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August 09, 2010



Thanks for the process pictures. I also find drawing and tracing to be relaxing. LOL, at first I thought the candies were colored circles being auditioned for you block! I had to look twice. Silly me. :)


I find many things in quilting are very meditative. I do enjoy my quiltmania subscription. It is the only quilt mag I bother with. I am choosing fabrics for Anita's Medallion quilt. I am rolling around a few ideas for the center block. What were you planning on choosing?


Looks like you're having lots of fun Jan. Love those beautiful batiks -- do you have a plan for them all ready to go? ;-)

Sujata Shah

I LOVE that magazine!I have to agree with you on it being the best quilt magazine out there!


I agree - drawing out the pattern can be very enjoyable. These look like beautiful blocks - it will be fun to watch your progress. :0)


Lovely applique blocks! I also think Quiltmania is fantastic. I have some of those prints too. They are going to look great with a bunch of solids, I think.


I never thought to trace out the pattern to one sheet of paper, would make it easier to do the overlay that way.
I tend to have to fudge a bit, I guess i wouldn't if I did this
truly I would not find it a waste of time either. I enjoy the process!
look forward to seeing this block in fabric!
Quiltmania, love that magazine will have to check B and N today and see if that issue is here yet
great fabrics !


I love to work with a full size pattern as well. I've been collecting the patterns but I had no idea they were that big. That's because I'm saving them and haven't taped them together.


Paul Simon? My favorite! I've seen him 3 times in concert.
The FQs are lovely. I accidentally bought a "project" issue of QM and was very disappointed. I'll have to check out the new regular issue.
Your pattern re-writing is lovely


Isn't the latest Quiltmania wonderful?! There are at least three quilts in it that I HAVE TO MAKE. :-) Love those Marcia Derse fabrics -- I ran into some from her last collection and really love them. Must get some of the new! Averting my eyes from the pretzel M&Ms as our local fruit market got me started on some "tropical" yogurt covered pretzels that I am consuming in mass quantities..... argh. :-)


I agree. Pretzel M&Ms are the best!


I've always been frustrated by batiks because I should like them, as they are everything that I like, but I never like what's available for sale. THESE are the real deal! That's what I'm talkinabout!


xoxoxo Kay


Pretzel M&M's? Where did you find them? My son loves pretzel anything, and I'd like to get him some. I'm new to your blog, and I really enjoy reading your stuff and seeing your projects. The archives are wonderful! Very inspiring. Thanks for all your effort.


I'm glad you mentioned Quiltmania. I was recently wondering what your favorite magazine was. Just like quilting books, there are too many to choose from!

Jovita @ P&P

I'm bummed, I really wanted to do this quilt too but kept forgetting to download the blocks ... seems it's pretty far along already. I'd like to make it even smaller if I could manage .. maybe I should finish my 10" Home Sweet Home blocks first.


I applique by ironing freezer paper to the wrong side and basting down the seam allowances, so that requires drawing and cutting all the templates. I find this work very relaxing. Usually I catch up on some tv. I got stuck in a border line up in my car the other day and just happened to have my patterns and freezer paper so I spent the 55 minutes tracing all my templates. Now I'm in the mood to start working on this project! Have you seen this blog? She's staying on task with the onece a month block. http://mimispassions.blogspot.com/2010/05/per-your-request-plus.html


LOL at those little M & M's - was thinking they made really cute berries on your applique pattern!
Have my background laid aside for the Cherry Tree project - hope to start later this fall and will also be downsizing...thank you for the good tips and info as you progress.
Have a good weekend.


I'm learning a lot from you, not the least of which is the pretzel M&Ms. 150 calories a bag?? I am THERE.

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