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June 04, 2010



Yay for landscapers!!! I've finally given up the ship in the YEARS long battle I've had with hubby over getting someone to mow the lawn. I love to do it, but I think he must've felt guilty watching me mow all these years, so EVERY year we'd get into a big argument about getting someone to do it for us. He caught me in a weak moment this year -- right in the middle of market when I was really busy he called and brought up the whole dirty subject. I had no time to argue so I just said fine. It's pretty weird not to have to mow each week, but I guess I'll adjust. Anyway, that was allthe long winded way to say how much I bet you'll enjoy your new landscaping, even if you didn't sweat over it.

Love the new applique -- it's going to be beautiful!

Joyce Triezenbeg

I have been looking for a background fabric that is cream or white with small dots like the fabric you show as the background for your sunflower. Who is the manufacture and what is the product number? Thanks. Love the table, too. My daughter just re-did a kitchen with IKEA cabinets and loves them.


I love that you choose a background fabric with some interest. The over/under is easy, just mark your lines on the b.g. and where it goes under, dont sew that 1 - 2 inches, then lay down your under and slide it under the open area, and stitch it up. I just learned this by taking a Celtic Knot applique class. You know that you will have to print this pattern and sell it.


I love how your applique is coming along! That is interesting how the sunflower looks smaller without it's centre. What a handy table - every flat surface collects "stuff" around my house. :0) Good luck keeping yours cleared off.


Good luck keeping that surface clear. Very nice sunflowers.

Kathy R

I'm so jealous! I love that sunflower quilt and wish I could make one just like it. Can't wait to see yours.


I think everyone shares your garden growth situation. Mine is so thick with flowers one can't see the soil! Next year I will have to move some things around, but this year is too late.
There is no such thing as a clear table top in a crafter's life. Nice thought, but I'm not buying it.
Love the progress on the sunflower!


DANGER, DANGER, flat, clean surface! ::DANGER:: ;-b Right outside the sewing room? I love that it doubles as a lightbox. Very handy! The sunflower is coming along beautifully!! I'm so glad you got the landscapers so we can see more sunflowers more quickly. THanks! I'm merely grateful that the grass has slowed down a bit so I only have to cut it once a week.


Hi Jan
the new project looks wonderful, I'm going to copy it right away ;) (inside joke).
The white table looks great, especially the price, hello? $20.00?
I wonder if using a big piece of foam core for tracing would work - worth trying - thanks for the inspiration.
have a super weekend

kathy doughty

I'm with Barb...coveting the sunflower garden quilt to make...consider with pity the project starved renovator absolutely hanging out to make something and then seeing that.ugh. I'm nearly in tears with envy. kathy


That block is awesome. Love your color choices. i've never done anything big like that, might have to put that on my to-do list. Can't wait to see the finihsed quilt!!


Oh this quilt is going to be wonderful. Can't wait to see the finished block - it looks fabulous so far!


Guest room, huh? I like the table though! Good luck keeping it clear.


I'm hyperventilating at the sight of those gorgeous sunflowers!
So so pretty.

My kids grew up with us having gardeners.
When we moved four years ago we opted to do it ourselves. One day, I brought our then 16 and 18 y.o's outside with us to do some weeding. They had to work for all of about half an hour.
My 18 y.o daughter said "this sucks". I said, "weeding for ten minutes?" and she said, "Moooommm, we're doing GARDENER work and we're not even getting paid for it"!


Quick get those projects on the table, it's enevitable you're going to use it in it's current location. At that price maybe you should have got two.
I love the sunflowers quilt, I'm so glad it's being reproduced, it's a beauty and worthy of the pattern being saved.

Karen Beigh

I love what you are doing with the sunflowers.

sandra henderson

You are really making great progress! Seems like just yesterday you found this lovely....
Such a unique quilt, I'm so glad you are recreating it. You amaze me! XO

Ann Champion

Your Sunflower block is gorgeous! I loved that quilt when I first saw it..even though it was faded. It's going to be spectacular in the rich colors you're using.
Good luck keeping your table clear...I couldn't do it. I'm a piler. LOL ;)


Oh Jan that looks so lovely. I still go back to look at that original quilt and now I can look at your new one....now, would you ever think to organize a pattern for me to copy so I can have my own :-)

Lazy Gal Tonya R

your applique is looking great!

Linda Collins

l am so glad to see you have made a start on reproducing that sunflower quilt. Its looking great. Thanks for sharing.

Jenny G.

Your sunflower is really pretty! I would love to see it when it is finished. And thank you for the IKEA links- that little table might be just what I need In my craft space when I get to remodel this winter!


I have that table too! It's my entire sewing table (machine and all). It cost me £10 here in the UK, and it's my best crafting space ever. I never had a dedicated space before last year, and I'm so glad I have one now even though it's pretty small. (Good luck keeping yours clear...)

Barb R

Jan, I had to laugh at your "... tendency for projects to bleed out of its boundaries" comment.

One of my old roommates way way long ago made the observation that my sewing stuff seemed to "ooze" out of its assigned area. It was a very apt description - then AND now!

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