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June 06, 2010



I am in love with this book and have it on my list of wants. It's just beautiful!

sandra henderson

I was so fortunate to get my hands on about 6 different ones SIGNED!, at a little local shop here in GA, where he had taught! Can you believe it?!?! but not this one... Have to have it and sure would be sweet to WIN! :) Thanks!


I agree..I have a number of the knitting books but this is the first quilt book I've really really wanted.

Linda Collins

l have most of his other books, so would love to add this one to my collection. He is coming to Australia in the near future, though doubt l will make it to a class, they are pretty popular.


I haven't gotten one because I wasn't aware of such book!!! Definitely include me to the randomness of it all!!


Oh to be able to quilt like that - it is all sooo beautiful!

Carol Haueter

I have had a great big crush on Kaffe for almost 20 years. I had no idea there was a new book. Please put my number in the lottery.


I'm a newcomer to Kaffe. I've just officially bought my first piece LOL! It all starts with that right? Would love the book, it would also be my first. Thanks for sharing.

Yolanda Aliberti

I'm just finishing a quilt with his fabrics now. I LOVE his fabric.


I have picked up this book more than once. I really want it. Please count me in. If I don't win it I will probably buy it.

Judi Gray

I have the book but had to comment that Kaffe has really influenced my ideas about color and design. There is a quilt at this site
cabbagequilts.blogspot.com that is absolutely amazing! Makes me want to cut up all my Kaffe fabric into little pieces and make mosaics.


All his books are wonderful, I can't wait to get this one! I hope I win...


Aha! A Kaffe book I don't have yet. I also chose his books for the inspiration, though I have made a few of his designs. I just love looking through the books and dreaming.


This makes me so happy!


i would most definitely love to own this book!


Please put my name in the drawing for Kaffe's book -- I'd love to win!

La Mañosa

I just bought Quilt Romance, my first Kaffe Fasset book, and I am loving it! The photos are gorgeous, as are the quilts (especially the pickle dish)! This new book looks to be just as spectacular!


Bought most with ease but those random few that were old caused quite a hunt! Ebay to the rescue, but now have them all...love the guy! Love everything about them....bought the knitting one many years before I learned to knit and never did any of them... Need this new one...


I have 3 of his books, but not that one! He is coming to Australia next year.... still talking DH into allowing me to travel 3,500kms to see him. Winning this might be the cheaper option! LOL


Would love to add this book to my library -- very inspiring!


It looks like a wonderful book! Please put my name in. :0)


I am a FAN!!!! I would be beyond thrilled to add this to my collection.

Jenny McH

I would love to win this book. The colour,textures and locations of the quilts are amazing, very inspirational. This book is on my long list of books I must own!

Viooltje :o)

I would love to win this book, please count me in.


I purchased Simple Shapes for my quilt guild library and read every word in it, drooling over the quilts. I'd love to own it for my own library. Thanks for the chance.

Jamie V

I am always inspired by the rich colors and patterns of Kaffe Fasset's designs!I would love to have this book! I really enjoy reading your blog! Jamie V in MT


Thank you for reinvigorating my passion for color.


Need this book - must win!


I would love this book as I am needing some inspiration right now. Thank you for sharing.


Maybe if I win this book I will gain the confidence to cut in to some of the enormous stash of Kaffe Fassett fabrics currently piling up in my sewing room.


I just love your enthusiasm! Maybe I should give quilting a try, at least... Some more inspiration could make it easier, I guess.


I have the book so I just popped in to say that your post was a great read.

beate teale

thank you for the chance to win. Kaffe's colours and patterns are so inspiring and you bloggers are too. So much talent in blogland!


I Love Kaffe and Liza's books. For me, being more of a repro/traditional quilter the quilts are mostly if not all based on antique quilts or traditional blocks.
HIs sense of color has taught me a lot even though I don't use the brights . I browse thru their books (yes I have collected all of their books) a lot for inspiration and that smile that just comes by looking at the quilts and the photography
I love this new book, yes I own it so don't include me in the giveaway...
great review...

Judith (Crete)

Kaffe's books are so inspirational. I have some knitting ones. I would love to be in with a chance of winning this one. Thanks for the oppurtunity.


I share your opinion about his earlier quilting books. I liked them but didn't love them. I love this one!

Thanks for the chance to win!



Have you watched Kaffe's video of his journey around Vietnam and India? "Kaffe's Colour Quest" If you love his books, then you will surely enjoy seeing where his inspiration comes from and observing how he sees things that the rest of us just pass by. Amazing skill!


Sorry, showing my age now...or rather revealing how long I've owned Kaffe's film...it's a DVD now of course!

kim at allconsuming

I only started quilting (and sewing in any form) in October last year and very quickly Kaffe Fasset was being bandied around. I was all, what is Kaffe Fasset. It took a while but now, now I get it.


Please include me in the drawing for the Kaffe Fasset book. Beautiful, beautiful quilts!


Count me in. After such a glowing recommendation, how can I pass up this opportunity.
are you quilting along?


I would love this book as inspiration.


Love your blog...and would love this book! Thanks for hosting this drawing.


I own some of Kaffe's fabrics but none of his books. I would love a chance to win.


I remember when we (my mom and I) first started seeing Kaffe's fabrics hit Quilt Festival however many years ago and my initial thoughts of them were not very flattering. And then I saw them in quilts, and I fell in love, and now I have a ton of them all stashed up just waiting for me! It is just amazing how they work.

Would love to get hold of this book!


I'd love to win a copy of this book. I have never owned a Kaffe Fasset book, but I've taken them all out of the library, again and again!


Oh wow, I would love to win this book.
(Hey I'd also like to piece the last Kaffe kit that I own...)


I have quite a few of the books, but not this one. Well done!

Erin H.

This book looks absolutely wonderful - a feast for the creative mind! :) Thanks for the book stop and the chance to win!


Your collection of Kaffe books is awesome! I only have the quilting one (but not this one!)

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