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July 30, 2010



Well. At least the basement was already empty? What a drag. I can't believe all of the crazy storms that keep coming through. Here's hoping for a dry rest of the summer. Maybe dry-er. Not completely dry. I'll stop talking about it now. You've got some fun cake slices there. Jennifer's medallion looks great! Ahem, another project I need to return to. Hope you have a peaceful weekend!


Thank goodness you hadn't fixed things from the first flood. Crazy! As for you cake, yummmm. I'm wondering what stage your red/green applique and your wagon wheels are at. And your sunflowers.......I have a couple of machine piecing projects cut and ready to sew and it's necessary to take the break from all the hand work. I'm in the same place right now.


Wow -- AGAIN? I thought of you when my BIL was driving to O'Hare last week to pick up his parents from Germany and he said the freeways were flooded out. But surely, it couldn't happen to you again! Sorry to hear that it did.

I've been having fun with my project that I returned to, but I'm stalled again as I ran out of a key fabric. I've been on the hunt but the leads are going nowhere. Shopping tomorrow in hopes of finding it stashed in some corner of a shop somewhere!

Chartreuse Moose

Big hugs, this weather has been frustrating...but flooding has to be the worst! Darling cake blocks...so clever! Thanks for a lovely post!


I'm sorry to hear about your basement! It does sound wearying! I like your cake blocks. Auditioning is fun - like playing in your stash :0)


Saaaweeeet. I love them. Of course always love your fabric selections. Its like I look at these and think I have no good fabric in my collection. How can that be?


Wow! I heard about that rain. Amazing! Well, you have another 100 years or six weeks till the next one! i'd wait to do the repairs. (kidding). Love your therapy!


Man that stinks. I hope it isn't too terrible to clean up :( Love your cake slices, they are so fun they had to cheer you up a bit.


Boy that is a LOT of rain to fall in one session! I hope that is the last of the heavy rain for a while.

I LOVE those cake blocks! They look fantastic and the fabrics you have used are divine.

Tonya Ricucci

argh. that is awful. glad you're having fun with making cake - the non-fattening variety. auditioning is my favorite part of the process too!


I love love love these cake blocks. Is there a pattern for these?

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