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March 13, 2011


Tonya Ricucci

Best of luck to her. thanks for posting this, Jan. geeze. makes me realize I really do need to have more of a stockpile of water and non-perishables on hand.


Thanks Jan, that was really a lovely thing for you and your son to do so her friends could hear that she is ok.on. Please send her my best, I have always enjoyed looking at her beautiful lovely quilts.I hope things get back to 'normal' as soon as possible for them all...


Our hearts and love is with Keiko and her family, as well as everyone in Japan.


I think to you and your children . "Translate Google" and I am happy for you and Keiko . and Molly rest in china !!!! Friendship Mamifleur


thanks Jan, its so nice to hear she is ok...
and her family as well.
My thoughts and prayers are with everyone in Japan. Its still so hard to watch the news.


Hi Jan
Please send Keiko our love and best wishes and tell her that Glorious Color is going to give her the profit from the sale of her fabrics this year to help her recover from this terrible disaster.
Thanks for keeping us informed and for translating.

Ann Champion

Thanks so much for letting us know that Keiko is OK. It's hard going without power..but it could be much worse.
I found it interesting to hear how people are trying to manage the every day things we don't usually give much thought to.

I was relieved to see that Molly fared OK too. It's so scary to have someone you love so far away..going through this difficult time...and there's nothing you can do.


My thoughts are with Keiko and the other incredibly brave people in Japan. So sad to think how their lives have changed in such a few minutes.

Melody Johnson

O Jan so good to hear this news. I know many people who are wondering and I will pass this link onto them. What a relief!
What a small world we quilters are in.


Just read the comments...that is a wonderful thing Glorious Color is doing foe Keiko,a class act! I hope more people read of their kindness, deeds like that need to be shared! Lucy, you and Kaffe are truly good people!

Laura Wasilowski

This is wonderful news! We've finally heard from out other Japanese friends and they are safe as well. Thanks to you and your son for delivering the good news.


Thanks for all the info Jan. It's so good to hear that both Molly and Keiko are fine. What a challenge they have ahead of them -- it's hard to even imagine how long it will take for things to return to normal. XOXO.

Ann L

Thanks for sharing a ray of hope with us amid this tragedy. I hope you will also share any ideas you have for how we can help Keiko and her countrymen to weather these difficult times.


Thank you for a fascinating behind-the-camera look at what life has become for so many people. Earth shattering indeed.


as someone who has just experienced what Keiko is talking about first hand in Christchurch (minus the devestating tsunami) my heart goes out to the Japanese people at what is a frightening and disorientating time.


Glad to read these little islands of good news in the sea of devastation. Thank you for taking the time and trouble to let us know.


So glad to hear this good update, I've been thinking about you, your daughter and your friends all weekend. We are totally NOT prepared for anything like that here on the west coast.


So thankful, Jan, to hear that Molly's okay, and Keiko, too. My mother's-heart leaped first for you when I heard the news of the quake. My own beloved daughter and her family are preparing to move to Taiwan, another island nation located on the earthquake- and tsunami-prone "rim of fire".
Thanks for the update. Please let Keiko know that the people of Japan are in our family's thoughts and prayers.

Lisa in Toronto

Thanks for the post - I was thinking about your daughter and your quilting friends as I heard the news this weekend.

Jan Krentz

Jan, thank you for posting on Keiko's behalf!

We lived in Japan for 3 years. Earthquakes were common there - but this has been horrific for the nation. The Japanese people are lovely and bearing up under the worst of worst situations - worse in most places than Haiti and Christ Church.

Prayers for all. We are with you in mind and spirit and financial aid.

((hugs)) and //prayers\\


thanks for these news Jan, so glad she's well

I'm still shocked, I can't stop thinking about the fact that this might have happened while being there in january

Maxine Thomas

Thanks so much for updates on Keiko. I was so worried and although there is a long hard road ahead, I know she will be buoyed by all of us joining hands and sending hugs and prayers.

Maureen from Ventura

I can't thank you enough for posting this! It was hard to decipher Google's translation of the original post. Keiko is such an inspiration to me and I was so worried about her. The devastation is horrible and everyone is so brave. My heart and spirit is with Keiko, her loved ones and everyone one affected by this tragedy.
I'm glad that Molly is well!
Glorious Color is awesome!!

Terri Emmons

I have a daughter and granddaughter and son in law over in Tokyo. While they were not hit with the big earth quake this has totally effected them. My heart and prayers go out to everyone in Japan.
Please donate do what ever you can. I am sending boxes of foods that they can use, snacks for when the power goes out. SAD SAD SAD this is..
Thank you
Terri E


Oh dear, now the nuclear situation is getting worse and some countries are having their citizens evacuate Tokyo. My thoughts are with you again and those affected. I see that Sendai is just outside the 50 mile radius from the nuclear plant. I just feel awful for all the displaced people and how it just keeps escalating.


Thank you for your post and the updates.
Prayers and thoughts for the Japanese people from Italy too.

Annedore Neumann

What a relief to read that my dear friend and teacher Keiko is ok - our best wishes to her and her family please ! Annedore

Barb Vlack

Thank you, Jan, for all your posts. I was very concerned about Keiko until I found your blog. I had visited her in Sendai several years ago, when my son lived there. And she returned the favor here (near Chicago). With your help, my mind was put to rest about her safety, though now I want to find ways to help. I have found groups that want to collect quilts for Japan, and getting some quilts ready to send will be a short-term goal for me.
If you forward this, please let Keiko know that Barb Vlack is following her progress and sends best wishes to her and her family.

Thank you.


Thank you Jan, to hear Keiko is ok., I send my best wishes to her and the family. Thank you also for the updates8! Greetings from Bruges Carine

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