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February 03, 2010



Sigh is right! They are gorgeous, I would definetly love to win those! They are gorgeous, thanks for the chance. Sharonj

Linda in NC

Oh, oh! Include me! These truly are eye candy. I loved the cultural KitKat lesson. So many flavors - who knew?


oh my gosh, I don't think I could handle those kit kats!
just give me the plain choc ones we have and I would be happy!
Of course this is fun! I love reading about your trip and well its fun to see what your coming up with everyday.
I am going to pass being in on this pile today, they are wonderful but I bet someone else will love/use them more


Please include me in the drawing. The KitKat story is fascinating - reminded me of the Project Runway where they went to the Hershey store and the contestant Kit made a top with KitKat papers.


Fabric.....absolutely stunning!
Kit Kat.....absolutely yummy....well, maybe not the soy sauce ones... I'd like to try the sweet potato though!


Please include me in the drawing. I love the vibrant colors.

And I would try the wasabi kitkats but probably not the soy sauce ones.

Ummm, and maybe not the intense soy bean!


wow, the fabrics are amazing!

Vickie E

okay now I have to tell my hubby to bring some kit kats LOL. He still doesn't have luggage...
but he will I think tomorrow...
include me in the draw for these awesome fabrics..incase he won't be able to bring me anything home.

Pam Cope

Oh My Gosh. PLEASE include me in this drawing.... each day is getting better & better. I would also love some wasabi kit kat bars. what a hoot! you are so generous. what fun!


Gimme, gimme, gimme, PLEASE!


Wow! candy for the soul and tastebuds in the same post. I'd be happy to win these. thanks for being so generous!


I remember trying the matcha flavor when I was in Tokyo. It was...different :) Please enter me in the draw for the eye candy!


I have to say that your posts about your trip are so much fun to read. Who would have ever known the different flavors of Kit Kats? And those fabrics are just amazing!


MMMM...wasabi kit kats. That's what I need to warm up here in Ohio.
I'm loving Keiko's new stuff too....you are so bad in such a good way tempting with more luscious fabric in happy colors...count me in...again and again!!


i love day three's fabrics the most so far! they inspire me! i can't wait to see what's still coming...

Barbara Robson

Yikes, I missed yesterday...I am here today! Thanks for all this and again Happy Blogoversary!
Barbara in Nova Scotia


Oh my goodness - those kit kat flavors - I don't quite know what to say lol!!! But then again I like to eat Vegemite so I'm already in the weird category!

The fabrics are beautiful - I have been in love with Keiko Goke's quilts ever since I heard of her 13 years ago at a quilt symposium in NZ. I was a go-fer for the event, and took her lunch. It was like meeting a rock star to me!! It's about time she had some of her own fabric come out!


Ooooh, so sweet! Count me in the running for this batch. What a fun treat for all of us.


Please include me in the contest! I'm in love with the bright colors. I feel so inspired by these fabrics!


I'd love to be included in the drawing! What great fabrics!


Love the story that goes along with the candy! And what beautiful fabrics ... would love to work with those!


Wasabi Kit Kat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Oh My Goodness!!

Those fabrics certainly are gorgeous. Keiko Goke is a very talented lady! Please count me in for today's giveaway!

Nyla Dominguez

Count me in on today's giveaway, such pretty colors! And thanks for the Kit Kat tutorial.


Oh, I won't be shy! Enter me! Thank you for doing this fun drawing!

Laurie in Iowa

I enjoyed the Kit Kat lesson offered in today's post. Those fabrics are amazing...please include me in your drawing.


Please enter me in the draw for these gorgeous fabrics.


what gorgeous fabric...I'd love to win :)


I so look forward to your Tokyo Festival posts. I am glad you got to go this year, and glad to enter this drawing!


Yum! Eye candy! The Kit Kats sound interesting. Please enter me for today's drawing. Thank you for brightening a rainy day!

Vicki W

I had no idea about the Kit Kat phenomenon in Japan. That's incredible! As are those gorgeous fabrics that I'm going to win! lol!

Judy's Common Thread

The Kit Kat info was great fun to read. I read it to my husband too.
These fabrics are great...would love to be included in this drawing. Thank you.


Ewwww -- sorry, I don't think I could handle those flavors LOL! Thank you for ending your post on a sweet note though. And I've abandoned my resolve to go on a giveaway diet...please, please enter me! ;-)

Ann L

Such fab fabrics! Yes, please include me in the drawing for these gems. Will they come with a Kit Kat? Only kidding. Thanks for sharing so much from your trip to Tokyo.


Umm, Love those too!

Becky Merry

I would LOVE to win those!!!! They are absolutely gorgous!!


Please enter me in your giveaway for these gorgeous fabrics! Wow!


I would love to win the fabrics, they are so pretty. I have never heard of those KitKat flavours. I can't imagine eating some of them!!

Melissa C

Please let me try for some of that goodness.


I am a new Keiko fan. I had not heard of her until I read your blog and now I'm hooked too!!! Her fabric is simply incredible, so fresh and different to the usual, thank you for the chance to win some. Huge congratulations to you on five years, what a milestone! xo

Teresa Rawson

Oh please, oh please, oh please...I just gotta have them!! (How's THAT for being subtle!!) They are very nice...can we buy Japanese fabric in the USA?? They are really happy and bright...they would make a great stimulous package...they would stimulate me to do something awesome! (I usually don't beg, but these are HOT!!)

Did you try the KitKats flavored with soy sauce or wasabi?? Personally I can't imagine any flavor that goes better with chocolate than chocolate (OK...maybe peanut butter or mint).

In stitches,
Teresa :o)


I can't even imagine wasabi Kit Kat. Please count me in on your draw.


Am drooling over the fabrics and the Kit Kats... but especially the fabrics! My brother lived in Japan and one of my great regrets is that I didn't have the chance to visit him- a fascinating country in every way... Congrats on the bloganniversary.


those are so colorful. would love a chance to win them.


Kit Kat is my favorite candy. I would love to try the "exotic" favors. If they only had them in the US...sigh* Please enter me in your drawing. Thanks!

Lynne Sanders

Just love those fabrics colours :-)
Please Please enter me in the drawing :-)
Have a great Day

Mary Elizabeth Kinch

Hi there,
Gorgeous fabrics. I simply cannot imagine the taste of a wasabi KitKat.

Happy Anniversary!!


The fabrics are lovely and I'd love to win! The candy is most unusual.


Those fabrics are STUNNING, and would be enough to get me quilting again! I would love a chance to win.

As for the candy ... it beats the chocolate covered bugs my kids once received as a gift! The Kit Kats I would try.

Anne K

Keiko Goke's quilts are wonderful and her fabrics are just what you would expect from her - outstanding. Please include me in the draw as I would just love some of these.


please include me in the chance to win the
lovely fabrics

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