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December 01, 2010



LOL oh the timing. I JUST indulged in my own little Kureyon stash enhancement party. Mainly because on Rav' I found a felted tote made from Kureyon scraps. What's a girl to do when she has no scraps? Buy stash! And NOW I have scraps..right? LOL I just recently destashed a bunch of cascade 220 partial skeins on Rav on the ISO/Destash page. They went quick! Whooosh!


I've heard that the Ravelry destash page is good as well as eBay. I haven't used either one for yarn myself. I seemingly try to knit it all up and drive myself crazy in the process! I love those hats!


you could destash some of it in my direction -- I'd even pay for it! I've just finished a couple hats and i want more! more!

Ann Champion

How could you possibly destash that gorgeous yarn?!
I haven't done any serious knitting in years...but recently bought some gorgeous yarn to make some socks. I've never made any..and don't even have a pattern, but one of these days....
The timing for the product review was "meant to be" don't you think? ;)


One of our local high schools has an extra curricular knitting club. They get a lot of donated yarn and are just ecstatic when it is good yarn and not the acrylic stuff.


I'll take all the yarn you want to get rid of. I use a Knifty knitter to make hats for the homeless and I can use up a lot of yarn that way. Sometimes I make scarves too.
(I've been enjoying your blog for awhile but this is my first comment)

Kristin L

Two ideas come to my mind. #1 tackle that big ol pile of Kuryon by making a log cabin afghan (since it doesn't need specific amounts of any one color). Of course, that requires lots of knitting on your part. #2 if you can wait until August is to smoosh lots of your yarn into a large flat rate box or boxes and send it to needy knitters in Iraq care of my hubby's IBOL project (www.ibol.wordpress.com).


Such pretty Kureyon! And I love digital scales just for that reason alone - weighing the leftover yarn. The fact that they can measure baking ingredients is bonus! (And I am falling in love with weighing ingredients over measure)

I have no useful ideas for destashing. I can't seem to do it effectively myself. Hope you get some good suggestions!


Just a little panic? I'm in for a full-on BIG panic! Those hats are super cute -- do you think you'd get too bored if you just continued to knit hats until the stash was used up? ;-D

And duh. I love my little kitchen scale, but never thought of using it for yarn. It learns new tricks everyday LOL!


My destashing methods:

1. Full skeins of acrylic get made into hats for local charity, collected in December. Usually crocheted hats, because they go quickly.

2. Small balls of acrylic get made into scrap scarves for same charity above or are incorporated into scrap blankets for family members.

3. Unwanted full or small balls of acrylic get donated to local public high school or elementary school. Schools have many uses for yarn, paper, old magazines, calendars, etc. etc.

4. Full balls of sock yarn get made into socks for Afghans for Afghans when they have drive calling for socks for babies/toddlers.

5. Partial balls of sock yarn get incorporated into scrap blankets (only made one so far, collecting for number 2).

Hope this gives y'all some ideas.


Ack! Don't destash the Kureyon! Knit the hextastic Bobby's Garden Blanket. Please let me enable you into knitting one...you'll love it! :)


Destashing on Ravelry would probably get it down fast ... although from the comments, you could probably just destash on your blog first!


Must be something in the water - I spent this week-end doing a little destashing myself - the operative word being "little" - gathered up all the odd balls from this year's knitting, the one's my cat likes to dig out of the bottom of my basket & use to wrap my dining rooms up like a big spider web - then I put them in their very own basket w/my favorite crochet hook - now, whenever I settle into a chatty phone call I make a granny square or 2 or 3 - it's amazing how, though my finished projects seem different, the squares all seem to collide beautifully - I can't wait until I have enough to make a pretty throw.


I have been wanting a kitchen scale to help with this "diet" I am on
and my youngest DD has been cooking more and more.
She wants one for that....
so you really like this one. I had no idea where to start looking for one. what do you look for...its like the pedometers, I replace mine every few months it seems like, don't they make things to last anymore!
Well destashing...do you have a girls club in your area? or ask at the local yarn store if there is a group that makes things to donate I bet they would love it. I love the idea of a girl scout troop maybe they would make hats to donate to a charity or scarfs...
I actually started knitting a scarf over Thanksgiving...hope to have it done before Christmas, will see!


I'd try the Ravelry destash or post photos here or on flickr and folks who are interested can email you. You shouldn't have any trouble getting rid of Kureyon! I'd probably be interested in a skein or two after seeing those cute hats :-)


There's a great group on Ravelry that you can destash on. Another group on Ravelry also receives yarn and then sends it out to folks who are in need of a pick me up or who do charity work.


I've been destashing all year. I found yarn that I'd had longer than I've known my husband- we just spent our 13th Thanksgiving together. Fortunately, most of the teachers at the boys school knit so I put a HUGE bag in the staff lounge with a sign that said it was free for classroom or personal use. gone baby gone! Also, I've done some stash swaps with friends. While it doesn't reduce the stash, it is lots of fun to get something new without buying it. And if you have any Rowan Magpie in that stash of yours, it wants to live at my house!


Back in the dark ages when I was a child, my mother knitted top-down sweaters and we've been searching for a pattern for years. Where did you find one? I've checked the net and the shops and come up empty handed. If you can help, thank you big time!


I once took a bunch of yarn and extra knitting needles and crochet hooks to our local senior center. My yarn was c**p compared to yours - I can imagine some seniors really over the moon if they received some of your yarn!


I knitted a scarf for myself in Silk Garden and had a love-hate relationship with that yarn. But I cannot stay away from Noro. Glutton for punishment that I am, I bought some Kureyon for the first time a couple of weeks ago. That rough and rustic feel really is an acquired taste, but once you get it, it is hard to stop...isn't it? I am actively avoiding the accumulation of any kind of yarn stash. I buy, I knit. Buy, knit. Never more than one project ahead of myself. But that is just me; I look at a fabric stash as a world of possibilities. I look at a yarn stash as, "Oh, right. I was going to make X with this Y." or "What am I going to do with this stray skein/ball?"


I love that wool, I may even have a mini stash of it myself somehwhere. The hats are fabulous, love the top knots on them.


You should totally destash it on your blog - but I've had good luck on the Rav board for iso/destash too! I hate to sound harsh, but giving such nice stuff away seems like a waste - charity groups wouldn't really appreciate what they're getting like WE would! :)


I plan to sell it... and then usually just cave since I don't want to take the time to do all that selling entails. I just bring piles of (really good!)yarn to Salvation Army and try to remember not to buy so much in the future - I never miss it when it's gone :-)


It must be in the air, I spent lots of time over Thkgvg weekend cleaning and purging fabrics. I started cutting things down into usable sizes for a scrap quilt. It felt so good! Would you consider selling one of those hats? I love hats and I don't knit!


Jan, given your love of Latvian mittens, I saw these and thought of you:



oooh my knitting group would love that yarn as we knit squares for Wraps with Love...think you live far far away though...good luck with the destashing.


Lovely yarn.... I have resisted the temptation to start knitting anything more than kitchen dish rags, because I know I would end up with a stash like yours! Fabric is bad enough, and now I have a long arm machine, so I also have thread and a room full of batting! FUN!!! So this year I am making fabric shopping bags, everyone will get their gift in one instead of using paper. I am using a piece of my turtle fabric collection in each bag, as a reminder not to use plastic grocery bags since they are so bad for sea turtles!


I would love to buy any Noro up, esp. at destash pricing. Money is always a bit tight and folks destashing is how I can get a bit of a yarn fix.
If you don't want the hassel of selling, maybe having people pay for shipping on a grab box, your choice and making a donation to your charity of choice? Covers the costs with less hassel.


Love; love, lust that big pile of yummy Nora yarn and I'm sure others are lusting after it too. Why not set up an auction on your blog with your favorite charity as the beneficiary? I'm in.

Ruth Collins

I live in Ohio. I just went to an appreciation day at the Grafton Correctional Facility in Grafton Ohio. You should see the lovely knitted, crocheted and quilted items these men have made. The items are made and donated to organizations that help to give back to the community. Most goes to Birthright and churches. It is hard to see a grown man cry when he receives a letter thanking for helping a poor young mother, that recieved an afghan and it made a world of difference to her. I am destashing my fabric and yarn knowing that every tiny bit will be used to do good works and touch lives. Just a thought.


The yarn is just beautiful. How about making a project list then dig through your stash to see what you have that fits your needs. Take a deep breath and list the rest of your yarn for sale. Ouch...

Barb R

Jan, those hats are adorable. If I weren't so COLD right now, I'd start knitting right away!

Barb R in freezing cold snowy (did I mention cold?) Ottawa


Love the hats. What pattern did you use? I have several (ha!) skeins of Noro which need a new hat pattern!


I too love that yarn, and want more of it. I like your hats, too cute. I would be interested in some of your destashing for sure.

Well another idea is swapping for some other yarns maybe? That can be fun as well.


knock, knock, knock
are you there???
hope all is well and curious what did you decide to do with the wool?

Tami Lynn Arnold

good evening, I'm a new knitter, and have just discovered Noro and Love it! And the wonders of having a stash. If you need help unloading your burden, Please feel free to use me, and help me in my journey of knitting knowledge. I feel like a yarn addidict now, and I can't get enough! Please contact me if I can be of any service to you. Thank you for any help you might be.
Tami Lynn

Ann McGorty

Hi. I've fallen in love with the hats in the photo. Will you let us know where we can find/buy the pattern? Also, if you decide to destash on your blog, I'd also be interested in buying some from you. Many thanks and Happy New Year!
Ann McGorty

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