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August 20, 2010



I am absolutely loving your interpretation of Block #11 - can't wait to see it progress ... and yes, hexies are the perfect take-along project - I always have a zip-lock in my purse because you never know when you'll be stuck waiting somewhere.

Ann at Prairie Primrose

I sometimes use a pillow too! It depends upon what chair I am sitting in but it does make a difference.

Schnoobie(susan atwell)

WHEN did you get so Funky????? Love love love the color and fabric choices in the appplique! GFG pieces are looking great too.... I will have to try the pillow trick... makes perfect sense! thanks for sharing and have a safe and relaxing trip!


Your hexies are so pretty. I love the color combos! Have a great trip.

Tonya Ricucci

beautiful. love that pinwheel flower! enjoy your summer holiday.


I use a pillow in my lap too, also when reading a book; it helps reduce neck fatigue over time - so I can stitch/read longer!
And it's better than appliqueing in your lap because you might stitch the block to your skirt. :) This actually happened in my mini group once!


Oh my, LOVE your block. Happy, happy! Pillow on the lap for applique is a must! Most of the time, I applique on a square June Tailor cut and press board. I love this thing -- I can park pins on the press side while I'm stitching and turn it over to the cutting side if I need a hard surface for tracing. And it's got a handle. If I'm ultra prepared, I can take it in the car too but, like you, I'm much better off applique-ing with some space for misc. applique stuff. Hope you get your hexies prepped in time. Have a safe trip (see you in the fall...) (har har). :-)


yes I applique with a pillow in my lap too
just helps support my arms and neck so I am not bending over so much to see!!!!
Have a safe trip and see you in sept!!!


I really like what you're doing with that block! I can't wait to see the whole thing. I've never tried using a pillow - its a good idea - I'll have to give it a try. Your hexies look marvelous!! Have a safe trip!


Your applique is amazing. I love your interpretation of that block! The black background makes the colours sing!
I have never tried using a pillow. Thanks for the tip.
Love those fabrics you have for the hexies.
Travel safely.


I just Love your block. That black and white is a perfect inclusion :-)
will be watching with fascination
Have a great Weekend


As always, your fabric and color choices are the Bees Knees Jan. I LOVE that swirly flower and the polka dotted one in progress looks like it will be adorable. Can't wait to see this project. And those hexies? {Swoon}


I blogged about my appliqué pillow being one of my favorite things recently. I bought a pillow form thing and made a cover myself. Mine is old you can tell by the fabric. I can take the cover off and wash it.

Your appliqué looks great. I am glad you are happy with it. Enjoy the holiday.

Karen Beigh

Oh, do like what you are doing with the brighter fabrics from the antique quilting design.

You asked about using a pillow for applique. I am one of those that do. It puts the work closer to me and gives me a surface to lay the work on if I need it. I do a lot of prim style applique where there is no design marked on the background fabric. Just place & stitch. Having the pillow surface to spread out a section of the applique background allows me to audition and get the parts ready for stitching.

Inga Helene

WOW! What a great bock!! So playful colours. I'm looking forward to seeing the continuation of this project. And the hexagons are gorgeous!!!!

Inga Helene

I should have written block............


As a newbie applique-er, I'm going to give the pillow a try. Anything to try to get comfortable with applique...


Wow, love the dark background with all the bright fabrics. Cherry trees, ala modern! Your hexagons are coming along great also!


Oh Jan, I'm sorry I missed your post until now. I do love the way your block is shaping up. I've worked with a pillow for a long time now and can't manage very well without it. It really makes a huge difference. Have fun with those delicious hexes!


Looking good! You have some great projects on the go right now, Hope you get some time to stitch while you are away. Yes, I always us a pillow when doing applique. I tried it when hand quilting (because I don't use a hoop) but it didn't work for that. Travel safe!

Carolyn Forster

This will make you smile, but when I was pregnant I used my 'bump' instead of a cushion!
The applique is looking great!


i like to suspend my quilt in a hammock and i move my chair according to height that keeps arms relaxed without the weight of it on my lap as i live in a spot of warm weather most the year. that doesn't work when it rains but that is when i like to read(and a pillow on lap is a good anti-fatigue strategy there as well )inside as it rains and i can hear the raindrops making different sounds on the leaves outside the window...i love the colors of the hexes in progress!

John'aLee Burk

Boy howdy can I relate to your post. I travel to around 30 quilt shows a year...and this is the project I take in the car as well. And when I am not half laying down in the backseat on my feather bed working on them (bad back) I too put a pillow in my lap while sitting.
Your hexe's are so bright and cheery! Can't wait to see the finished quilt.
Have a great trip.

Teresa Rawson

Your little project on black is looking quilt nice! The fabrics you chose look really nice and read well on the dark background.

Can't wait to see the bottom...

When I don't work at a table, I like a pillow with a little tray balanced on it (sometimes I use a shallow box lid). The lip of the tray keeps me from digging around for my thread, scissors and what-have-you in the couch or chair and somewhat discourages my cat from lounging on the pillow. I like the pillow for hand quilting in a hoop as well. :o)

In stitches,
Teresa :o)

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