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November 18, 2010



looks great, oh I mark day by day too...
Ijust love this quilt
looks great on the table too!
sorry your cold! hopefully he will be here first stop this am to warm up that house!


Your quilt is so pretty - just love how the colors shine on that dark background! Thank you for sharing how you do the marking.

Hopefully your house will soon be warm, again. It's not easy making those pretty and small stitches with cold fingers : (


I have a new furnace now, but after having the old one go out several times in 30+ weather (hence the new one), I sympathize. Freezing is bad.


I had my furnace serviced in October so they tuned up everything so now i'm ready for this weekend. We are going to have record cold for the next few days.


Oh no! Nothing like watching the temp drop on the thermostat when it's cold outside and you can't do anything to make it go back up. Do you ever use a hera marker for marking -- I'm just curious. I've used one and liked it until I made a mis-mark. So, what was Eileen's story on your visit -- anything new with her? I bought a clearance sweater of hers recently made partially with stainless steel. I was SO excited because I have yet to knit anything with the Habu stainless merino. But I'm sad to report that I snagged the thing immediately and there's no hope of fixing that. :-( very very sad. Trying to think of a creative way to cover up the snags.....


I feel your pain! I've never liked to be cold, but things are different now that I experience the "power surges" common to women my age. By the way, I love this quilt you're working on--one of my favorites!


I know you you feel, except for me the cold lasts until April. We are only heating by wood stove and it isn't enough! I wear long underwear in the house all winter. Yes, I am miserable about it.
Hope you are toasty soon.


Your quilting looks lovely so far!! I do hope your home is warm now.


Wow your quilt looks amazing....look forward to seeing more of it, especially the herringbone stitch......

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