my prayers.


So, so happy to hear that your daughter is safe and sound. I was so relieved to talk to my daughter, Holly, who lives in San Francisco, right after we woke up Friday morning to hear that everything was ok there. So sad to hear about all the devastation and suffering in Japan. Good luck with your home sale.


oh jan. all i could do was think of you when i saw the news. i am so thankful that yours are safe. our hearts go out to everyone in japan. it's incredibly difficult to fathom this event at all.
hugs to you all. xo


Phew! I was concerned (but not worried!) about Molly. I'm glad she made an escape to Beijing. The xylophone comment is hilarious.


I was checking Keiko's blog after you mentioned her and did the Google translator on the comments. Let's just say, I had an inkling that she was fine, but much was lost in translation. It's nice to know that you had your personal translator figure it out. My best to you as you go about preparing to sell!


Thanks for taking the time , during your already busy life, to let us know that your daughter is ok. Thank goodness .


I've been thinking of you and your daughter all day. So glad to hear that she is safe!


Thanks for the good news, Jan. I had been worrying about Keiko in Sendai. Please keep us updated about Molly and all our quilt friends in Japan.

Pat T.

The joy of knowing your daughter is safe is something all Mother's understand...
Our son lives in Alaska and we were greatly relieved to hear the tsunami had lessened dramatically by the time it reached the US Coast. Our children choose to live in incredibly beautiful places that are geologically active and we must trust they know how to take care of themselves.


It's so good to hear that your daughter and friends are safe and well! Thanks for thinking of us and sending an update! The news photos are just beyond belief.


i was worried but didn't want to add one more worried email to your inbox, thanks for posting and letting us know Molly and keiko goke are ok.


it is wonderful to have "good news" in the midst of all that "is" and that is not good. All I can think about is what people are going through right now while things are still so unsettled. Thanks for a bright spot, for sure.

And ... on another front: you are MOVING again? OMG. I've neglected your blog -- where are you moving to/back to?


Oh, Jan, I am so glad to hear the your daughter is safe. I can only imagine how your heart is breaking for your friends in Japan. Take care to not work too hard on the packing!


Glad she's safe and sound. The beest thing is that she woke you up to tell you, rather than you seeing it on t.v and worrying. So glad about your friend in Sendai too.

Have you read Tanya's blog? scary!

As Ton says. Turn off the t.v.

gray la gran

thank you for the update, ... i checked your blog looking for news the other night.

i'm relieved that molly is safe.


I don't know anyone in Japan except Molly, but only through your blog but I immediately thought of her. I'm so glad that she is alright.

mimi k

I was thinking about you this morning- I am so relieved to hear that your daughter is fine.


So relieved to hear Molly has made her escape. I am just in shock as we see more pictures from Japan and the death toll rises (as it will inevitably continue to), all I can do is prayer. You are right though, we have to be as normal as possible.


I am so relieved to read that your daughter is okay. I have checked in with your blog each day and worried when you didn't update. Blessings to all who have survived and strongest prayers for those who perished.

happy zombie

I'm so relieved your Molly is safe, and Keiko too! Thank you for your update - a lot of us have been thinking about you, your family and your friends. Keeping you all and all of Japan in our prayers. XXOO


I am so glad she is out of Japan!!! The news is very scary with all the reactor news (is it or isn't? will it or won't it??) and when I heard abt all this on Friday I immediately thought of you. My heart breaks for the people of Japan.....


Thanks for the update! When I first heard of the earthquake, yours is the first blog I went to to make sure your family was safe but I didn't want to bother you. Glad to see this.

Mary Conley

So glad to know that your Molly is safe!! I have been also thinking of your circle of friends and your visceral connection to Japan. How my heart breaks for that country. What a sickening and horrific sequence of events.

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