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February 01, 2010


jeanne hughes

Happy 5 years! Wish I could be as faithful at blogging as you!

Ann L

Happy Birthday! I have to admit to being one of the "lurkers," but your little contest is pushing me to come out of the shadows. Thanks for all your inspiration and especially for all the recent news and photos from the Japanese world of quilting. Truly amazing!


Happy blogging birthday! I love reading your blog!


Happy Blog Birthday! I can't believe it has been five years. I remember you from before you even had this blog---is that even possible?!? Your blog is my absolute favorite. You do everything so beautifully.


I have only recently discovered be*mused through moving hands and photographs of the Tokyo Quilt Show, which I hope to some day attend. I'm always pleased to see a new post. Happy Birthday, blog, and thank you!


Happy 5th anniversary of blogging! Your blog was one of the first I discovered when I started blogging a few months ago. I have enjoyed all of your inspiring posts! Here's to your next 5 years of blogging!!

Keiko Ike's quilt is amazing! Sooo much work there. All those tiny spots of colour are pieced in!!!!! Breath taking!!!!!

Gail Baar

Happy blog birthday! I love the text fabric.


Happy 5th anniversary!! Your posts are such a delight -- I try to rush right over when I see you've got a new post. Thanks for blogging!! And, well, what can I say about the possibility of winning Japanese text fabric? COUNT ME IN and PICK ME! :-) Thanks, Jan!!


I had no idea your blog was that old! That's about the amount of time I've been reading blogs, but it took me awhile to find this one :)


happy 5th birthday...the surface of the water shine is beautiful... thanks for bringing us photos of the Tokyo quilt festival

Mary Jo

Happy blogoversary! I just recently found your blog and really enjoy it. My daughter lived in Japan for a short time and I got to visit. While there I bought 2 books by Keiko Goke and look through them frequently.
I'd really like to win the Japanese fabrics.
Thanks for the chance.

Ellen Easter

Congratulations on reaching 5 years and as another lover of the Japanese style I love reading your blog.
Of course I would love a chance to win the fabric - thanks for your generosity


Happy Blogging 5!! I'm also a big fan of printed fabric...and I don't have any of that yummy japanese stuff in my stash.

Love seeing the traditional and the unconventional when I drop by here.


5 years of blogging, wow am I ever impressed.
I know I have been reading for a long time but 5 years!!!!
Would love to win this group of fabrics, I love fabrics with words on them :)
thanks....and to know they came from your trip to Japan, extra special


Happy blogiversary! No need to enter me in the contest. :)


5 years, that is just amazing!! I hope that I am still going at 5 years. I have been so enjoying your posts about the Tokyo convention! Thanks for sharing.


Wow. Those little teeny pieces are pieced. What a sight that must've been!

And F-I-V-E Years! WOW oh WOW! I bow to you, Ms. Bemused -- you are the master! I LOVE your blog -- always so full of inspiration.

I'm supposed to be on a blog drawing diet, but I think I should cheat just a bit for fabrics with text on them. One little tiny sneak (just like a nibble of chocolate) surely can't hurt. I LOVE fabric with words and those are all very cool! Thanks for a generous giveaway!


Oh my gosh, those are tiny pieces! Happy Blogiversary Jan! Yours was one of my first blogs to read and one of the reasons I eventually started. I love those text fabrics and would love to be included in the drawing.

Laurie in Iowa

Happy 5th Blogaversary. I'd love to be included in your text fabric giveaway. Thanks!

Vicki W

Happy 5th Blogiversary! That quilt is phenomenal, thanks for sharing it and count me in - I love those fabrics!

Dale Anne

Happy 5th Blogiversary Jan!
I have been enjoying all the photos you have uploaded so far.


Happy Blogiversary!
I love that quilt! I love that you can always find new details when you take a closer look. Count me in, please.

Anne K

Happy anniversary. I went to the Tokyo Quilt Show in 2008 and 2009 and although I tried to take photos they were not a patch on yours. Your photos of this year's show are again spectacular and I find that you can look at them over and over again and still see more to look at. Thank you so much for posting them. Please include me in the blog draw.


Wow! Five years! congrats! and your text fabrics are calling my name. I absolutely adores words on fabric, and I've made a whole quilt using only those, and I'd love, love, love, love these. Pick me, please!


Happy Anniversary! I've enjoyed your blog over the years. I'd love to be in the drawing!

Lemon Tree Tami

Happy 5th Blogiversary!! Wow, I can't believe that those tiny squares are pieced. Amazing how much work that quilt must have taken. I've been enjoying the vicarious Tokyo Quilt show. Thanks for sharing pictures with us. And I absolutely love the green text fabric ... such a lovely shade of green. :-)


Happy 5th birthday, I'm one of those lurkers that's been checking your blog for a couple of years! I love the fabric, please enter my name in your giveaway. (I'm sure I'll be saying that everyday this week)!!

Vickie E

I have actually been reading your blog for over 3 years. I knew you had mentioned Japan in the past and was more than happy to realize that you had been to the very place my husband will go on this trip. I am very grateful for all your help. Unfortunately his trip hasn't gotten off to a good start. His flight was changed due to mechanical problems so they changed carriers then changed him again and lost his luggage. He's not very happy at this point but I do believe he is on his way to Japan from San Francisco. whew. Anyhow, I degress. So just in case he doesn't bring back any japanese fabric I'd like to be included in the text fabric giveaway.....perhaps each day I can give you an update!


Not quite sure how I stumbled upon your blog, but I'm happy I did! I've been reading for awhile now, and I want to say a big THANK YOU for posting your photos from the Tokyo Quilt Show. You are so right about missing the details....I have gone back and looked at the photos several times now. I am be*mused to find little things I'd overlooked the first time :-)
Love the fabric with the words on it, I am always on the lookout for those!


Happy Blog-anniversary!!! Your trip to Japan must have been so much fun. Please enter me for the text fabs.

Barbara Robson

Happy Blogoversary! I have enjoyed so much through your eyes!
Love the wordy fabrics...please include me in your draw!

Barb in Nova Scotia


Happy blogiversary! And what a beautiful stack of fabrics!

Ann Marie

Happy Anniversary.

I found your blog awhile ago (could it be two years?) when surfing for quilt pictures that lead to yours of the Tokyo quilt show. Your blog got me started reading blogs, and more blogs ... and wasting so much time! :) But enjoying every minute of it!

Now here I am still reading your blog and more lovely photos of another Tokyo quilt show. Some day I hope to go myself. In the meantime, thank you for the photos.


Happy Blogiversary!!

p.s. Pick me!


Happy Blogversary! You're little space is always such a delight to stop by and read and so easy on the eyes. Beautiful quilts and projects - you always inspire me so a bigh thanks for five great years!


FIVE YEARS ! ! ! !
Congrats - that's a lot of words.
I'm enjoying every one of them.

Rita - Red Pepper Quilts

Congratulations! 5 years is an amazing mile-stone, and although blogging has some wonderful rewards, it is also time consuming. Thank you for your lovely and inspiring blog.

Please count me in! Love the fabrics.


happy blogiversary, Jan!
count me in! :)


Congratulations on 5 good years! Please include me in your draw!

Lazy Gal Tonya R

Happy 5th!!! I'm definitely a "pick me, pick me" for these fabrics!

Nanette Cravey

Happy Birthday! I always love checking your blog for color inspiration - no matter which project you're working on. Thank you for "taking us along" on your trips to Japan. If I ever get the chance to go, yours will be the first sight seeing reference I check. Please include me in the drawing. I'll keep my fingers crossed and dream sweet dreams.

Kristin L

Oooh,count me in! I love text fabric and have pitifully little in my stash. I'll come back for some of that Suzuko Koseki fabric too, if you decide to share any (though I won't blame you if you don't). My fingers are crossed that your computer holds it together long enough to get all your photos uploaded! Happy Blogiversary!


Happy Blog Birthday! I'd love to be entered to win that beautiful fabric.


Congrats on the birthday celebration! Your postings of the Japanese quilts are unique and very interesting. The fabric givaway is awesome!


Happy celebration! I really enjoy your blog. (Every now and then I will go over to ravelry just to see the beautiful mittens you have made.)


Five years is quite an achievment, congratulations. The quilt is just stupendous and I've thoroughly enjoyed the photos. Love text fabrics a lot!


Happy Blogiversary! I'm one of those lurkers who has been really enjoying your Tokyo Quilt Festival pics. I stumbled across your blog a couple of years ago... Thanks for the inspiration and I'd love to win your giveaway!


Happy anniversary. I discovered you shortly after I started blogging 4 years ago. I believe you posted about Tokyo at that time too. Please add my name, and thank you.

Teresa Rawson

I've been blogging less than a year, but have enjoyed your site. You are on my sidebar so that my non-techy quilting friends can easily find you, too! (When they are able to find mine, bless them...LOL!) One of my friends has especially enjoyed your postings from the Tokyo show. She is a "OOTB" quilter ("outside of the box"), and especially loved the Japanese quilt with all the octagonal clocks. Happy, happy anniversary...I am looking forward to seeing much more from you!

In stitches,
Teresa :o)


Happy Birthday! Fabrics from Japan! Woohoo!

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