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April 05, 2010



Wow. Oh Wow! Can you even imagine receiving a gift like that? it's stunning! You obviously belong to THE group worth belonging to -- you lucky, lucky girl!!!

Melody Johnson

UN BEEEE LEEEABLE!!! O dear, I can't imagine the time that took. Whoa.


Awesome, that reminds me of the book of quilts made all from little blocks

Kornelia Szabo

Unbelievable! What a great work!


Simply amazing!!


It is really breathtaking. What a beautiful quilt. And what a wonderful friend!

Vickie E

amazing...love it..not that I would ever make one LOL

Lazy Gal Tonya R

Wow! And she made TWO of them?


Hi Jan
WOW those quilts are amazing. Nine patch is one of my all time favs.
Glad to see you back, funny how life sometimes gets in the way


It's a stunner but to make two! That's quite a gift.

Gina E

Wonderful quilt! I'm impressed!


What a beautiful quilt. Elaine is a wonderful friend and Nancy is a very lucky lady.

Remember to take care of yourself too.


That second bird is one lucky duck! Wow!!

Judy's Common Thread

What a sweet gesture and lovely friend.

Sujata Shah

Wow! It is an amazing quilt! Lucky Elaine!

Vicky F

WOW is all I can say about that great quilt. I had better quit whining about 4-inch blocks.
Vicky F


Wow!!! Its just amazing!!! I'm in love with that quilt... How much ever I'd like to make one, I know I haven't got enough patience to complete one...
Its just beautiful... Great job!!!


So, Elaine happened to have 14,000 leftover pieces? And whipped one of these up for Nancy?

Tammy Parker

Oh WOW!! One is a huge accomplishment...but she did this TWICE???? Again, WOW!!!!


Holy tiny squares, Batman! I volunteer to quilt the third :)


Oh my goodness. They are inspirations of beauty and generosity!


p.s. best wishes for the even keel!


That's actually insane, really, I'm speechless. Not one but two??

Barb R

That is truly incredible!

I'm using my tiny little leftovers to make my Mom a camera bag. For an itty bitty camera. No 14,000 pieces for THIS girl!


P.S. Good luck with that even keel thing. I firmly believe that at least ONE of us should be doing that at any given time. :o)


Hi -
Thanks for posting this! I had heard about it through the grapevine - I'm proud to call Elaine a friends. I've seen her make some amazing quilts over the years, but this is too much! incredible - I wish I had seen it in person, thanks for the great photos!


Unbelievable! Really. I wish I had the fortitude to do that. That quilt is amazing.

Pam Cope

quilters are amazing people! I never met a 9 patch i didn't like, and that one is just at the top of the list! something new to do with all those scraps I can't throw away!


oh my.


Oh my!


AMAZING!!! lucky nancy and such a patient woman to make it sheeesh and twice lol

Elaine Libovicz

Thank you all for your kind comments. I wish I were a patient person but unfortunately patience is not one of my virtures. It is just fun for me.


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