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May 04, 2010


Teresa Rawson

Cool pin...good choice!


I like your wagon wheel quilt - the circles look like records to me :0) The pin is wonderful! I can't wait to see your border for the hst quilt!


oooh - I hope that yellow fabric means you are going for the choice with the yellow border & pieced stars - my favorite by far...


Oh, come on...your adoring fans want some clues!!! I'm with Catherine -- crossing my fingers for that yellow border. I LOVE those wagon wheels -- they remind me of vinyl records with the light hitting parts of them!

Lynne Sanders

The Pin is quite ingenious :-)
I am impressed. Happy Mother's day for Sunday

Lori Holt

Iknow what you mean about working on a winter quilt in the spring but I just love that quilt!
I'm over 10 also but still gotta love that glitter pin...:)


I finally busted out my quilting project that I've had in progress for forever. Hopefully I'll have some pictures to share next week!


What a guy! M's a good man. :) I'm craving the bright cheery spring colors too. It does make it hard to work on the wintery UFO's.


I was wondering how this quilt was going. I just love it!
great pin - lucky you

Lazy Gal Tonya R

ooh, that pin is fun! makes me want to play with glitter and bottlecaps and whatever that plastic is... looking forward to seeing the bright springy HST quilt!


While I love seeing that yellow with red polka dots folded up nicely there - I still prefer the leaf applique border. (Maybe leaves on yellow is the natural choice.)

Love the bottlecap pin! (I wonder what the 17 mo. old will give his momma...)

Oh & no more drab quilts - I get that on other blogs. Just kidding (but it is the truth.) & who the hell am I? (I have quilts started in a multitude of styles myself...)

debs @ make do and mend quilts

Love the blog and all of your quilts! I especially loved your post on mens boxers/shorts/pants (whatever!), I am also a fan of chopping them up for quilts! My BabyButtonsBigBedQuilt finished this week has several bits of gap boxers sewn in, just hope my poor hubbie doesn't look too closely!


Happy Mothers Day, Jan! Guess what I just bought? :-)


I love it and love the fabric choices. But I don't quilt much with brights, so it's right up my alley. I remember when you posted the first few blocks and it caught my attention back then. Looks great and will be a great finish.


I love any quilt with circles, it's my favourite shape. It's looking great but it's hard switching from the brights to a more subdued scheme for me too. Yellow is a favourite colour, the fabrics are lovely.
I think there's a little girl in me too, love the bling.


"no clue's here"...She says.

I was fine until you showed me polka dots, now I'm curious again



When I have seen your wheel blocks this winter I had love . And I have beginning this quilt, I join this picture ! Because the next club's exhibition will be on the curves ! Your quilt is amazing !


WeenerWare had a booth at the Merchandise Mart Art/Gift show one year and I remember loving all their weird and wonderful wares..... Yeay for you snagging that fun piece....Polka dots ??? Such a tease!!


I'm just.. wowed I guess. You are killing me with your wonderful patterns and fabric choices. I can't wait to see what you pick. Happy Mother's Day!

Karen Beigh

I like your wheels very much. The pieced centers for them are different than what I would have expected and add interest to them.


I agree with Janet. I thought of records, and because the colors are somewhat masculine this quilt would be *perfect* for my musician 19yo son. Rad.

American Quilter's Society

Your wheels are superb! Can't wait to see more of your work.


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