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February 08, 2010



+1 for colour catchers! I can't find them here in Canada but have a friend send them up from the US. Much, much better to be safe than sorry. Congrats to all your winners!


Love color catchers-they have saved many clothes!


i'm hoping the carolyn mentioned above is me!! :)

yeah i've been using color catchers too. and they still "catch" color when i wash final quilts where all the fabric was prewashed prior to use. so i think they're doing their job. ;)


congrats to the winners, it was a fun week seeing the posts everyday and the suspense all weekend to see who won!!!
have a great week, glad you will be sewing , sewing, sewing!

Teresa Rawson

Color catchers are great!!! I recently washed an amish quilt that was purchased for me...VERY dark reds and green appliques on the brightest white and hand-quilted...with a deep red binding! Yikes! It was obvious that none of the fabrics had ever been washed. I put 10 color catchers in with that quilt!!!

I was afraid to look at it when it came out...almost afraid that the excess of color catchers would pull ALL the color out of the fabrics!

But it was a good experience...NO bleeding, although the washer waste water was very colorful (and the coor catchers!).

Thanks for hosting such a fun give-away! Congrats to the winners!

In stitches,
Teresa :o)


Congrats to the winners! Tonya got the words, lucky girl!


I love the color catchers! Just this weekend I was washing a red and white quilt and was very nervous about what might happen. Afterward, the color catcher was very red; quillt looked perfect.


Oh yes, I use color catchers all the time and swear by them!! Just wonderful to use. I even will throw them in the wash when I wash the completed quilts too, just in case.


Yep, I use color catchers too for my quilts.
I hope you will get the snow, just so you can have an excuse to sit and quilt all day!


Yep, use Color Catchers ALL the time !


Congratulations to your lucky readers! I use color catchers, but I had a failure over the weekend. I was preshrinking blacks and reds together and threw a red piece of sandcastle fabric in there and it bled. There was a wide b&w stripe in the batch, and the white stripes all turned pink. Other fabrics which were mostly dark had a few light patches and they weren't affected at all. The color catcher came out pretty red, but apparently it wasn't enough to keep the red from those white stripes!

So, the moral to the story, is that I think, even with color catchers, if a fabric is the kind to absorb loose dye floating around, it probably will! ;-)

Pam Cope

I have not tried color catchers... I am a faithful fabric washer, though. for me its part of the whole process... buying the fabric, washing, ironing, cutting, ironing, sewing, ironing...
but what is a lurker???


i love the idea of using more than one color catcher at a time... i have had great success most of the time... i did have a black and white stripe pick up some red, the same as someone else. what the color catcher does is pick up the free color molecules in the water that weren't bonded to the fabric... it doesn't "pull" color from fabric who's dyes have been bonded.
congrats to all the winners and thank you bemused for being so generous!


ps... i actually love prewashing my fabric and then ironing them... i fall in love with the fabric all over again when i iron it. i find ironing a meditative activity!


The letter fabric has certainly gone to the right home.

I couldn't live without color catchers. I was trying to explain the concept to DH the other day, but he didn't get it. "Why do you need something to catch the dye?" Men!


I know what you mean about prewashing. I'm also so lazy about doing it, but it's definitely worth the time!

Judy's Common Thread

Thanks again for posting about your trip and for hosting the give aways. Congrats to the winners. Happy sewing to you...hope you are able to nestle down and fully enjoy yourself! :)


Congrats to all the winners! Especially nice that Lazy Gal won the text fabric with her use of text in her quilts.
It was so great of you, Jan, to bring home goodies for everyone!

Lazy Gal Tonya R

Woohoo! thank you so much, Jan. I use tons of Color Catches every time I pre-wash fabric or wash a quilt. I did actually get some color transfer onto another fabric the last time I pre-washed, but luckily I'm working with mottled as well as solid fabrics to it fits in.

Jenny G.

I always prewash, and always with color catchers. I'm glad to see other people do, too. I was at a fabric shop in Chicago where the owner told me I was "old fashioned" because I prewash- she insisted that "no one does that anymore" because "fabrics are made well enough now that they neither bleed or shrink". And she was teaching someone how to quilt at the time, on top of it! I was so mad, I haven't gone back. Thanks again for all of the chances to win!


Congratulations to all the winners. I have never used Color Catchers before, so I'll have to look it up. I am one of those people who do not prewash their fabrics just because I like the feel of them. I suppose I should at least wash out the reds which seem to be the biggest culprits of running.

Karen S

I use Color Catchers all the time -- I save them because they often come out with such wonderful color and then I paint on them and sew them together and make mini-art quilts. Or sometimes I cut them into shapes and fasten them onto purses with beads. They're great fun!


Interesting to hear you say that in the past you had bleeding when you were pretty sure that you had already prewashed. What most folks don't realize is that any change in your water, or a change of detergent can make something bleed even after it has been washed a dozen times! What doesn't bleed when washed in my well water may well bleed in city water treated with chlorine. Or heaven forbid you wash with a detergent like Tide with bleach - the bleach in it can start it bleeding again too. So color catchers are always a good idea, even when you think you're in the clear. When I give a quilt as a gift, I include a box of color catchers along with washing instructions.

Alison Marie

I have used them w/good results in the past, but now I have switched to the Carbona brand dye grabber, which is re-usable up to 30 times, so it's more economical and less waste (I think).


hi there you completely lovely stash of fabrics woman!
i haven't commented for so long, but of course continue to find inspiration here jan with you!
i have been using color catchers for some years now just on the regular "teen" laundry to avoid mishaps and they are worth their weight in gold.
having said that, i will now try them on quilt fabrics for the second quilt (yes! i finally finished the first one four years after beginning!) for the youngest daughter. maybe this time it really will be a graduation present! ah well, it all takes time!

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