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April 22, 2010



Thank you so much for this post, and thanks to John Saul too! Oh, I wish I'd been down the rabbit hole with you!! I love all the quilts you showed -- that sunflower quilt took my breath away!


Wow! So, you got the sunflowers! That was my favorite too. I just love that block. What a great glimpse of styles we don't normally see. Thank you Jan!


Man! I don't really have anything more sensible to say;) Oh, and thank you so much for these posts. Wonderful to see the photos, Jan. Obviously you had a marvelous time. That booth was something else!


Aha! So now you have a new quilt top! When will the quilting begin? It's booths like that that make the crowds and mediocre stuff well worth the trip. Thanks for the tour!


Hurrah! I was waiting to see if you chose a penny rug or the sunflower top. My heart started to race a little bit as I began reading your post, and I could almost feel a little rush of adrenalin with each new pic. Whew! What a treat. Looks like there were a lot of treasures on those shelves.


oh boy, I don't think I could leave this booth!
amazing quilts and certainly a man passionate about his textiles/quilts. wonderful variety he has...more than a few I would have wanted to buy!
you must be dreaming about these quilts still!!!!!

Susan O.

Thanks for sharing your trip down the rabbit hole. All I can see is WOW! I love the sunflower quilt, good for you. The handquilting on the red and green quilt is so beautiful. Susan


What a delightful post. Your refections had me on pins and needles wondering if you would purchase any lovely. I was not disappointed to learn it would be the sunflower top, but surprised a little that it wasn't a little penny rug. Maybe next time!? Now, I'm wondering if you will leave the top as it is or quilt it. I have a lovely top that I "stole" for $20 from an antique shop in a small town. It is completely hand sewn with the tiniest stitches. You almost think it is machine sewn. It would be wonderful quilted, but I hate to give up looking at those stitches. What would you do?


I would have snapped the sunflower quilt up in a flash! It is so beautiful and unique! Did any of the penny rugs follow you home? Thank you so much for the photos and thank you to John for allowing you to share his wonderful treasures.


Did you ever hit the jackpot!! WOW! To see these quilts in person...sigh... Did you buy the sunflower top? I just love it! How fun that he delights in these textiles he is selling. I am thankful in his generousity for allowing you to photograph them. Thanks for sharing them with us. :0)

Jan Smith

Thanks for the photos! I was at the show, and was taken by the mariner's compass (of course!), but never thought to ask about pictures. Zenia Cord, another antique quilt dealer that was at the show, is always gracious to allow photos, too. It doesn't surprise me that people walked by the sunflower. It's a shame, but most people don't appreciate this stuff. As my sister likes to say, "so few people really have good taste!"

Alison Marie

Oh, my goodness, what is a penny rug?!?!?! Those are amazing! That is the best way to be a salesperson - to love what you are selling. Those are always the kind of people I want to support with my spare dollars.


Hi Jan, Wow! What treasures! Thank you so much for sharing your adventure down the rabbit hole. Earlier today I noticed that you had updated the blog. I just a caught a glimpse of the first pic and I thought that it promised to be a really fun post. So I decided to wait to read it at a time that I could really savor what you had to share. Boy oh boy, was I right, and am I glad that I waited. As one other person commented, I too felt that rush of excitement / adrenaline with each new pic. It is truly sad that so many of today's quilters have no interest in / respect for the quality and beauty of the handwork from the past. They are missing out on so much! But I'm so glad that you didn't miss that wonderful both. What a wonderful man he is, to allow you share all of those pics with us. I'm thrilled for you that you bought the sunflower top. What will you do with it? Are you doing to leave it as is and just have it for display? Or will you quilt it? Thanks again for sharing the adventure. With best wished for good health and happy stitching, Jay


Jan, Hi again, Sorry for my typos in the previous message. With all the excitement from your post, my fingers just weren't keeping up with my thoughts, and unfortunately I didn't do a good job of proof reading before I posted. Take care, Jay


What a wonderful post Jan, drooling along with everyone else of course. Congratulations on securing such a beautiful top. I loved seeing the borders on the red and greens and the birds on one of the blocks made me smile. The quilts are all sensational and thanks to John Saul for allowing you to share.


"What are you "oh, WOW"ing about, Mom?" my Eldest asked (he just happened to come into the kitchen when I scrolled down and saw the sunflower quilt).

What a treasure you have there. What a treasure John Sauls is!! I'm so grateful he allowed you to take and share pictures of his treasures.

Karen Beigh

Wow! What wonderful antique quilts. One in particular grabbed my eye. It has a circular block with points and looks like tulips or some kind of flower in it.

Laurie in Iowa

Wonderful... thank you for sharing with us.


they were just beautiful thankyou

Carolyn Foley

Wow again. My friend Pam is teaching at the festival and I have sent her an email to get to that stall. Those quilts are fantastic. Thanks so much for the images.

Judy's Common Thread

Such a delightful post! I was hoping you would buy the sunflower quilt...good for you! :)


I am Hyperventilating across the globe... O MY GOODNESS, Jan! >>>
I need time to process... Thank You, Mr Sauls!
the sunflowers are like nothing I have ever seen before... AMAZING
I am so happy you took it home!
Valentina from Cyprus


Hi, Lucky you to have the opportunity to buy the Sunflower quilt - well done and thank you.
Sydney, Australia


Oh so beautiful. Thank you for showing us and letting us share in your excitement. Thanks to Mr Sauls for sharing with us ALL!

mimi k

Beautiful! Thanks so much (always!) for posting the photos- so much inspiration.

Karen at sew and sow life

I found you via Mimi...and that sunflower top is AMAZING! Lucky you! Thanks for these great pictures. I'm off to Flickr!

wishes, true and kind

Whoa! You had me hyperventilating at every picture! And that sunflower quilt! TDF!!! Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful experience with us!

Ann L

Thanks for sharing the photos and your enthusiasm. I can't wait to hear more about the sunflower top. You are going to quilt it, aren't you? It will be such fun to watch it blossom under your sensitive care and discerning eye.

Kathy R

What wonderful quilts, especially the sunflower quilt/top! Thank you and Mr. Sauls for sharing this with all of us who couldn't be there.


OK Jan, I've got chills! I'm still stunned by the beauty of these quilts and SO HAPPY you went home with the sunflowers. The handwork, color and design is truly awe inspiring. I sent a thank you note to Mr. Sauls too!

Kristin L

Congratulations on your purchase. The Sunflowers are truly unique and I'm sure they will provide you with lots of inspiration. I've never seen a block like the one with the berry background either. And teh green in teh mariner's compass quilt is so modern! Treasure trove indeed. :-)

Magnolia Bay Quilts

Wow! The sunflower quilt is exquisite. I don't think I would have been able to pass that one up, either. And I love the one with the green sashings and blue setting triangles. Those little flowers in the middle are adorable. Thanks so much for sharing the pictures.

Lazy Gal Tonya R

fabulous post. what a sweetheart Mr Sauls is for letting you explore and take photos. congrats on your fun purchase too! I'm glad it found such a good home.


What a fantastic booth filled with glorious quilts!! Oh, the penny rugs too!!! Absolutely gorgeous!!!
Congratulations on the fun sunflower quilt!!


What a wonderful experience you had! I love digging through those kind of booths, but I'm afraid I've never found anyone quite as friendly as Mr. Sauls. Love your sunflowers!

Ann Champion

I'm so happy for you..getting that Sunflower beauty! I enjoyed all of the quilts and the penny rugs..and John Saul was so kind and generous in letting you take pics. Thanks so much for sharing.
I think I could have stayed in that booth all day? :)

Regan Martin

Hi Jan! This was an amazing day, for you and for me! Thank you! As I read through your post, and then the comments, I too thought penny rugs were wonderful....but NOBODY noticed the two braided rugs that are in a 'lump' *arg* on the floor next to them! These are two magnificent rugs, and anyone who braids will agree with me! No question! Both of these rugs have butted rows, and all braiders take a little gasp at that! That is what makes the exceptional design possible! These were quite a find, and I wish they had been laid out to really see, and respect, them. I'm heading over to Mr. Saul's site to thank him right now. The quilts, and rugs, made my heart do a little dance! Thanks!


Bravo! All the quilts he showed you were wonderful but my fav was the sunflower quilt! It made me smile and happy. And I don't know how you walked away from the penny rugs, they certainly would have jumped into my basket next to that awesome sunflower quilt!


when I got to those sunflowers I went 'gasp' out loud! see your readers wouldn't have walked around it!

sandra henderson

So you purchased the sunflower top!?!?!?!
Perhaps you could duplicate it?!!? WOW!
I''m so glad I've found you.I just started bloggin in Feb. I live on an island with no bridges to the mainland, no stores or mail. Nothing but wild horses running on the Atlantic beach and my husband, quilting,pups.... I'll be back often! thanks for sharing. I will link this on a post soon, unless that is NOT okay. Please let me know if it is NOt. Thanks!

Pat T.

First time to visit your blog and what an introduction!! I missed going to Chicago this year but after seeing your fabulous photos and reading about what an incredibly neat person John Sauls is, you have let us walk with you into this incredible display.Thanks so much for sharing & I will tell my quilt history group to visit your site asap!

Jenny McH

Thanks for the wonderful photos of all these antique quilts...have to say the folky red & grenn applique is stunning.

Dan &I Marie Dusek

It has been our privelige to know John Sauls for the last 25 years. Let me assure you he is always sharing and knowledgable about his quilts. It amazes us what he can tell you by just looking at a quilt for a few minutes. He is indeed a superb dealer.
Dan & Marie

Pam Cope

wow! thanks for sharing another great quilt show experience. that sunflower quilt is just what I would have chosen too. you lucky dog!


I know that hyperventilating feeling when you discover such a treasure trove; I tip toe around afraid the wonder of the experience is going to somehow be taken away from me, just like you feared you'd be asked to stop taking photos. It is a wonderful connection with the past and the women who loved what we love. The color combinations in the penny rugs remind me of your kaffe print. I wonder if her contemporaries thought her color choices were odd. :)


Thank you and Mr. Saul for sharing the photos! You got an amazing quilttop...


Fabulous! Thanks for the great photos!!


WOW!!!! You really got the red carpet tour of that booth!I went in and shyly asked to take some shots but was too intimidated to really dig in. FANTASTIC STUFF!~ thanks for sharing and big congrats on your new sunflower top! ( It made me squeal out loud!)

Karen Alexander

Just found your blog. Love the Sunflower quilt! Just what I need to hang in my living room in the winter time here in the far NW of Washington state! Guess I will just have to make one some day. I love what Lesley said above > Those who can keep such wonderment alive all their lives are truly blest! Life is a wonderment itself and I hope the expressions of human creativity never cease to amaze me. Thank you Lesley for that reminder and thank you Jan for not fearing to ask the question .... may I photograph your quilts? Karen A. Please visit me sometime at my Quilt History Reports blog.

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