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February 04, 2010



Oh my! I would love to win that catalog! It looks like an amazing resource for inspiration! Thank you so much for sharing the stories and photos of your travels!


Happy "real" birthday! I would love to have that catalog, thanks Sharonj

Ann L

I swore to myself that I would not ask to be entered into today's drawing so other's could have a chance, but now I have to break that vow and ask please, please enter me into the drawing for the catalog. Such amazing inspiration! Thanks!

Sally Ickes

Quilts by Japanese quiltmakers have a life of their own. I'm always amazed by their individuality. I have two of Keiko Goke's books as well as several Tsushin and Quilt Japan magazines. Expensive, but worth the price just for the eye candy. Would love to add this catalog to my source for inspiration. Sally

Teresa Rawson

Happy, happy birthday and long live your blog. I've had a blog less than a year, so I still feel like a newbie. Your blog is on my bloglist, which is great for me, and as it turns out, great for my less-than-techie local quilting friends. They have learned how to get to my blog (through a link in an email usually), then I taught them to access the cool blogs I have on my sidebar (baby steps...). Their eyes are open!

Thank you for sharing your creative world with all of us!

In stitches,
Teresa :o)

Mazie C

Happy 5th birthday to your blog! Love reading them. Keep blogging!


Happy bloggy birthday! I would love to be entered in the drawing! Such inspiration!


Jan...the only thing better than seeing a quilt show is drooling over the quilts in pics when I get home!! Of course since I didn't make it to Tokyo I'm glad to find another treasure on your blog to add to my want list.
Thanks for sharing and please keep blogging...


The pictures are lovely and I would love to have a catalog to continue to long over even though I wasn't at the show. Thanks


I would love to get this catalog! Thanks for the chance!


This catalog looks like a real gem.... and a rare one here in the US. Please consider me interested in your catalog giveaway!
Thank You!


I would like to win the catalog - and wish you a happy birthday


Please add me to the entrants for the catalog. The quilts you've posted so far are amazing!
Thank you!

Barbara Robson

Happy, Happy Happy....catalogue!!

Wishing you a happy day,
Barbara in Nova Scotia


I too would love to win the catalog. This is an amazing prize. Thank you for your generosity.


Wow, I would love to be able to sit with the catalog over a cup of tea and gather tons of inspiration. What quilty goodness lies between the covers. Oh I think, I need to know!


Congratulations on your blog birthday and thank you for your generosity towards your readers. I would love to win this beautiful catalogue so please enter me in the draw.

Vicki W

Happy Birthday Be*mused! That catalog looks to be full of treasures.


I'm so glad you started blogging. Thank you so much for sharing the Tokyo Quilt Festival again this year! It's always a treat to see photos of such beautiful & inspiring quilts!

Vickie E

Hi Jan, just wanted to let you know my husband luggage was found and sent to him in Kyoto (sp?) He is quite relieved and it was just in time for the weekend when he can go shopping !!! so I 'may' get lucky after all :)


What an incredible (and handy) source of inspiration that would be! Please include my name in the drawing. Thanks!

Alison Marie

OK, I just have to say that was such an adorable post from 2005....I don't think I even knew what a blog was 5 years ago, and I *am* of the internet generation. And, I usually feel weird posting comments, so it's encouraging to hear the other side of it. I would love that catalog, book junkie that I am, so please enter me in the last of your generous drawings. Thanks!


I'm putting my hand up again for the draw Jan, happy 5 year anniversary!


what a thoughtful gift to bring back... please add me to your drawing...thanks!

jeanne hughes

I would love to win the book. Just this last week I was wishing for a way to buy one. Happy Birthday!!


happy 5th birthday...I would love the chance to win the catalogue...so please include me in the giveaway!


I would love to win the catalog. Please include me.

Happy Birthday!

Lemon Tree Tami

Happy 'official' 5th blogiversary! Here's to many more exciting posting years. :-)

Oh yes, please enter me in the drawing for this catalog. It's probably the closest I'll get to the Tokyo Quilt Show.


Hello! I would love to have a chance to win the catalog. Happy Birthday!!!


Happy birthday to your blog, and to you! Yes, I would love to win this catalogue. I really hope I'll be able to go again to the Tokyo Festival in the future.

Quinta da Quilter

Me too please! A real treasure of inspiration!


ok you know my obsession with my book collection I would LOVE to have this catalog to add to my collection of books. This would be the best present ever! Just to be able to sit with a cup of coffee and dream about being there as I look at each and every quilt/page and learn about the Japanese quilters, pure heaven
Thanks Jan I have always enjoyed visiting the Tokyo shows thru your eyes....
Happy Happy Blog birthday


Please include me in the drawing for the catalog. Beautiful photos!

Lori Kay

Such great inspiration. I'd love to win the catalogue. Thanks for all the fun gifts and my virtual trip to Japan.


Wow! That's a gift that keeps on giving. I want to be entered for this drawing. I love, love, love looking at pictures of quilts, over and over and over again. Keepin' my fingers crossed!!!


Happy blog birthday Jan!!!

Thank you for the virtual tour of the Tokyo Quilt Show!


Happy birthday! I'm amazed you've been able to do this for 5 years! I know how hard is is (I'm a lapsed blogger)

That catalog looks amazing!!!

Pam Cope

Dear Jan - thanks so much for your blog... I have been thinking about starting one, but like so many things I start, I was wondering if I would stick with it and follow through. Your post about "why blog" definitely gives a good reason, and I am ready to jump in, rather than just read other people's blogs (which I could do all day!) Anyway, thanks again, and please enter me in the drawing for the quilt show catalog. Thanks again!


Thanks for sharing what you do! I would love to be entered to win the catalog, so I can curl up with all those beautiful quilts.


Happy Blogiversary!
Thanks for a wonderful tour of the Japanese quilt show and shopping!! I'd like a chance to continue the tour with the catalog.


I would LOVE to win that catalog!!


Pick me. Pick ME. P.I.C.K. M.E. PICK MEEEEEEEE!


Oh my, I would love to have a chance to win the catalog. What an incredible source of inspiration for quilting.

Megan M

Happy birthday! Please include me, I'm enjoying seeing the show through your eyes online; it would be delicious to daydream with the catalog in my hands instead of nodding off on my keyboard! ;)


oh my! this is so special... I don't think I'll ever make it to Tokio...

count me in again... pretty please?


Happy Birthday. Japanese quilts have always been so inspiring to me. I'm not sure I will ever make it to the quilt show, but winning the catalog would be the next best thing to being there. Please enter me into the draw for the catalog. Thanks for the opportunity.


It's the BIG day! Happy, Happy Birthday to Be*mused! What a lucky day for all of us when you started to blog -- you've always been such an inspiration! I raise my glass (or should that be quilting needle) to many, many more inspirational Be*mused years!

(Oh, and whenever I have giveaways, I always call a truce on replying to comments! ;-) )

Kellie Cales

Please add me on the draw too!

Kellie Cales


Yes! Yes! I'd like a chance to win the catalog! My mom is a quilter and her birthday is coming up. (But if I don't win I still have a lovely gift for her, this would just make it that much better!)
-Becky a.k.a. "Fun Frieda"


count me in of course. ;)

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