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May 18, 2010


Judy's Common Thread

What cute hexagons and stars - such bright and fun colors!
Sorry to hear about your Mom and glad you could be with her during this time.
My mother had shingles in her 60's and it was a very long agonizing thing for her. She lived with pain for a very, very long time. Not something to sneeze at.


Welcome back! Hope everything is going OK. You've been missed! I hear ya on the shingles vaccine. What an awful thing -- it seems to have hit many, many family members, neighbors, friends. It's strange to think that perhaps the chicken pox shots will spare the youngsters from that later in life. On the bright side, LOVELY projects. That's quite a lovely floral in the middle of your hexes there.


Shingles is awful! Both my step-grandma and my MIL's boyfriend have had it and the recovery is long and quite painful from what I understand. However, they did both recover and are doing well, so best wishes for a quick recovery for your mom!


I'm so sorry to hear about your mother. I do hope she is feeling better soon!
I just adore those stars - They look like the ones you were auditioning as a border but they look fabulous side by side like that too. Maybe I should take up hand piecing... :0)


Great to see you back Jan.
Love your hexies!
I hope your Mum is much better now.


Once again, I am in awe of your fabric choices! Love the way the black and white pops and the little touches of text! Yum.

Congrats on the well deserved tribute nod.

Hope your mother is doing better. Shingles can be very painful. I will put that on my list of to do's when the time comes.
So happy to have you back.


I had shingles in high school and it was pretty horrific even if it didn't continue too long. Can I get it again?!?!? Geez, I hope not!!


p.s. an FYI to commenter Amy: chicken pox as a kid does not protect you from shingles!! I had raging chicken pox as a kid...and then I had raging shingles in high school.


Biggg Hug to you and your Mum Janet Just love your HAppy GMFG block. My young son had shingles when he was 12. Thankfully we recognised it in time for him to get the tablets to help. He is still left with extremely sensitive areas. Did not know about the vaccine though. Will keep that in mind. I do know that shingles can recurr
Walk Gently and Take Care


Love your hexies!
I'm glad you're back. Good luck to your mom.


Those stars are to die for!

And I agree that people should get the shingles vaccine. I don't know at what age the doctors recommend, but I know both a 50 yo and a 20 yo who had shingles. It is nasty! Get the vaccine!

Linda Collins

Sure hope your mum is feeling better, just being able to spend the time with her would have been good medicine.
Love your stars, so bright and cheery. Thanks for sharing.


welcome home!

oh I will get that when the time comes, shingles are awful.

great hexie!


Oh gosh. On all counts.
Love your quilty stuff as usual. Your way with color is inspiring.


I'm so sorry for your Mum, mine had the same thing last year. Congratulations on the wonderful accolade! Love love the stars and hexes.

Teresa Rawson

Welcome home and congrats on the blog shout out...I know I've certainly enjoyed visiting here!! I didn't know there was a shingles vaccine...good to know. I hope your Mom feels somw relief soon!

Love your two new colorful, happy projects!


I hope your Mom is feeling better. Love your hexagons. Nothing like a project to take your mind off of things.


That star burst of colour in the first photo is very cheery and Asian in a way I can't put my finger on...Hope Mom is on the mend.

Lazy Gal Tonya R

gorgeous colors and fabric choices as always! love the work you're doing and woohoo for the shout out. sorry to hear about your mom, hope she's doing better soon.


I love your photo of the hexagons... perfect with the turquoise background & pink scissors. Nice! And congratulations on being mentioned on Kaffe's blog roll. Wow! Well, I like your quilts too, so it is really no surprise. All us great minds think alike. Love & prayers to your mom, you are a good daughter. Take Care.

Jenny G.

Best of luck to your mom. My mom had them in her mid-50's; so not fun. And your hexagon made me smile, likewise, your stars!


Glad you're back and that you Mom is recovering ?yes? Big congrats on the blogging honor - you deserve it.

Ann L

Best wishes to your mom for a speedy recovery. My mom had shingles a number of years ago. Fortunately she recognized it right away and her doctor counseled her to go to the emergency room. I think the quick treatment was important for her rapid and complete recovery. I am with you on the vaccine!

Thanks for sharing your work. It is always a bright spot in my day when post something new. And thanks for the link. I hadn't seen it before either.


So true about the vaccine. My dad got it a year ago (on his head and behind his right eye). Still dealing with it a year later.

Glad you're home and can have a rest. You've been through a lot with family health issues!

Ruth Collins

Oh honey, sorry about mom. I am 58 and my husband cam down with the shingles and he is 12 years older then i am. Imagine my surprise when I marched in to my docs office to hook up the the vaccine. Ha, not until I turn 60.

Your hexes are fantastic. Hang in there.


WOW, wonderful (but not surprising) that you are an inspiration to Kaffe and Liza! Why should they be any different from the rest of us?

I hear ya on the shingles. Debilitating and maddening and scary; but hopefully not long-lasting? All the best to your mom.

xox Kay


my Dad has had shingles, but he has also had Whooping cough and took nearly 2 years to recover and now has asthma. So, please have regular whooping cough vaccinations - they don't always tel you they are needed after childhood, but they are! ps love your hexes!


Welcome back - love everything you're doing! I need your scraps. :-)

I'm not over 60 and a few years ago I had a small patch of shingles. OMG, the pain is unbelievable and very difficult to explain. The rash is long gone but I still have occasional deep nerve pain in that spot. So, you don't have to be over 60.


So Kaffe & Liza think you're wonderful too?
Sorry to hear about your mom, I'm glad you were able to go and be with her.
I'm still swooning over those stars. I would love to know how to make them!


Sorry to hear about your mom. I've know a few people that got it and it's a very rough thing to go through. It's wonderful that you could be there for her. On a happy note, your quilt is beautiful!


sorry to hear about your mom. that is really painful.hope she is recovering well.
chicken pox is a form of herpes, and like herpes resides at the base of your spine and can recur during times of stress. anyone that has had chicken pox is susceptable
your quiltie bits are gorgeous, and so exciting to be inspiration for kaffe and liza!!

wishes, true and kind

Wow! Love the hexies and the diamond stars! I love your work!

I'm so sorry about your mother and hope she is feeling better.


I'm a frequent reader of your blog but I rarely post but had to send my best wishes for your mom.

As a shingles sufferer, thanks so much for spreading the word about the vaccine! I'm only 50 but had my first outbreak two years ago and recently had another outbreak that we think came about after I had some surgery. If you've had chickenpox, you have a 50% chance of getting shingles. And trust me - you don't want them!

Thanks for such an inspiring blog! You color my world with all your creativity! Best wishes!

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