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April 26, 2010


mimi k

I absolutely love the multi-colored/patterned vine. Gorgeous!!!

Lynne Sanders

Jan I love them all. Each border gives a different mood and flavour. Love the Red Border and the leaves but don't ask me to choose which one I love best as I can't!
Keep having lots of fun

Erin H.

Longtime lurker, first time poster...Love the stars AND the vines with leaves! Can't wait to see which one you go with (and also what is behind Door #3!) Beautiful!

Ginny Worden

What fun, so peppy and spring like. It would be a hard decision to make, although probably piecing would win over applique. To many applique projects on the go,and I know I would get the pieced border done sooner. Will be interesting to see what direction you take.

Jayne Honnold

What a great project! A happy accident! Love the yellow/stars border and the multicolored leafy vine, too. Decisions, decisions! What an inspiration! Keep your faithful followers posted!!

Vicky F

Hi Jan,
The stars with yellow background really pops to me, but then the 3rd border idea says hmmmm...interesting.

Why not do what Gwen does and do a different border on each side? That could be fun!
Vicky F


Looking forward to seeing option #3 but I really love the yellow with the stars. As soon as I saw this I started thinking about making those triangles! Beautiful!

Teresa Rawson

What a fun project...we all have those kinds of disturbed progressive quilts on our design walls, in our heads and under our presser feet. Those quilts always seem to be my favorites!! Party on!


they both look great
and there's no reason the borders have to match.


I love the way you think and work on the design process. Quilts that happen like this are the most fun. The stars border makes the quilt looks like it could be out of a Japanese book. Of course I adore the vines and is similar to something I had thought about since I started the Susan quilt. I would love to play in your stash.


Oh. My. Gosh. I'm going to hyperventilate. You should put warnings in your post titles. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the core of your quilt. It's going to be stuck in my head at LEAST all week - I can just feel it. I love both borders. Either one would definitely float my boat!!!


love love love the vine!!! It would be soooo cute as a height chart for kids/grandkids if you don't end up using it for the quilt.

Dixie Howard

Wow, the yellow stars border just makes me swoon. Until I saw the McCord viney border. They are both wonderful, but I'm still voting for the yellow stars. :)


Oh Jan you've done it again. I love it! The yellow is fabulous! And then you had to go and throw the colorful vine in to the mix! I don't know how you'll choose...I love them all!


Love, love, love both. I kind of like the stars as an inner border with the vine as an outer border. Thinking about this is going to keep me up all night. Can't wait to see what you decide.


and I can see a beautiful quilt coming...
I love the vines and the yellow, how about vines on yellow ?


oh how beautiful! takes my breath away all those tiny little half-square triangles


Oh, to have this dilemma... like others, I think you should do both... why not stars on left and top, vine and leaves on right and bottom... or applique then stars as outer border!

Linda O

This is just stunning! When I saw the pieced stars I thought " How perfect", until I saw the appliqued vine. Oh my, just as beautiful. Can't wait to see what you will choose. Well done!

Vickie E

I love the yellow border...


isn't it fun to get sidetracked and then all of sudden it becomes the major project to work on
ok the "other" side of me is saying oh go for it 4 different borders....
ok maybe 3 different borders, one of my favorite quilts is the one by Gwen Marston with different borders...someday I hope my "other" side convinced the stay the safe course side to allow me to do this!


That is exactly what happens. Nice things come from it. I like them all. The stars on the yellow is what I would choose, if that is ok to say. The yellow adds a nice pop to the quilt escpecially with the little bluish border. Really cool.


Hee hee! Oh, empathizing over here. Those little squares are so vibrant. I can't decide which border idea I prefer either. The colorful vine with leaves did take my breath away a bit. But I like the stars. I'm wondering about that third option that's percolating.

Pam Cope

you are one crazy quilter, woman! you just sat down and hand pieced a few stars??? I hope you were joking and that they were in your stash with the appliqued vines, otherwise you are making me feel bad about the not being a speed sewer. the turquoise border is perfect, I also loved the yellow stars, but I think I vote for the Susan M vines, maybe on the yellow background? thanks again for the fabulous inspiration.


this is going to be gorgeous! how nice that it just kind of evolved into something so lovely!

Lazy Gal Tonya R

love the yellow with stars. love the vine. maybe a vine on yellow??? fabulous beautiful no matter what you choose. love the happy colors.


How are you going to choose? I like them both. Maybe the yellow a tiny bit more.

Ann Champion

I love the applique border. It's a nice contrast to the graphic, uniform center..but I think I'd like it on the yellow ground? The yellow grabs attention and would give the borders as much attention as the center? :)


I like the 3rd one, not that you asked.


Oh that last one has me spellbound. I love the way you "try out" options. I just forge ahead, over-eager to git 'r done, and if I don't end up liking it, on to the next attempt.


Ooooh! I love both. I say use both too. Mixing up the borders is so interesting.

sandra henderson

So many of my projects end up like this. SUch as my current one with the hexies. Started out last Wednesday as my first One Flower Wednesday and I can't put them down. Now they are getting whacky looking and it's taking me someplace I never thought of... FUN!
I like the last border the best,but all are great!
I'm thinking my flower garden might have to have an appliqued border also.
ENJOY the process! :)


I love both the yellow one with the stars and the multicoloured vine - you'll just have to make more HSTs so you can make two quilts - one with each kind of border ;-)

La Mañosa

I love this! Both borders look great but I think the yellow catches my eye a bit more. Can't wait to see what you decide!

Jenny G.

I love the half-square triangles- really pretty colors! And both the star border and the vines are very, very nice in their own rights- either would look great! I'm interested to see what else you have in mind!


I find this is what happens with my leader/ender projects as well :0) This project of yours was wonderful at the hst stage but with your variety of border options shown its fabulous!! I just LOVE the yellow border with the stars. Whatever border you decide on - this will be one awesome quilt!


Vine and leaf! Vine and leaf!


oooh, i likey the colourful vines, can't wait to see if they end up in this quilt or not!

Cate, x

Karen Beigh

Creativity just grabbed hold of you!


I so love this quilt, I loved it when you posted about it ages ago, the colours are so fresh and bright and I have to say all of your border choices are great but I can't go past the yellow background and stars as I just adore yellow.
What size are your hst's. I think I could be come addicted to this idea. I loved the way you posted about sneeking back into your sewing room, that is what I would have done lol

Sew Create It - Jane Weston

I love it with the stars and the yellow background..I just think the white background of the other option is too flat, almost too safe if you know what I mean. Your centre makes me think of the type of quilts we see coming out of Australia..bright and vibrant and the yellow with the turquoise poking through kinda keep it in that theme.


Now I'm waiting for the third lovely choice and know I still will not be able or want to make a choice as they both look lovely. Maybe I will will side with a few of the other comments which suggest both :-)


It is wonderful!! It seems like the quilts that are my favorites didn't start out with a big plan. I love the different borders too.


I love stars and Susan Mac Cord . It's wonderful the fresh colors! Friendship


You will surprise and amaze me with your final decision and it will be the right one! This has sparked an idea for the bags of 1/2 sq tri's that I have hanging around.

lily boot

oh this is such a take my breath away quilt! I love that it has grown from something so simple. I loved the stars on the yellow but then, I too adore the pieced leaves. The yellow and stars almost makes it look 1920s with that crazy intensity, but the pieced leaves gives it such a beautiful peace and coolness. They really draw out the intensity of the half squares. Gee what a dilemna! You'll just have to make all the variations that are in your mind :-)


Oh my, they're gorgeous. I am particularly partial to the yellow/stars border but they all look wonderful.


Hi~I love how your color sense has given your work a retro/30s feel, especially with the yellow and aqua colors. How about the leaves border (my fave) but with a yellow background? best of both? thanks for the inspiration! Chris


Oh, I know that trend well... :)
Witness my stack of started but not finished projects, it's so easy to get distracted by shiny new ideas

I really like both borders - I envy your quilt, but not having to make that choice. (though I like chris's idea of vines on yellow too, just to complicate matters)


I love the yellow... maybe a vine on the yellow?

beautiful as always.

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