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March 06, 2010



Ooooh, come do mine! My fabric and my desk are a disaster!

Judy's Common Thread

Ditto to the above post. Please, oh, pleeaase? ;)

Karen Beigh

My sewing room often looks like yours in the first photo. You did a bang up job cleaning it up and making it look neat and tidy.


Can I come live at your house? It's nice there, mine's a mess...now you've made me want to clean!Love those fabrics, were they from the trip? ( last photo).


Your situation - not having space enogh to work on anything - you are not alone.
This seems to be the story of my Stash Room. Lately I've been referring to it as a Trash Stash Room. How can it become sooooo - is clutter too mild of a description?
I applaud you
your space is spic-n-span.
Get in there and CREATE!
I wanna be like you when I grow up 8^)


I don't know how creating and tidiness can go together but it's agood feeling to have a tidy up. I love the photos and especially peeking at your design waal, what sunshine!


I was thinking how messy mine is today and how I should clean it up before I got to work. The problem is I am on the home stretch of a pattern I am trying to make so I have been moving things from surface to surface all day long.
Your sewing space looks amazing. I really like your cubbys for fabric and the assortment is beautiful.


I'd give anything for a sewing room like that. A table in a corner surrounded by plastic storage bins is nothing compared to yours.

I forgot the Oscars are this weekend. Wonder if Avatar will get slated like it did at the BAFTA's the weekend before last?


My jaw dropped when I scrolled down to the photo of your fabric cubbies (are those sold as CD-organizers?). And then I think it came unhinged when I saw the next photo with your design walls. I am so incredibly jealous — my sewing area is a corner of my living room.

Amazing job on the clean-up!

Kristin L

Can I hire you to come tidy up my room too? And will you bring some of that fabulous fabric too -- just to make teh space look extra good. ;-)


{Sigh} I want to live in your sewing room -- it's so very beautiful! Mine is a pigsty -- I've been sewing all day and everytime I turned around there were threads clinging to what I was working on. They're everywhere! Love the beautiful shelves full of fabrics!


Your quilts on your wall are stunning. Love your beautiful sewing room - wish it was mine!


I wanna come over and play!
wow, my sewing room is a disaster - I run up grab something and return to the FR and the puppy. I'm totally jealous!


I love your space! It's such a happy place. Now you've got me thinking about half-square triangles!


Oh my goodness, I don't know how you could stay out of your room with all that eye candy going on and those beautiful stacks of fabric. I'd probably want to hide down there all day, but I hear you on the weekend thing. Unless everyone is fully engaged somewhere else, I don't get to play in mine either!!


WOW! All I see is all the fun and creativity. That last pic is SO inspiring -- I'm ogling that smaller pile on the right hand side of the pic. Such wonderful colors and patterns and blocks and projects. ::sigh::


Ah, Spring cleaning is the best. And you've done an amazing job! I'm inspired to get myself organized.


I LOVE organizing spaces, it feels so good when you're done! and I adore the quilt on the wall, the blocks with the sawteeth edges. what is that block called?

Pam Cope

I am very impressed by your fabric folding skills. My fabric is all different shapes and sizes, my stacks never come out so neat! also I can't bear to part with any of my scraps, so I end up with bags and baskets of stuff too. Nice work.


The first photo made me laugh. Mine looks the same right now. I keep pulling and cutting fabric. I am out of storage space. You after photos are great. Your design wall gives me such inspiration.

Barb R

Okay, Jan. Based on the above comments, I see the makings of many future blogs!

I think we're all interested in organzing our stashes. I just hate knowing that I have something, but not knowing what pile it's buried under. Give us a tutorial for we are not worthy! ;o)

P.S. Love the black design wall! I'll be adding one of those in addition to my white one. Soon.... Really....


Such a gorgeous, cheerful space!


Ok, I have a great idea! Why don't you host another contest where the winner (ME!) gets to spend an afternoon with you in your sewing room!?!?! LOL


Ah, yes.... studio spring cleaning. Same thing going on right here, right now. I've got piles of fabrics bound for new homes. And when it's done, it will be great.

Lynne Sanders

I am so envious of your design wall. Those quilt blocks look so yummy. I hate to adnit it but I do not think that I have it in me to be that tidy. I sew in a creative mess

Barb R

Christine says "Ok, I have a great idea! Why don't you host another contest where the winner (ME!) gets to spend an afternoon with you in your sewing room!?!?!"

Oh funny girl Christine! How's about your new best friend (ME) joining you? LOL!

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