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March 18, 2011



It must be such a relief to have her home.


One word -


I'm glad she's home with you.


Enjoy !!


I am happy to hear that Molly is home safe.



Your daughter is wise: treasures are irreplaceable. Enjoy your time together.


I've been worried! Thanks for letting us know she's home safe. I'm sure it wasn't an easy decision for her.

Tonya Ricucci

glad she's there with you. relax and enjoy your time together. try not to watch the news!!!


Glad to hear it. I've been anxious for news even though I know you have many other things to take care of. I hope you have a lovely week together!


I am glad that your daughter is back by your side again. We moved away from Tokyo not that long ago & we will never forget our years there. Many Japanese friends have left sadly as they are married to foreigners. They depart with one family & leave their Japanese family members behind. It breaks my heart when we get another emails of friends in that situation. Warm wishes from Dubai.


So glad to hear that Molly is home safe and sound. I hope her fiance is also out of harm's way, and that you have a lovely week together.

Vickie E

Oh I had no idea. Glad she's home safe :)


So wonderful to hear she is home. My friend's daughter arrived into NY last night from Japan where she teaches English. Birds back into the nests for now.


It must be such a relief albeit bittersweet. Very glad she's safe!!


Safe. Wish we could each offer safe haven to a family from Japan right now. Perhaps we should.


What wise packing. So glad she's home and safe.


I'm glad she's here.

Jenny McH

As a Mum of a daughter that lives on an island (which is fairly isolated) off the east coast of Australia, I can understand your relief & happiness to have Molly home safe & sound. from Jenny (Melbourne, Australia)


I am glad she is home for you.


Oh, I'm so relieved! I've been waiting for a post and didn't want to bug you. The second that I saw the photo with the suitcases, I knew she was home. I hope you have a wonderful time together. xoxo

Maureen from Ventura

Awesome! I'm so happy for you and your family!


How wonderful for you to have her home and safe!


So glad Molly is safe and with family stateside. I can't imagine what was going through her mind when she packed, I guess kind of like your house is on fire and you just have to go, glad she packed her quilt!


I'm soo happy she's back home and safe (and with her quilt).... keep us posted.

Schnoobie(susan atwell)

good news. enjoy your time together!


Oh Jan -- I'm so happy that Molly's home safe for awhile. I thought of you all week and knew you were probably swamped with e-mails, so I've just been waiting for an update -- thanks for letting us know. Hopefully now, you can breathe a little bit. Your blocks are gorgeous -- oh, so gorgeous!

Ann Champion

I'm so glad Molly was able to get a flight out. You must be relieved to have her safe and sound?


How wonderful that she's safely home! Such a relief :-)

Sujata Shah


I can not begin to imagine what you and your family went through until Molly arrived safe back home, neither can I wrap my mind around what people are going through in Japan.

Enjoy every moment!
Love -


So happy to hear that your daughter is home safe and sound. What a sense of relief you must have felt when you saw her step into the airport. My thoughts are with the brave people in Japan every day and can't imagine what they are going through. Hope it gets better soon for them. Thanks for letting us know Molly is ok.


So much upheaval in your life right now. I know it must feel great to sit down and complete a flower block. One block/day at a time will get us all through!


Glad to hear Molly is safe at home! My sister-in-law and her kids just arrived here from Tokyo last Wednesday. Hopefully things will start to take a turn for the better.


Things like this make you realize what is really important! My best to you and your family.

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