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March 01, 2010


Sujata Shah

I love what is growing here! Absolutely gorgeous!
I have to agree with you about the Japanese quilts and the quilters! Lately, I have been working with a wheel variation and my fascination with the round shapes is growing every moment I spent on that quilt!
Personally I have never been to the Tokyo Quilt festival but have seen so many quilt pictures in 'Quiltmania' magazines and amazed by their artistry!
Thank you once again for posting all of those inspiring pictures from the quilt festival!

Ann Champion

Your blocks are just gorgeous! I hope you love it again? :)

I look at the pics you've posted from the Tokyo quilt show and I'm just in awe at the details in the quilts. They must be producing just one quilt a year? Even then..they are quite a fete! I'm so thankful that you've been posting and sharing pics of them.

Melody Johnson

So are you planning on stitching them to the background or piecing a dark fabric between them?
I just want you to know that for the rest of my life I KNOW I will never have that much patience to make one of those GFG's. I bow to you.

Lazy Gal Tonya R

love the look of them, but I can COMPLETELY understand being bored doing them. your new blocks are gorgeous too - glad to hear they are more enjoyable.

what are you going to do with the old blocks? I think it would be a great opportunity to play and liberate them. if you just chopped off the bits that stick out, you'd have some awesome looking triangles with hexagon centers. I swear, I so desperately want to come visit you and play with all your orphan blocks.


I see it! I see the vision! Love it even more than the original efforts (which are still luscious and laudable). We (I'm sure it's not just me...) want to know what size these hexes are, if you please. What did I get done while watching the Olympics? Let's see, I got a lot of reading done while watching the Olympics. :-)


good for you for working on something you love. why play with fabric if it isn't fun? during the Olympics, I worked on my words fail me quilt -- I've also tired of it, but others like it, and I'm trying to keep at it for a finish in 2010.

Karen Beigh

I read your post with great interest. Sometimes we have to make the journey to get to where we want to be and you have done just that. Keep going. You will have a wonderful quilt.


I too, worked on my hexis all during the olympics. I put out the Hexi Olympic Challenge on the hexi2 blog. I got a lot accomlished. Blogged a bit about the process. All my pathways are made, all flowers are made, and now I have about 25+ flowers that need the pathway stitched to them, then I can design rows and start joining together. Clearly have a light at the end of this tunnel and it's not the train coming at me!

Vickie E

beautiful hexies!


Yes, I remember it -loved it then and now!


Those hexagons are just beautiful! You must be so happy to be doing the quilt that you always intended to do!


Ahhhh, much better Jan! And what will you do with the bigger versions? That's going to be some spectacular quilt!

I didn't really watch much of the olympics {gasp} but I did make major progress on the kids' wedding quilt. Hoping to make it by their second annivesary. ;-)


You have a good eye for pattern and color... they are absolutely beautiful!

No TV here in this house but after some time away from my quilting I am fully engaged again. Just finished a crib size quilt for our new grandson. Now returning to a queen size quilt for our room that I am excited about.

Thanks for sharing, it looks like your quilt will be a success.


I'm glad you have your vision turning into reality. I think the fine tuning on this beauty is fabulous. I couldn't see any basting threads, do you use another method? I wonder if those wondrous Japanese quilts are worked on one at a time, without the distraction of multiple projects.


Love your colorful hexes on the dark background! I am making some hexes myself, and really enjoying them. I can see more hexes in the future - using several rounds, like yours. Great portable project. Watching the Olympics, I have been hand-quilting my warmest quilt yet - quite appropriate...
; )


ok thats it I am going to have to make a GFG quilt now
I just love these and yes we can never have enough projects that are great take along projects as I call them
I see that you cut out your own templates????
can you share your method of basting them and the size of the template you cut out.
will you use the templates over multiple times or do you leave it in the block till the end
ok, see you have me intrigued now...too many questions ?????



This is beautiful, truly! But I know what you mean about projects that don't stay interesting. I have one going on now. And as for hexagons, I can't do them because it hurts my hands so much, but they make wonderful patterns.

As for the Japanese quilts, you and the other commenters have said everything I could say.


Oh, is this your Kaffe Quilt? ha ha ha
I love what you're doing with them. They look much more important and designed with the extra round of fabric - great choice~

During the Olympics I marked the quilt top I made during the last Olympics -- and a little hand work while watching coco pee the floor...
when is spring going spring?


Oh, you are so smart.......to go ahead and plunge in, knowing that your time is so valuable and should be spent on projects that are worthy of it !

Now, just give me the word, and I'll send you my addy, and wait patiently for those first hexagon blocks to arrive here at my little mailbox ! They suit me to a "T".


Ahhh I love your color combinations. I'm wowed by the blocks.


They are beautiful. I did not watch the Olympics. But I have been working on my baskets for my trick or treat quilt. They remind me of when I was making a yo- yo quilt.


Yay! My favorite has resurfaced!! I am so enamored with this quilt, but totally understand how you feel about sewing it. Inspired by you I started on and only made it to the third flower. Every once and a while one surfaces on my work table and I hastily shove it back to the bottom.


Wow, has it really been 4 years? Life is disappearing on me..I started reading your blog when you started the GFG quilt!
Your house selling journey was a comfort to me, somehow, as we waited a year and a half for our house to sell. I was able to believe that EVENTUALLY it WOULD sell.
I love the new version (even though I really loved the old one too.)
One day, I'll make one of those. One day!


Hi Jan, You're original hex blocks were pretty, but the new ones are absolutely wonderful! Based on the pictures that I have seen in your blog, and all the posts that I have read, I can only say "They are very you!" Your quilt is going to be spectacular. I can't hardly wait to see more. Happy Stitching! Jay

Barb R

Jan, they are beautiful! But I liked the little ones, too.

I did end up starting my own Kaffe hexis after being so inspired by your efforts. Managed to get a lot of papers basted while watching the gold medal hockey game. What a great game - my heart could barely take it!

Looking forward to seeing this project as it progresses.


You are so right! These are even better and I liked the first ones!


I didn't get nearly as much done as you did. Love the added row around what you already had! And I can relate completely to the scouring of ideas ad nauseum without making a decision. I have been on that treadmill before. :)


Awesome!!! Totally AWESOME!!! Your quilty goodness always amazes me!!


So now, you can send the old hexagons to me, right?

I accomplished - naddadamnthing. I watched via DVR, so I found myself fast forwarding & watching - not doing. Oh well.


Really pretty and fun! Love the color and pattern combinations. You make a great point about all of the other distractions we face with magazines, books and internet searches.

It's great having ONE project to work on for a defined period of time. I try to take one complicated knitting project with me on vacations - that way there are no other side-tracking projects to distract me. Usually, it's complete or nearly so by the time I return home.


I LOVE your new blocks. I keep coming back to look at them. Great fabric selection!

Pam Cope

Jan, love the hex blocks, but what I want to know about is that quilt I see peeking through the railing of your first photo... it reminds me of the quilts you showed in your Dec. 10 2009 post by Toshiko Yazu.... Could it be that you have one, or made one similar to hers? Just curious!


These were lovely before, but look stunning now with the extra round ...

Jenny G.

I, too, worked on hex paper piecing during the Olympics, especially the second week, when I was home sick all week long. I made good progress, getting almost completely done with my small 'learning' project. I also picked out my Amy Butler fabrics for my 3" hexes for my plane ride to Hawaii later this month. I really like your choice of fabrics for this!


Jan, I just love this quilt and pattern. I'm sure this is a very silly question..I have spent so much time trying to cut these pieces, without success. Do you use a pattern? A template? I have tried to cut paper pieces with a ruler & they are always wrong...Thank you for any ideas.. Denise


Wonderful, they look so interesting with another layer.


I salute you. This is one I'll probably never make, being a hand-piecing slug. Love the results, but oh, the process...

Mary Keasler

Hurray - I've just discovered your blog and it is wonderful. I will continue to follow your beautiful creations.

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