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April 18, 2010



Oh be still my heart! What a fantastic treat to see the quilts I've enjoyed from books. They are all amazing. I'm off to enjoy more at flickr, thank you.


WOW! I'll be trotting over to your Flickr set to see more of these antique quilts. The quilt in the second photo is really intriguing. Virginia Cole of Galloping Pony Studio has mentioned her love of the brown quilt -- she did a small quilt (with a series of patterns) inspired by it. Her little quilt is, of course, fantastic. Now what fun would it be to go to a large quilt show and not make some purchases??? I'll bet it was great to meet some new quilters too!


I'm always so happy to see your face - your adorable face!

I like that one with all the triangles. And squares.
(Do you realize that I am probably the only NONQUILTER here?)

Karen Beigh

Outstanding quilts. It would be so hard to pick the best of all. I really appreciate seeing all the photos of the antique quilts. Great inspiration.


I hope your Mother is recovering well and that your electrical problems are all solved now.
Thank you for sharing those wonderful photographs! Wow!!


Thanks for posting the pictures. I didn't have my camera with me this year so your photos will satisfy my need to have just one more look at the fantastic quilts.

Kristin L

I love Pam Allen's work and would so much like to see it in person. That square in a square quilt with all the half square triangles definitely looks like something on your design wall...


Thanks for the virtual quilt show!!! What great quilts!


Wonderful post! I hope the rest of April is better than the first part. Thanks for the peek at the quilt show. That brown one sure is fun and I love that half block too.

Laurel H.

Thanks so much for sharing!


GLORIOSKY, Jan! Glad you managed to escape the chaos at home for some quilt therapy. The antique quilts are my favorites at any show. Thanks for sharing your photos.

Lazy Gal Tonya R

amazing amazing quilts. love those antiques with a mind of their own. sorry to hear about your mom and the electricity woes.


Wow! Wow! what you have been going through! Wow! Those quilts! I especially liked the squares in the peach or coral color. Wish I had known... I might have driven up to Chicago for the show.


It looks like a wonderful time!!
I especially love the lone star with the 1/2 star too. So funny and whimsical!!


this was my first peek - thanks!


hang in there!


What wonderful, wonderful antique quilts. Thanks so much for sharing your pictures! How cool to meet Kathleen Tracy! I do hope your Mom's recuperation goes well. Yikes I can't imagine how much of a pain in the neck all that rewiring must be!


Wow! We went to Chicago a few years ago and were terribly disappointed in the quilts -- the vendors were wonderful though. I sure wish I'd been there this year to see all the antique quilts -- it looks like it was a wonderful display. Can't wait to hear about your experience!


Thanks Jan ! Your pictures are wonderful and I love this old quilts . I don't fly to chicago!!!! but with you in my small town
I see the beautiful quilts ! Thank you .


There you go, I never even knew there WAS a Wisconsin Museum of Quilts!
; )


Great photos, loved reading this post....I love quilt shows! I can see why you enjoyed the red & green quilts so much....what's the saying "everything old is new again"...so beautiful!


Can't wait to hear your good news- you need it after all that you've been through. Hoping your mother is recovering quickly....

And, thanks for the link to the book. I am going to purchase that for my mother. :)


excellent photo post. I too, love the appliques and vintage red/green quilts. Hope things on the home front get sorted out for you!


You sure got some great shots of the Antique quilts!! What a fantastic show...so great to finally run into you there. Did you buy fabric at the Schoolhouse Quilts booth??? Really?? I wasn't paying any attention...!*wink*

Jean Loken

That is the most exuberant batch of quilts I've seen in a very long time. The eye of the curator goes for "more, more, more". Thanks so much for posting them. And the ability to zoom in is terrific.

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